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  1. Wallpaper Trends 2019 Sneak Peek

    Sneak Peek! Wallpaper Trends 2019 - Blush and Grey Colour Trend

    As we're nearly in the New Year we thought we'd take a sneak peek at next week's post on the upcoming wallpaper trends of 2019! In particular, we're going to take a closer look at the rising popularity of Blush and Grey Wallpaper.  Below we explore three stunning designs which are perfect examples of this fabulous upcoming trend.

    Blush Oslo Geometric Wallpaper

    This stunning design combines the upcoming year's blush and grey colour trend with one of the most popular trends of 2018 - geometric patterns.  With an eye-catching and interweaving pattern of various shapes, the design is ideal for creating a truly striking feature wall.  The subtly of the blush pink and pale grey means the design is extremely versatile and can be paired with variety of additional colours and used in multiple rooms. To see a close up of the design simply hover over the image below.


    Marino Oslo Geometric Wallpaper Blush Fine Decor FD42386

    Blush Pink and Grey Ophelia Decoupage

    This beautifully detailed wallpaper features a shabby chic style decoupage design in various shades of grey and blush pink.  With French text delicately etched into the design, the paper can bring a sense of style and sophistication to any home.  The reason this design works so well is because the subtle colours mean that the design is not overly busy and can provide a beautiful addition of a feature wall to a room without being overly distracting.


    Crown Ophelia Decoupage Wallpaper Blush M1426

    white 2

    Exclusive Colourway: Blush Pink and Grey Flamingo Lake

    The final design that we are going to look at is our exclusive blush pink and grey Flamingo Lake colourway. The paper features a beautiful blush pink background with a repeating pink and grey flamingo pattern.  Each of the tropical birds are carefully and intricately detailed and contain subtle mica highlights for added contemporary style.

    white 3

    Flamingo Lake Wallpaper Blush Pink World of Wallpaper 50155

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  2. Get Cosy For Christmas

    Christmas Banner


    With Christmas just around the corner it’s time to get your house ready for the festive period.  Whether you’ve got the in-laws staying over or are hosting friends and family, check out our winter warming designs to make the finishing touches to your home this Christmas!  Below we have included five stunning papers that are perfect for creating a cosy and stylish decor.

    Richmond Highland Stag Wallpaper

    Our first wallpaper is Holden’s Richmond Highland Stag design.  The paper is available in four colourways each with the same beautiful patterns and detailed wildlife illustrations.  The image you see below is of our Cranberry colourway which has parts of the design etched out in a warming red outline.  The stylish paper brings a cosy and inviting atmosphere to a room, making it the perfect option for decorating your living room, bedroom or even hallway this Christmas.


    Richmond Highland Stag Wallpaper Cranberry Holden 98010

    Stacked Logs Wallpaper Natural

    For a classic cosy feel why not opt for a stacked logs wallpaper.  The photo-like image features a detailed chopped logs design which mimics the comfort of an open fireplace.  We’d recommend using this design to create a warming feature wall.  This design is perfect for adding the finishing touches to a communal room to create a comfortable place for the whole family.

    Stacked Logs Wallpaper Natural Holden 97710

    Barbara Becker Tartan Wallpaper

    A classically stylish design, this Barbara Becker Tartan Wallpaper features a plaid tartan design with a layered pattern of red, yellow, white and blue lines on a striking green background.   The paper is a paste the wall design making it even easier to decorate in time for Christmas.

    Barbara Becker Tartan Wallpaper - Green - Rasch 861730

    Holden Bookcase Wallpaper

    This stunning design mimics an antique wooden bookcase.  With a brilliantly detailed photographic style image the paper brings an artistic and classy edge to a room.  The design is printed on a luxury heavyweight paper for added durability and a sophisticated finish. 

    Bookcases Wallpaper Brown Holden 11950

    Floral Rose Wallpaper Deep Red

    Our final wallpaper is Rasch’s deep red rose design.  The large rose motifs are coloured in a stunning rich red which adds an instant warming effect to a home.  With a clever shading effect and detailed rose petal pattern the paper is perfect for creating a striking feature wall and talking point in your home.  The paper is also super washable so is suitable for creating a unique and contemporary bathroom.

    Floral Rose Wallpaper Deep Red Rasch 525625

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  3. Wallpaper Trends: Animal and Animal Prints

    Wallpaper Trends: Animal and Animal Prints

    Animal themed and animal print designs have long been a favourite in the fashion world which tends to correlate with home decor and interior design trends.  The best thing about animal and animal print wallpaper is that it is extremely versatile.  Whether you are looking for a subtle elegant design or a quirky and vibrant paper, there is an animal print for you.  From tropical lemurs and flamingos to adorable dogs, take a look at this post today for ideas and inspiration on creating a stylish animal themed room for yourself.

    Lemur Banner

    This brilliant and quirky Lemur Wallpaper is available in four stunning colourways.  Each of the designs feature a range of vibrantly coloured tropical birds, animals and plants with large, detailed illustrations of ring-tailed lemurs.  The intricately detailed designs are printed on luxury heavyweight paper to give them extra durability and a quality finish.  The black colourway is actually exclusive to WorldofWallpaper so won’t be found anywhere else online or on the high-street.  The paper is extremely versatile so can be used in most rooms and in many different ways.  Take a look at our customer images below for some of these creative and stylish examples.

