Muriva Wallpapers

In this article we will bring Muriva into the spotlight with their on-trend wallpapers which will create a feeling of elegance and style in your home! We love high quality products and always strive to bring both the best standard and the best look to our customers home.

Let's explore Muriva collections and their unique vibes, available in various colourways to suit your home.

Cath Kidston

Celebrating icons of British culture, these Cath Kidston wallpapers are rocking the iconic floral patterns which will fill your home with joy and playfulness as well as elegance. Whether you are seeking to achieve a lovely vintage feel or want to create a slightly more modern look with added metallic details, Cath Kidston range has it all.

Cath Kidston Antique Rose Wallpaper

This classic Cath Kidston antique rose pattern is perfect for getting that proper vintage vibe while never looking out of place in the midst of a modern home. This would definitely uplift you bedroom, living room or hallway. Wouldn't it be wonderful to be welcomed with this cheerful pattern every time you step into your home? Set on a matte background, this pattern is available in duck egg, cream or navy blue.

Cath Kidston Antique Rose Wallpaper Duck Egg 182501

Cath Kidston Millfield Blossom Wallpaper

Millfield Blossom is an eye-catching pattern featuring a trail of delicate flowers and leaves. The intricate metallic detailing lends this design a fresh and modern look which is perfect for brightening up your bedroom, dining room, or kitchen. For a soft and subtle look choose either pink or yellow blossoms set on a cream background. Or create a bold statement with red florets on dark navy blue backdrop.

Cath Kidston Millfield Blossom Wallpaper Navy Blue 182521

Cath Kidston Greenwich Flowers Wallpaper

The gorgeous Greenwich Flowers pattern will transfer the gentle vibes of wild meadows with all of its innocence and beauty. Perfect for any room, including kid's bedrooms and nurseries - just look at the cute bees and ladybirds!
Available on either cream or blue backdrop.

Cath Kidston Greenwich Flowers Wallpaper Cream / Pink 182512

Cath Kidston Kids Rockets Wallpaper & Cath Kidston Kids Unicorn Kingdom Wallpaper

The Cath Kidston collection also thinks of your little ones. We already mentioned the above wallpaper with cute flowers, bees and ladybirds would look fantastic on walls of your little one's nursery. But how about a lovely unicorn kingdom or space rockets to create a perfect finishing touch to bedrooms, playrooms or even nurseries of your little princess or junior astronaut?

Cath Kidston Kids Wallpaper - Rockets / Unicorn Kingdom

Catherine Lansfield

From pretty floral patterns to fashion prints, the Catherine Lansfield wallpapers will transform your home with ease, adding a cosy feel to your living room, bedroom, dining room, hallway or cloakroom. Any room you can think of would look great with these designs on the walls!

Catherine Lansfield Dramatic Floral Wallpaper

This sophisticated design with large scale peony blossoms, either in pink or yellow, set on Japanese woodblock silhouettes will add touch of elegance to your home.

Catherine Lansfield Dramatic Floral Wallpaper Pink 165550

Catherine Lansfield Kelso Check Wallpaper

The classic pattern of tartan check never gets boring and always looks great and cosy, so why not dress up your walls too? Available in various shades of grey, ochre yellow or navy blue, these lovely wallpapers have a subtle fabric effect.

Catherine Lansfield Kelso Check Wallpaper Ochre 165520

Catherine Lansfield Canterbury Floral Wallpaper

Canterbury Floral collection features roses in soft tones which create a geometric trellis. The beautiful floral pattern looks like it's taken straight from a fairytale. On a kitchen wall or girls bedroom, it would be a stylish addition to your home. Various colourways are available - yellow, grey, duck egg or pink featuring either pink or yellow roses.

Catherine Lansfield Canterbury Floral Wallpaper Duck Egg 165500

Catherine Lansfield Stag Wallpaper

Featuring illustrated stag and dear heads with a subtle stripe pattern, this stylish design will easily bring a rustic feel into your lounge. Perfect for gamekeeper's lounges and woodland lovers. Available in taupe, grey, charcoal and yellow.

