Our Latest Exclusives: Tropical & Serene

As always, we want to offer our customers the most flattering and unique designs, because we understand how important it is to feel good in your surroundings. Turn the house into a home which suits your individual taste with our exclusive wallpapers.

This summer has truly been inspired by tropics and here at World of Wallpaper we decided to create a special design for you to run along with the summer theme, but bringing some cooling vibes at the same time.

Tropical Treetops & Harlen Woodland Damask Exclusive Wallpapers

World of Wallpaper: Tropical Treetops

We wanted to bring a little bit of an exotic feel while creating a serene oasis to relax in. Achieving this perfect balance are our newest exclusive wallpapers Tropical Treetops, portraying calming trees with an array of exotic birds in vivid colours sitting on branches. Created especially for our customers, the lush tropical designs will immediately transport you to the Amazonian jungle. Perfect for stunning feature walls, the design comes in two colours.

Tropical Treetops Wallpaper

Tropical Treetops - Green 50420

From moss green to emerald, this soothing combination of various tones of green creates the perfect impression of being in the midst of a forest. Very calming and pleasant to look at, without compromising on the vividness, it's just the right design if you want to create a relaxing feel with a tropical finishing touch in your bedroom, living room, hallway or even downstairs toilet.

Tropical Treetops Wallpaper World of Wallpaper Green 50420

Tropical Treetops Wallpaper World of Wallpaper Green 50420

Tropical Treetops - Navy Blue 50421

Starring rich tones of denim and royal blue, this colourway has an equally calming and soothing effect, creating a slightly toned down exotic impression. We feel that this is a brilliant foundation providing versatility; you can bring forth a lovely natural ambient by pairing the wallpaper with untreated wood and green plants or induce a more energetic mood by emphasising the bold colours hidden within the pattern. Simply pick some bright reds, yellows and greens to go along with the colours of the exotic birds.

Tropical Treetops Wallpaper World of Wallpaper Navy Blue 50421

Tropical Treetops Wallpaper World of Wallpaper Navy Blue 50421

Drop The Tropical Element, Keep The Soothing Effect

If you are after the serene feel brought by calming tree patterns but are not a big fan of tropical designs (or simply want something different in one of your rooms), the Harlen Woodland Damask wallpaper is a perfect choice for you. The popular hand-painted damask-like pattern formed by woodland trees, leaves, flowers and animals won't let you down. Available in a myriad of colours, of which many are our exclusive colourways, we decided to bring the pattern back one more time on a mid-green background to really allow the calming effect to seep through.

Harlen Woodland Damask - Green 50420

The pattern is intricate enough to look amazing in the grown up spaces and cute enough to interest your little ones, who would most certainly enjoy searching for the lovely rabbits, hedgehogs and butterflies hidden within this design. Dining rooms, living rooms, hallways, bedrooms and children's nurseries, literally any room will look great with this imaginative design on your wall whether decorated in entirety or used just as a feature wall.

Harlen Woodland Damask Wallpaper Green 50342

Harlen Woodland Damask Wallpaper Green 50342

Flashback into past

Let us remind you of our exclusive designs we brought to you earlier this year.

Monkey Troop Toile Wallpaper

A trendy and subtle tropical pattern featuring detailed illustrations of palm trees and monkeys.

Monkey Troop Toile Wallpaper World of Wallpaper Blue AF0010

Melany Rose Wallpaper

Bring elegance and style with this beautiful design starring a collection of large roses, either in tones of grey or with a touch of soft pink, with a mica detailing to add an element of shine.

Grey AF0014

Melany Rose Wallpaper World of Wallpaper Grey AF001

Pink AF0013

Melany Rose Wallpaper World of Wallpaper Pink AF0013

Calypso Leaf Vinyl Wallpaper

Large tropical frond leaves in metallic gold with leaf silhouettes in the background, this vinyl wallpaper delivers a high quality stylish look.

Olive Green & Gold AF0008

Calypso Leaf Vinyl Wallpaper World of Wallpaper Olive Green AF0008

Blue & Gold AF0009

Calypso Leaf Vinyl Wallpaper World of Wallpaper Blue AF0009

In Flight Wallpaper

A lovely bird theme, In Flight is another flexible design. The beautifully illustrated cranes depicted in flight against soft white clouds will look great in grown up's bedrooms as well as in a kid's nursery or playroom.

Grey AF0005

In Flight Wallpaper World of Wallpaper Grey AF0005

Blue AF0003

In Flight Wallpaper World of Wallpaper Blue AF0003

Duck Egg AF0004

In Flight Wallpaper World of Wallpaper Duck Egg AF0004

Ikala Wallpaper

Continuing the bird theme, Ikala is on the bold side with bright vibrant tones. Set either on a white or navy blue backdrop, the colourful exotic flowers, birds and leaves really stand out. Perfect for creating a distinctive tropical jungle feel feature wall.

Navy Blue AF0007

Ikala Wallpaper World of Wallpaper Navy Blue AF0007

White AF0006

Ikala Wallpaper World of Wallpaper White AF0006

These lovely patterns will most certainly elevate your home and are perfect for creating a stunning feature wall. But we don't want to tell you what to do, just let your imagination and creativity run wild and share the results with us. We love to be inspired by your creations, so please don't forget to tag us @worldofwallpaperuk on Instagram.

Have a wonderful and inspired day,

Michaela - Online Merchandising Assistant @ World of Wallpaper

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