    Lemur Wallpaper Teal Holden 12402

    This photo was sent in by our Instagram customer @ __lauren__.  She uses our exclusive Black Lemur Wallpaper to create decorative panels to hang on her existing walls.  The black backdrop compliments her existing décor and additionally creates a greater contrast with the tropical colours in the design.  This is just one additional way to use wallpaper in your home.  For more ideas check out our blog post on upcycling with wallpaper.  

    Customer Image: Lemur Wallpaper Black and Multi World of Wallpaper 50160

    In a very different way, the image below uses our silver Lemur Wallpaper to create a stunning feature wall in a baby’s nursery.  The photo was sent in by Joanne and is particular effective due to its simplicity.  The stylish silver design is paired with a simple and plain colour on the additional walls which makes the bright pinks, greens and blues of the design stand out in the room.  With beautiful colours and illustrations, as well as the adorable lemurs themselves, this design is ideal for use in a nursery.

    Customer Image: Lemur Wallpaper Silver Holden 12401

    Our last customer image for our Lemur wallpaper was sent in by Instagram user @ewan2605.  Ewan uses the midnight blue colourway to create a stunning bedroom decor.  He uses the wallpaper on a wall positioned by a window where the natural light works to highlight the colours in the design for a stylish and contemporary finish.

    Customer Image: Lemur Wallpaper Midnight Blue Holden 12403


    Stag Banner

    Another of our popular animal themed wallpapers is this Highland Stag design.  The high quality heavyweight paper features an illustration of deer on a lightly textured background.  The paper itself is infused with subtle glitter and metallic elements for added style and a contemporary finish.  Suitable for decorating an entire room or just creating a striking feature wall. This design is perfect for creating a cosy and modern feel to a living room or lounge. 

    Richmond Highland Stag Wallpaper Charcoal Holden 98012

    The design is available in three different colourway also including our exclusive Heather. 

    Stag Variations

    Flamingo Banner

    Flamingo Lake Wallpaper

    Flamingos have taken over the interior design world this year with an increasing popularity in tropical and bold patterns.  The wallpaper below is just one of our many stunning flamingo designs.  One of four beautiful colourways, this paper features the delicately detailed pink birds on a tropical palm tree backdrop.  The durable heavyweight paper also contains subtle mica accents for an added touch of glamour and style.

    Barbara Becker Flamingo Wallpaper

    The second of our flamingo designs is this Barbara Becker Wallpaper by Rasch.  The paper features a selection of beautifully pink flamingos in a variety of natural poses.  This repeating pattern is backed by a rustic wood panel background and is printed on a cushioned vinyl paper.  The quirky and popular design can be used either to decorate an entire room or to create an eye-catching feature wall.  Click on the image below for more information on the design.

    Barbara Becker Flamingo Wallpaper Natural White 479720

    Vintage Lagoon Flamingo Wallpaper

    Printed on a luxury textured vinyl paper, this design also features a repeating flamingo pattern.  The birds themselves are intricately detailed with features such as their feathers delicately highlighted against the contrasting backdrop.  The design is available in five colourways each featuring stunning metallic highlights.

    Vintage Lagoon Flamingo Wallpaper Grey and Coral Arthouse 252603

    Dogs Banner

    Sausage Dog Wallpaper

    Whether you know them as sausage dogs, Dachshunds or wiener dogs, with their stumpy little legs and big personalities, these adorable pooches are a firm favourite with dog lovers.  If you too are a fan of our furry friends, then why not opt for this fun and popular design?  The wallpaper features a selection of little sausage dogs wearing adorable patterned jumpers and scarves with a cloud sky scene as a backdrop.  The design is available in two pastel colourways and is perfect for most rooms. 

    Walkies Sausage Dog Wallpaper Grey / White Holden 12551

    A Pug's Life Pug Frames Wallpaper

    This quirky and colourful design features a range of cute pugs in adorable poses and humorous outfits.  From top hats and crowns to glasses and bow ties, this wallpaper is perfect for every dog lover.  This design is also printed on a luxury heavyweight paper and is easy to apply with a good light fastness.  

    A Pug's Life Pug Frames Wallpaper Holden 11360

    Fish Banner

    The last of our animal categories is fish themed designs.  The wallpaper is available in three colours including our exclusive midnight blue colourway.  The design features a collection of beautifully detailed tropical fish surrounded by water plants in a range of vibrant pinks, yellows and greens.  This particular colourway, with its rich midnight blue backdrop, creates a dramatic contrast which allows the other colours of the design to create a striking impression.

    Lagoon Fish Wallpaper Midnight Blue World of Wallpaper 50150

    This contrasting white colourway is equally effective at creating a dramatic  look.  As with its counterparts, the design is printed on a high quality heavyweight paper which gives the wallpaper additional durability and a solid finish.  The white colourway allows the oranges and yellows of the design to stand out against the contrasting backdrop.

    Lagoon Fish Wallpaper White Holden 12170

    The last of the Lagoon Fish Wallpaper colourways is this beautiful teal design.  The wallpaper is ideal for creating an eye-catching feature wall in your home, especially when paired with a complimenting colour on the additional walls.  To see a close up of the designs simply hover over the image below.