Catherine Lansfield Stag Wallpaper Mushroom 165512

Catherine Lansfield Larsson Geo Wallpaper

Stripes, circles, triangles, arrows and obscure rectangles all in one place with this patchwork style geometric wallpaper. We believe this would look equally great in you bedrooms as well as in your kid's bedrooms or even a hallway. Bring a little bit of retro and quirkiness, available in yellow, grey or pink.

Catherine Lansfield Larsson Geo Wallpaper Ochre 165562

Catherine Lansfield Silly Sausage Dogs Wallpaper

This original design presents adorable sausage dogs in colourful jumpers, some wearing hats or bowties. Decorate a whole room or create a distinctive feature wall and bring fun with this peculiar dachshund-themed wallpaper.

Catherine Lansfield Silly Sausage Dogs Wallpaper 165531


Lipsy collection offers elegant contemporary designs which will add shine and style to your home, not too bold but they definitely won't go unnoticed. Just the perfect balance!

Lipsy Geometric Wallpaper

If you've been playing with the idea of putting stripes on your wall but also feel drawn to the modern twist of geometric wallpapers and are not sure which way to go... Lipsy Geometric has it both! With the added metallic elements, choice of gold, silver and rose gold, elegance is just oozing out of this splendorous design.

Lipsy Geometric Wallpaper Gold 144901

Lipsy Lotus Wallpaper

This exquisite design features cute little dragonflies amongst magnolia flowers and leaves. Set on a variety of colours, you are in charge of the final look! Go more daring with black or create a subtle floral paradise by choosing a soft duck egg, blush pink or grey.

Lipsy Lotus Wallpaper Duck Egg 144050

Lipsy Sequins Wallpaper

Sheen, shimmer and sparkles, that's what this luscious wallpaper is all about! This realistic sequins print has subtle metallic highlights and also features textured glitter for added effect.

Lipsy Sequins Wallpaper Silver 144001


Skinnydip knows how to ride the wave of latest trends and therefore it's no surprise that their wallpapers are fun, refreshing and fashionable. Which one will look the best on your walls?

Skinnydip Dominica Tropical Leaf Wallpaper

The combination of large scale palm and cheese plant leaves will bring tropical vibes into your home! You can achieve a different look with other colourways, the green on black or pink on cream looks equally flattering as the green on pink below.

Skinnydip Dominica Tropical Leaf Wallpaper Green/Pink 180520

Skinnydip Marble Wallpaper

This stunning liquid marble design features swirls of mica and metallic ink, making this pattern even more eye-catching. Available in grey with silver or pink with gold.

Skinnydip Marble Wallpaper Grey/Silver 180530

Skinnydip Daisy Floral Wallpaper

A lively and joyful design with a subtle mica sheen finish. These cute daisy flowers will never look boring on your walls. Available in soft pink, deep blue or black, the delightful floral design is perfect for any room including little girl's bedroom or nursery.

Skinnydip Daisy Floral Wallpaper Black 180510

Skinnydip Peachy Wallpaper

Brighten up a teenager's room, living room or style up a tasteful home office with the iconic Skinnydip peaches.

Skinnydip Peachy Wallpaper 180501

Sophie Allport

Creating timeless designs inspired by day-to-day life, Sophie Allport draws on classic British heritage, adding an occasional quirky twist which will put a smile on your face.

Sophie Allport Bees Wallpaper

Bring a touch of nature with this stylish bee themed Wallpaper. Some designs have full on colour bees and other feature bee silhouettes, but they all have the same natural coloured background in muted tones, which will go perfectly with any home interior.

Sophie Allport Bees Wallpaper Duck Egg 181533

Sophie Allport Woof Wallpaper

Dachshunds, springer spaniels, cocker spaniels, pugs, jack russells and red labradors - what a cute design! Available either in natural tones or on a grey backdrop, this adorable wallpaper will make any dog lover smile (and everyone else too!)

Sophie Allport Woof Wallpaper Natural 181512

Sophie Allport Elephant Wallpaper

This playful design is versatile and would make an excellent feature wall in a kitchen, living room, bedroom, nursery or playroom. Available in soft tones of sage green, grey and beige.

Sophie Allport Elephant Wallpaper Sage 181523

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