Interior Design Trends: Rose Gold Wallpaper

Rose gold has taken the interior design and wallpaper world by storm this year! Everywhere you look the most popular designs feature this fabulous colour.  In this post today we’re going to explore some of our fantastic wallpapers which combine this trending colour with other stylish and on-trend patterns and motifs.

Rose Gold Quartz Stripe Wallpaper

The first of our rose gold wallpapers is a recent arrival here at WorldofWallpaper.  The design is Fine Decor’s Rose Gold Quartz Stripe Wallpaper and is a perfect example of combining two trending designs to create a contemporary and truly stylish piece.  The design features alternating stripes of smooth metallic rose gold and textured fabric effect beige which is infused with subtle glitter.

Quartz Stripe Wallpaper Rose Gold Fine Decor FD42205

Rose Gold Eternal Geometric Wallpaper

If you’re looking for a wallpaper to create a stylish yet quirky décor then this Eternal geometric wallpaper is for you.  The memorising retro curved geometric pattern is formed from a rose gold metallic which reflects a room’s light for a contemporary and spacious feel.  The subtle mottled effect wallpaper has a beautiful pale pink background which creates the perfect contrast with its metallic rose gold accents.

Eternal Geometric Wallpaper Blush Pink / Rose Gold Belgravia E9003

Feather Detail Wallpaper Rose Gold and Grey

This fawning feather wallpaper is a great example in which rose gold is paired with additional colour that both compliments and highlights it.  The detailed feathers are formed from a metallic rose gold and are strewn across a matt grey backdrop.  The delicate design would make a great addition to every home, especially in bedrooms, living rooms and hallways.  If pairing this wallpaper with another design to create a feature wall, we would recommend using a similar soft grey design to really make the rose gold feather detailing stand out.

Fawning Feather Wallpaper Rose Gold / Grey Holden 12629


Metallic Textured Rose Gold Wallpaper

This design is great for creating a classically stylish and contemporary look.  The textured wallpaper features a rose gold metallic foil which is embossed to create a hammered metal effect. The key to using this heavyweight paper is to make the most of your accessories.  Perhaps consider matching the high shine finish or rose gold and pink tones within your furniture and accessories.

Amelia Metallic Textured Wallpaper Rose Gold Muriva 701431

Casca Geometric Rose Gold Wallpaper

This design features a repeating diamond and hexagon pattern which is made up of striking rose gold metallic elements.  The honeycomb style pattern is a simple yet effective way to showcase the wallpaper’s stunning rose gold elements.  This wallpaper is especially perfect for creating a modern and stylish living room, bedroom or entrance hall.     


Casca Geometric Wallpaper Rose Gold Muriva 147503

Rose Gold, Grey and Pink Striped Wallpaper

This stunning striped wallpaper features an alternating pattern of pink, grey and rose gold stripes.  The lightly textured paper plays with contrasting matte and metallic finishes for a unique and striking design.  The easy to apply, free match pattern can be hung either vertically or horizontally to suit your individual preference.  Hover over the image below to see how the design looks both vertically and horizontally.

Stripe Wallpaper Grey, Pink & Rose Gold Direct Wallpapers E40903

Fractal Geometric Marble Wallpaper Rose Gold

Geometric, marble and rose gold?! This stunning design incorporates three of this year’s top wallpaper trends!  The beautiful marble pink backdrop is overlaid with a striking geometric pattern made from a smooth rose gold metallic.  Whether you choose to use this wallpaper for an entire room or for a stylish feature wall, the paper is a paste the wall design making it quicker and easier to hang.

Fractal Geometric Marble Wallpaper Rose Gold - Fine Decor FD42264

Dream Lashes Wallpaper

This interesting design features a light pink backdrop with an assortment of polaroid style photos and inspiration quotes all connected by a rose gold metallic geometric pattern.  The quotes include phrases such as “You got this” and “Dream more”.  The fun and stylish wallpaper is perfect for decorating an entire room or creating a stunning feature wall.  We would recommend pairing this design with another pastel wallpaper and accessories which draw out the rose gold metallic elements.

Dream Lashes Wallpaper Pink / Rose Gold Holden 12770

Apex Geometric Wallpaper

This design is a perfect example of the trending popularity of rose gold.  As one of our best sellers, this wallpaper is extremely versatile and can be used in bedrooms, living rooms, nurseries, hallways and more!  The wallpaper can also be used to decorate an entire room or create a beautiful and eye catching feature wall.  

Apex Geometric Wallpaper Rose Gold Fine Decor FD41993

Rose Gold Crushed Velvet Foil Wallpaper

For something that is a little different but still in-keeping with the growing rose gold trend, take a look at this stylish Crushed Velvet Foil Wallpaper by Arthouse.  With its stunning metallic foil finish and lightly textured design, this wallpaper mimics the luxurious texture of crushed velvet to create a contemporary and glamorous addition to your home.   

Crushed Velvet Foil Wallpaper Rose Gold Arthouse 294300

Whichever room you are looking to decorate this year, opting for a rose gold wallpaper will add an instant and contemporary style.  The best thing about this colour is that it works brilliantly with a huge range of patterns.  This gives you a fantastic choice of designs so you can pick the one that best suits you.  For more examples of our rose gold range head to WorldofWallpaper now.