    Lagoon Fish Wallpaper Teal Holden 12171

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  4. Colour Trend: Monochrome Wallpaper

    Colour Trend: Monochrome Wallpaper

    From catwalk fashion to interior design, monochrome is everywhere right now.  The added benefit of this colour trend is that it is timeless and extremely versatile.  From a classic black and white stripe to a complex geometric pattern, monochrome wallpaper can come in a huge range of styles.

    Stripe Wallpaper Monochrome

    This monochrome striped wallpaper by Rasch is ideal for creating a bold statement wall.  The stylish design features a wide black and white alternating stripe with a matte finish and is extremely versatile in that it can be hung either vertically or horizontally.  With the growing popularity of the monochrome trend, this design will add a modern and contemporary twist to any home.  The design also has the additional benefit of a free pattern match so is easy to hang.

     Stripe Wallpaper Black and White Rasch 286694

    Aztec Diamond Geometric Wallpaper

    This ultra stylish design features a retro style geometric pattern in a subtle glitter flecked black.  This is set on a brilliant white to create a dramatic contrast.  This mesmerising design is yet another example the versatility of a monochrome wallpaper.  As this is a very busy pattern we’d recommend hanging it as a eye catching feature wall and using a plainer wallpaper on the additional walls.

    Aztec Diamond Geo Wallpaper Black / White P+S 18194-10

    Tropics Serengeti Zebra Print Wallpaper

    For something a little different why not consider our Serengeti Zebra Print Wallpaper by Arthouse? Of course the design naturally features the monochrome colour trend.  The paper itself has a raised glitter gel effect for added style and elegance and an intricate striped pattern.  The animal print inspired paper would work well as a striking feature wall.

    Tropics Serengeti Zebra Print Wallpaper Black Arthouse 670300

    Chevron Black and White Wallpaper

    Another monochrome pattern can be found with this Chevron Zig Zag Wallpaper.  The ultra modern design can be used in any room to create a contemporary and chic finish and add an interesting talking point to your home.  Why not consider pairing this design plainer accessories which introduce flecks of colour into the room.

    Chevron Wallpaper Black and White Rasch 304107

    Wave Embossed Monochrome Wallpaper

    This quirky Wave Embossed Wallpaper features a beautiful wave pattern containing intricate embossed floral detailing.  The design also contains stunning glitter and metallic elements as well as a multi textured backdrop.  The design is easy to hang with a straight pattern match and is printed on a quality vinyl paper for extra durability.

    Wave Embossed Textured Wallpaper Black Direct Wallpapers E62009

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  5. Choosing Wallpaper for Your Bathroom

    Best Bathroom Wallpaper

    People are often unsure about using wallpaper in bathrooms so, instead of having a wallpaper they actually want, they end up opting for a basic paint job.  We’ve created this blog post to ensure that this doesn’t happen to you!  Using wallpaper in a bathroom gives the room an extra finish and allows you to put a personal spin on your home.  This post today will look at some of our own stylish designs and find you the best wallpaper for your bathroom.

    Black Glitter Tile Bathroom Wallpaper

    Let’s begin with a classic tile design.  This Crown London Glitter Tile Wallpaper gives you a bathroom tile effect without the hassle and complications that wall tiling brings.  The extra washable and durable vinyl wallpaper is ideal for use in a bathroom, with its versatile design working with a range of décors.  The design itself features a repeating tile effect which is infused with silver glitter particles for a stylish and contemporary finish.  Hover over the image for a close-up of the paper.

    Crown London Tile Glitter Wallpaper Black M1055

    White Glitter Tile Bathroom Wallpaper

    This design is an additional colourway of the wallpaper above.  The paper is also available in grey and aqua.  As with its counterparts, the design mimics ceramic tiling with its textured finish and grey grouting creating a realistic tile effect.  Don’t waste hours attempting to tile your wall when, with a straight match pattern, this easy to hang design can transform your room without the hassle and mess that tiling brings.

    Crown London Tile Glitter Wallpaper White M1054

    Tiling on a Roll for Bathrooms Teal

    Above we see two papers which have a more simplistic design.  If you are looking for something with added elements then perhaps this teal tiling on a roll is for you.  With a repeating pattern of oblong shapes in various shades of white and teal blue, this design creates a mesmerising and stylish finish to a bathroom.  Some of the tiles are infused with a brilliant silver glitter for an added contemporary feel.  To see the design’s additional three colourways, click on the image below.

    Tiling on a Roll Oblong Granite Tile Wallpaper - Teal Holden 89190

    Stone Trellis Tile Wallpaper

    For something a little different, why not opt for a more unusual pattern.  This paper features a lightly textured stone background overlaid with an elegant metallic trellis design.  A few of the trellis tiles are infused with subtle glitter particles and the paper itself is embossed for a realistic tile effect.  Like the design above, the wallpaper is washable with a good light fastness, making it ideal for using in a bathroom setting. 

    Tiling on a Roll Trellis Tile Wallpaper - Stone Holden 89310

    Slate Tile Effect Bathroom Wallpaper

    This modern slate tile effect wallpaper features a stunning textured finish and detailed shading for a realistic depth and slate effect.  The design is printed on a cushioned vinyl paper for extra quality and durability and is also ranked extra washable for use in bathrooms.  Available in two tones of grey, this design will fit into most existing decors.  Don’t forget to click on the image below for your chance to get the design for yourself.

    Slate Tile Effect Wallpaper Charcoal Grey Fine Decor FD40126

    Tiling on a Roll Chevron Tile Wallpaper

    For something a little more colourful, check out our Chevron Tiling on a Roll Wallpaper.  This design comes in four stunning colourways, three of which we have included below.  This mesmerising mis-match tile effect wallpaper will add a splash of colour to your bathroom and make it the talking point of your home.  The colourful design is printed on a lightly textured paper and infused with subtle glitter particles for added effect.

    Tiling on a Roll Chevron Tile Wallpaper - Yellow Holden 89300Tiling on a Roll Chevron Tile Wallpaper - Red Holden 89303Tiling on a Roll Chevron Tile Wallpaper - Teal Holden 89301

    Tiling on a Roll Wave Tile Wallpaper Natural

    For a stylish and bright bathroom transformation why not use our wave tile design.  The paper features a repeating tile effect which is overlaid with stunning glitter waved lines.  The subtle glitter elements reflect the light of the room to create a strikingly elegant finish.  The lightly textured paper also boasts a soft metallic silver grouting effect for a realistic feel to the design.  The wallpaper is of course washable making it suitable for use in a bathroom.

    Tiling on a Roll Wave Tile Wallpaper Natural Holden 89321

    Tiling on a Roll Wave Tile Wallpaper Charcoal

    This paper is one of the two additional colourways of the design above.  It features the same glitter wave pattern and lightly textured matte background.  This truly modern design is perfect for creating an on-trend and contemporary bathroom and can be used to either decorate the entire room or add a stylish feature wall.  For a close up of the design, simply hover over the image below.

    Tiling on a Roll Wave Tile Wallpaper Charcoal Holden 89322

    Final Note

    Whether you opt for a classic white tile design or go for a bold and colourful pattern, using a wallpaper in your bathroom can not only save you time, mess and money, but it also allows you to add a more personalised spin onto your home.  The easy to apply bathroom solution will leave others regretting their non-wallpaper choices and give you a stunning and stylish room transformation.

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  6. Get the Look: Sims 4 Wallpaper in Real Life

    Sims 4 Interior Design

    Every Sims fan will know the amazing detail that the latest Sims allows you to create.  In fact, because of the game’s detail and easy build function, it has been used in many professional fields, including interior design.  One feature that is extremely varied is its wallpaper collection.  Today we are going to look at some of these wallpapers compared with some of our very own matching or similar designs.  The images will allow you to get some ideas on how to pair the papers with the decor in your own home.  Hover over some of the pictures below to see alternate images and click the image to buy the design for yourself.

    White Damask Wallpaper

    Carat Damask Glitter Wallpaper Silver and White P+S 13343-20

    The first image that we are going to look at today is a Sim’s bedroom created using a white damask wallpaper.  Our design features a delicate glitter detailing with a repeating damask pattern.  As you can see below, the Sim’s room pairs the silver glitter damask with light blue accessories.  Everything from the bedding set, art work and bedside lamps compliment the subtle colours and patterns in the wallpaper.  The flowers and the yellow geometric pattern on the artwork add a splash of colour to finish the look.  Hover over the image below for an introduction to our fab Sim family.

    Sims 4 Wallpaper White Damask

    Red Brick Effect Wallpaper

    Red Brick Effect Wallpaper AS Creation 7798-16

    The second image is a Sim study created using a brick effect wallpaper.  The design works exceptionally well with the darker wood flooring and furniture and uses a warm light to create a modern and comfortable workspace.  Our version of the wallpaper can be seen above and also features a red brick with white grouting design. 

    Sims 4 Wallpaper Brick Effect

    Silver and White Striped Wallpaper

    Stripe Wallpaper Silver and White Rasch 286632

    Everyone with a toddler knows the nightmare that is sticky handprints.  Luckily for you, our silver and white striped wallpaper by Rasch is washable, making it perfect for your little one’s bedroom.  The paper itself has a simple yet stylish stripe design and a subtle mica sheen.  The versatility of the pattern means that it can be paired with a range of colour schemes which can match all of your child’s favourite characters and toys.  In the Sim’s room below we’ve paired the paper with complimenting blue tones through the toddler bed, toy box, wall art and rug.

    Stripe Wallpaper Silver and White Rasch 286632

    Green Leaf Wallpaper

    Cheese Plant Leaf Wallpaper - Green - Rasch 441802

    Although the Sim's paper varies slightly from our own wallpaper, our design can be used to create the same effect.  We used nature inspired colours and paired the brilliant green paper with a dark wood flooring and dark wood furniture.  It is easy to create a fresh and open feel by breaking up the colours with a white skirting to the room.   Our quirky cheese plant wallpaper is ideal for creating a unique bathroom especially as it is classified as super washable.  In addition, the design is a paste the wall wallpaper making it even easier to hang and get the room that you want.

    Green Leaf Wallpaper

    Silver Grey Brick Effect Wallpaper

    Silver Grey Brick Effect Wallpaper Fine Decor FD31286

    People often say that the kitchen is the heart of the home, so why not create a stylish and comfortable room that your friends and family will love as much as you do.  In the image below we have designed a contemporary and stylish kitchen using a grey brick effect wallpaper.  Through creating a striking feature wall with the design, it attracts the attention of the eye and elongates the room.  Our version of this design features detailed shading to create a realistic brick effect.  As a washable and luxury heavyweight paper it is ideal for using in a kitchen setting.

    Sims 4 Grey Brick Wallpaper

    White Wood Effect Wallpaper

    White Washed Wood Wallpaper Arthouse 694700

    Snuggle up on your sofa with this rustic on-trend look.  Our stylish wood effect wallpaper has a white wood panel design with a shabby chic finish.  Check out our Sims image below! We’ve paired this white wood effect with dark browns for a cosy and stylish living room.  By going for more neutral and natural colours in our accessories, we create a warm and homely feel for ultimate comfort.  Click on the wallpaper image above to get the design for yourself.

    White Wood Effect Wallpaper

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  7. Top Nursery Wallpaper

    Balance Your Colour Scheme

    An essential part of planning for a little one is in creating them a perfect nursery ready for their arrival.  When choosing your wallpaper and design, keep in mind that it is important to balance your colour scheme with varying tones of light and pastel colours alongside splashes of bright colours.  This results in the room providing a great space for your baby to rest as well as be stimulated by their environment.  In this post today we are going to explore some of our favourite baby and nursery wallpapers.

    Jungle Animals Wallpaper 

    This fun jungle animals wallpaper features a selection of adorable illustrated animals such as lions, elephants, cheetahs, giraffes and monkeys.  Set on a soft cream background with a faint leaf pattern this paper is great for creating a calming and relaxing environment whilst also providing an interesting pattern of cute and colourful animals that your little one will continue to love as they grow.

    Jungle Friends Wallpaper Multi Holden 12541

    Pink Ballerina Wallpaper

    This pretty pink ballerina wallpaper is another design which has the perfect colour balance for a nursery.  With a soft pink background adorned with white swans and little pink butterflies, as well as carefully detailed bolder coloured ballerinas, the design has the added benefit of stunning glitter and metallic elements.  As it is washable it is especially great for a nursery paper, making it perfect for all the little dancers out there and any future ballet stars!

    Ballerina Wallpaper Pink Holden 12460

    Adorable Sausage Dog Wallpaper

    Everyone loves a sausage dog with their stumpy legs and little waggy tails!  This fun design below features a range of cute dachshunds in adorable outfits and poses.  The pastel coloured images are set on a grey and white background which creates an airy and bright feel to a room, perfect for a baby’s nursery.  The design is also washable making it a great choice for babies and toddlers.

    Walkies Sausage Dog Wallpaper Grey / White Holden 12551

    Blue Elephant Peel And Stick Wallpaper

    With so much to prepare for with a baby on the way, this easy to apply peel and stick elephants design is the holy grail of nursery wallpapers.  As it is peel and stick it is self-adhesive so you cut out the messy wallpaper glue and paste stage.  It also means that it is easy to remove so can be repositioned without leaving any residue making it easier to quickly and effective decorate your baby’s room before the big day. 

    NuWallpaper Elephant Parade Peel And Stick Wallpaper Blue Fine Decor NU1404 5.5m x 0.52m

    Dino Town Dinosaur Wallpaper

    This colourful dinosaur themed wallpaper depicts an adorable prehistoric scene with cartoon dinosaurs in a range of poses.  From the sunglass wearing Diplodocus to the train riding Stegosaurus, this funny and cute dinosaur wallpaper will be a hit with the adults as well as the little ones.  

    Dino Town Dinosaur Wallpaper Multi Holden 12530

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  8. House To Home

    House To Home

    Home is Where the Heart Is

    Creating your perfect home is all about making the space your own and creating a warm and inviting place for friends and loved ones.  With such a lot of choice these days it can sound like a daunting task but the trick is to start at the most crucial design point and pick your wallpaper.  From here you can personalise and accessories to suit your taste.  A great example of individual and personalising wallpaper to create the ultimate finish and homely feel can be seen in some of our amazing customer images.  This blog post today will showcase some of our customer images using our fabulous wallpaper and will use these to aid with style tips on accessorising these wallpapers.

    Flamingo Wallpaper Pink Rasch

    One way to make a house your own is to choose designs which reflect you and not be afraid to select a wallpaper which is bold and bright to create a truly striking effect.  An example of someone who has stylishly achieved this is one of our Instagram customers @diy_addict_146 who uses our Rasch Pink Flamingo Wallpaper to create this fabulous decor.  The customer pairs the busy pattern with a geometric floor rug but breaks up the busy scene with plain furniture and a white skirting board.

    Pink Flamingo Wallpaper

    White Washed Wood Wallpaper

    The second of our customer images was sent in by Ellie Ransom.  Using our Arthouse White Washed Wood Wallpaper she creates a cosy and classic style for her bedroom.  The key to creating a homely feel is to have a stylish but personal feel which she introduces through complimenting colours in her accessories.  The brown throw and the detailed cushion give rise to a feeling of a stylish and cosy wood cabin.  The shabby chic wallpaper design creates a realistic distressed wood look for added rustic style.

                     White Washed Wood Wallpaper


    Apex Geometric Trellis Wallpaper

    Next up is a photo sent in by Georgie Wright. She uses our Apex Geometric Trellis Wallpaper in this stunning and chic living room. Matching the silver and grey metallic tones of the paper, Georgie pairs the design with a similar colour scheme in her furniture with light grey wooden flooring and dark grey sofas. She finishes the room with two yellow cushions, adding a touch of colour and incorporating this year’s most recent yellow / grey colour trend.

    Believe In Unicorns Glitter Wallpaper Arthouse 698300

    The next of our customer photos was sent in by Instagram user @Madamx81.  She pairs our Believe in Unicorns Glitter Wallpaper with accessories matching the key colours of the paper to create a colourful and balanced décor.  The collage inspired wallpaper contains glitter and metallic highlights which add an extra sparkle to this magical bedroom and brings a light and fun feel to the home.

                     Believe In Unicorns Glitter Wallpaper Arthouse 698300

    Yellow and Grey Apex Geometric Wallpaper

    A key way to create a complete and stylish look is to match the colour scheme between your wallpaper and accessories.  An example of this can be seen in the photo sent in by our customer on Instagram @em5ies who uses our Fine Decor Apex Geometric wallpaper to create this stunning bedroom.  The wallpaper itself features a repeating triangular pattern in tones of yellow and grey, all connected by a smooth metallic outline.


            Apex Geometric Wallpaper Yellow and Grey Fine Decor FD41991

    Barbara Becker Flamingo Wallpaper

    Decorating a child’s room gives you a chance to be extra creative to design a room which is fun, colourful and interesting.  The photos of this kid’s bedroom below was sent in by @me_tiffyandflow_3.  She creates a bright and colourful feature wall using Rasch’s Barbara Becker Flamingo Wallpaper.  The pinks and blues of the wallpaper are echoed in the colours used in the rest of the room.     

    Barbara Becker Flamingo Wallpaper Teal Rasch 479706Barbara Becker Flamingo Wallpaper Teal Rasch 479706

    Frosted Wood Wallpaper 

    @misawilliam creates this stunning bedroom design with the Arthouse Frosted Wood Wallpaper.  She matches the wallpaper with a similar design in the bedding set and blinds to give the room a complete finish.  She then finishes this with yellow cushions and bedroom lamps to create a symmetrical and contemporary style with the yellow / grey combo being a popular colour scheme in interior design right now.

    Frosted Wood Wallpaper Arthouse 670200

    Stripe Wallpaper Chocolate, Coffee & Cream

    Another effective way to make a house you home is to add the finishing touches to a room such as cushions and throws.  In the image sent in by @rhirhi96rh she does exactly this.  She also cleverly plays with lighting to add a soft lighting to the room which creates a homely and comfy feel alongside the warm chocolate, coffee and cream tones of the wallpaper.

    Stripe Wallpaper Chocolate, Coffee & Cream Direct Wallpapers E40928

    Apex Geometric Trellis Wallpaper Charcoal Grey and Copper

    This brilliantly stylish front room photo was sent in by Catherine.  Using Fine Décor’s Geometric Trellis Wallpaper, she has used complimenting coloured furniture to create a classically elegant décor, whilst providing a warmth to the room for that necessary comfort... something which the dog is certainly loving!  The wallpaper, which also features metallic detailing, is available in a range of colourways.

    Apex Geometric Trellis Wallpaper Charcoal Grey and Copper Fine Decor FD41998

    Flamingo Wallpaper Pink Rasch

    When we think about transforming a house into our home, we often think about living rooms and bedrooms and forget about or put less time into rooms such as hallways and bathrooms.  Also using the Rasch pink flamingo design, @stylish_mumandmrs creates this beautiful flamingo themed bathroom.  Matching the vibrant pink of the towel and toiletry basket, as well as the flamingo ornaments dotted around the bathroom, this design cleverly uses this wallpaper to create a modern, bold and unique design to make the house feel more homely with a personal touch.

    Flamingo Wallpaper Pink Rasch 277890

    Apex Geometric Trellis Wallpaper Charcoal Grey and Copper

    Philip Danvers also uses the Apex Geometric Trellis Wallpaper to create his perfect room.  He matches this with chrome coloured accessories and bright white furniture.  The stylish feature wall adds an extra texture alongside the tartan carpet and works with the symmetrical lights to reflect off the metallic of the design.   

    Apex Geometric Trellis Wallpaper Charcoal Grey and Copper Fine Decor FD41998

    Apex Geometric Wallpaper Rose Gold

    For the perfect house to home transformation check out these before and after images sent in by @interiorsbyedpett.  Using one of our most popular designs, this room perfectly captures the contemporary elegance of the wallpaper with reflective metallic accessories and rose gold paint to compliment the rose gold detailing of the wallpaper. The stylish room feels cosy through the addition of the matching bedding set and decorative cushions. 

    Apex Geometric Wallpaper Rose Gold Fine Decor FD41993

    White and Silver Rustic Brick Effect Wallpaper

    This photo, posted by Instagram user @Barrattsbarwick, features our exclusive white and silver rustic brick effect wallpaper.  The lighter wallpaper opens up the room whilst adding a contemporary elegance.  The natural wood and black coloured furniture adds to this, creating a stylish contrast with the light wallpaper and carpets.  It allows the room to be personalised and reflect the personality of the person.  With Christmas not long now it allows the personal touch.

    White and Silver Rustic Brick Effect Wallpaper Windsor Wallcoverings FD41488

    Fretwork Geometric Wallpaper Midnight Blue

    This stunning design once again incorporates the stylish and popular yellow.  Pairing it wilth the blue for a complete and fashionable look.  This photo was sent in by Emily Wallace and is a great example of creating an inviting home.

    Fretwork Geometric Wallpaper Midnight Blue Rasch 701647

    Zoom Away Vehicles Wallpaper

    Choosing the perfect design for your little one’s room can be challenging but once you have picked the wallpaper, the rest of the room falls into place.  Take a look at the photo below which was sent in by @three_o_seven.  They use our Arthouse Zoom Away Vehicles Wallpaper to create a fun feature wall in their child’s bedroom.  Continuing the vehicle theme through hanging model planes and using a Peppa Pig blue vehicle duvet set, the finished child’s room is the perfect fun and colourful addition to their home.

    Final Note

    The customer images above, especially those which have used the same wallpaper, demonstrate how you can put your own spin on a design to make a home that is unique and personal to you.  Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone.  If you want to try a particularly bold or bright pattern then do it! Take tips from the customer images above and ensure that you match your furniture and accessories with the wallpaper design that you chose.  Whether you opt for a metallic geometric design or a bright and bold flamingo wallpaper, the important thing to remember is that finding a wallpaper that you love is the most crucial first step to making a house into your home. 

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  9. Colour Trend: Yellow and Grey Wallpaper

    Keeping Up With Changing Trends

    We like to keep you lot up to date with the latest trends and fashions in the wallpapering world which is why, this week, we have decided to explore the growing popularity of the yellow and grey colour scheme.  In this post today, we are going to explore some of our collection including a few of our brand-new arrivals.     

    Marino Oslo Geometric Wallpaper Mustard and Grey  

    The first wallpaper that we are going to look at today is one of our new designs which incorporates not only the trending yellow / grey colour scheme but also a striking contemporary geometric pattern.  The design is made up of intersecting squares, rectangles and semicircles in mustard yellow, white and grey tones.  Overlaying the design is a subtle metallic silver for an added contemporary effect.  To continue the scheme into the room itself, you can pick out colours from the paper and use these to colour match your accessories and even furniture.    

    Marino Oslo Geometric Wallpaper Mustard Fine Decor FD42388

    Crown Ophelia Decoupage Wallpaper Yellow and Grey

    Also one of our new arrivals, this Crown Ophelia Decoupage Wallpaper is a pretty collage style design made up of a mis-match of beautiful floral and damask patterns, small shabby chic trinket boxes and various French phrases.  This particular colourway sees each of the items sketched in various shades of grey with parts picked out in a stunning yellow.  This is joined by intricately detailed photo style roses in a complementing yellow .  This design would look stunning as a feature wall in a bedroom, especially with accessories matching the yellow / grey combination.

    Crown Ophelia Decoupage Wallpaper Yellow M1427

    Yellow and Grey Scandi Geo Triangle Wallpaper 

    Next up is our Scandi Geo Triangle Wallpaper by Arthouse.  The symmetrical design sees a repeating pattern of yellow, light and dark grey triangles with a smooth textured linen effect print.  The mesmerizing and modern pattern would also make a fantastic feature wall and would work well in most rooms, especially as a stylish focal point to your living room or bedroom.

    Scandi Geo Triangle Wallpaper - Yellow and Grey - Arthouse 908206

    Geometric Sticks Wallpaper Yellow / Grey 

    This interesting design is a quirky twist on a more generic geometric pattern.  The design is made up of various coloured blocks or sticks arranged into an almost wave like pattern.  The colours, as with most of the other designs in this post today, play on using yellow alongside various shades of grey to create an eye-catching and dramatic design.  As this is quite a busy design we would recommend using it as a feature wall alongside a plainer paper, perhaps a complimenting yellow or light grey.

    Geometric Sticks Wallpaper Yellow / Grey P+S 18191-30

    Apex Geometric Wallpaper Yellow and Grey

    Our Apex Geometric Wallpaper has already proven itself to be a popular design with large yellow and light and dark grey triangles arranged into a stylish and contemporary geometric pattern.  Running between the triangles is a brilliant silver metallic strip for added glamour and modern effect.  As a firm favourite with our customers, we have a selection of customer images using this design which will feature in next week's post if you want further ideas and inspiration for your own room design.

    Apex Geometric Wallpaper Yellow and Grey Fine Decor FD41991

    Yellow Boutique Floral Wallpaper

    This beautiful floral design also incorporates the trending colour scheme.  The wallpaper features a brilliant yellow background with large white flowers and soft grey leaves and stems.  Each of the flowers has a delicate grey detailing on its petals which is joined by a subtle metallic sheen.  The design is a sophisticated and stylish way to make sure your home is on point and you are keeping up with the latest trends and fashions.

    Boutique Floral Wallpaper Yellow Rasch 226164

    Apex Wave Geometric Wallpaper Yellow 

    Another of the Apex range, this wave geometric wallpaper uses tones of yellow, grey and white alongside a metallic geometric edging.  The beautiful wave design interweaves the complimenting colours to create a truly stylish and eye-catching pattern.   Try pairing this design with a plainer wallpaper which matches the colours in the design.  A dove grey or light grey wallpaper would create a very sleek and stylish finish.

    Apex Wave Geometric Wallpaper Yellow Fine Decor FD42170

    Chinese Garden Wallpaper Yellow

    If you are looking for a wallpaper that will instantly transform and brighten up your room then this Chinese Garden Wallpaper is for you!  The bright yellow backdrop is adorned with delicate white cherry blossom flowers, pretty grey Chinese lanterns and little grey swallows.  This design brings a fresh and new feel to a home and creates a fabulous centre point to a room.  For a closer look at the pattern, hover over the room shot below.

    Chinese Garden Wallpaper Yellow Arthouse 695401

    Echo Geometric Wallpaper Ochre

    This Echo Geometric design features a 3D cube effect formed from a geometric diamond pattern in various shades of grey, white and yellow.  For a truly mesmerising effect, each cube is finished with one side containing glitter highlights.  The design is ideal for creating a feature wall or decorating the entire room and will definitely be a talking point in your home.

    Echo Geometric Wallpaper Ochre Coloroll M1299

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  10. Brand new Muriva Wallpaper Designs

    Modern Style and Contemporary Elegance

    We pride ourselves on keeping up to date with the latest trends and fashions which is why, this week, we have a fantastic new range of Muriva wallpapers arriving here at WorldofWallpaper.  The new arrivals all incorporate top trending patterns and are each available in multiple contemporary colourways.   Including increasingly popular metallic and geometric patterns as well as large, bold motifs, the five papers that we are going to explore today are truly stunning examples of modern designs.  Continue reading to start exploring our new arrivals below.

    Caden Metallic Geometric Wallpaper

    The first of our Muriva arrivals is this Caden metallic wallpaper.  The design incorporates a striking and on-trend large geometric pattern with stunning symmetrical triangles in various shades of colour.  Each of the triangles features an on-trend distressed shabby chic look and is overlaid with a smooth metallic finish for added glamour and style.  Available in blue, silver, pink and taupe, this design would make an especially fabulous addition to a living room, bedroom or hallway.

    Caden Metallic Geometric Wallpaper

    Dandelion Wallpaper

    This beautifully detailed Dandelion Wallpaper by Muriva features delicately illustrated dandelion flowers in bursts of stunning colours including sapphire, candy floss, raspberry, beige, silver and black.  Each of the quality wallpapers is finished with a subtle metallic sheen and based on a lightly textured backdrop.  The delicately illustrated designs are the perfect addition to any home for adding a light and airy feel to a room.  We would recommend picking out the main colour from the colourway that you choose and matching this with similar or complimenting colours in your accessories and furniture.  Take a look below for a few examples of this stunning design.

    Dandelion Wallpaper Sapphire Muriva 150502

    Dandelion Wallpaper Silver Muriva J04209

    Dandelion Wallpaper Black Muriva J04219

    Orla Wave

    This mesmerising wallpaper is sure to be a talking point in your home with its overlapping gentle wave design and glistening glitter highlights which are carefully dotted through the pattern.  With the rise in popularity of the feature wall earlier this year, the all four-wall wallpapered look began to fall out of fashion…. but not anymore!  The great news for all you wallpaper lovers is that, whether you choose to create a striking feature wall or whether you decorate all four walls, both ways of decorating are high in fashion right now!  This Orla Wave wallpaper is the perfect example of a design which can be used on all four walls to create a truly spectacular room design without being overbearing or too busy.  The beautiful design below is of one of the four available colourways for this wallpaper.

    Orla Wave Glitter Wallpaper Blue Muriva 153105

    Indra Geometric Wallpaper

    This Indra Geometric Wallpaper takes on the form of a more classic geometric design with a repeating metallic triangle and kite pattern overlaying a subtle glitter infused textured lined backdrop.  This durable, blown vinyl wallpaper can be used to create a beautiful and eye-catching feature wall in your home or alternatively, like the design above, be used to decorate the entire room.  The wallpaper is available in various colour combinations including turquoise, rose gold, silver and charcoal.  If you are wallpapering every wall in a small room, we would suggest using a lighter design as this will open and brighten up the space.  Alternatively, creating a feature wall with one of the darker designs will elongate the room also making it appear larger than it is.

    Indra Geometric Wallpaper

    Odette Swan

    Saphire, silver and pearl are the three beautiful colourways that this majestic Odette Swan Wallpaper is available in.  With a large embossed swan design, elegant metallic elements and beautiful glitter highlights, this paper will bring a modern and contemporary style into any home.  The swans themselves are set on a lightly textured gentle waving pattern for added texture and interest.  2018 is all about bold, metallic wallpapers so this design fits right in to make a trendy and fashionable addition to your home. Two of the design’s colourways can be seen below.

    Odette Swan Wallpaper Silver Muriva 151102

    Final Note

    We love researching the latest interior design trends and introducing brand new ranges which, not only reflect these trends, but create a lasting and striking style.  In fact, we’ve got a great feeling about these new Muriva wallpapers as they truly are stunning examples of designs which pull together multiple trending patterns and colours to create eye catching contemporary designs.

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