Can I use wallpaper in a bathroom?

If you have been playing with the idea of decorating your bathroom or downstairs toilet and wondered whether or not wallpaper is a good idea – the answer is yes!

These smaller spaces call out for bold designs and wallpapers are the perfect choice. Simply use wallpapers marked as washable - these are designed to handle high humidity environments and can be easily cleaned with a sponge. Washable wallpapers are the most suitable, but as long as your bathroom is well ventilated you can give a try to some other designs too. Check our website for full range of suitable wallpaper in Kitchen and Bathroom section.

However, it is important to remember that even the washable wallpapers are not completely waterproof and therefore must be kept away from direct water sources where the area may be affected by splashing water. Simply avoid hanging it directly next to a shower or sink to protect your new beautiful wallpaper or read on for cool tips and inspiration!

Paradisio Tropical Leaves - used by @revellsrestoration

Tropical Leaves Navy Blue Exotic Jungle Wallpaper

How do I know the design I like is suitable?

As mentioned above, wallpapers marked as washable are your go to when it comes to decorating a bathroom as these are the most suitable. Search for one of the below symbols – you will find it on the label.


Wallpaper Symbol Washable

Marked with double wave line, washable wallpapers are more durable any surface dirt can be easily wiped away by delicately using a sponge with no chemicals.

Extra Washable

Wallpaper Symbol Extra Washable

Extra washable wallpapers are marked with three wavy lines and are very suitable for use in kitchens and bathrooms as they are more resilient to damper environments.

wallpaper symbols

Use Peel and stick backsplash tiles to prevent damage

Remember how we advised to keep your beautiful new wallpaper away from sinks where water splashes could cause damage? But what if you really want the wallpaper to run throughout the entire bathroom? No more doubting, changing plan or searching – simply pair the design with our Peel and stick backslash tiles to protect the wallpaper and add more style at the same time.

The self-adhesive tiles are super easy to apply and therefore perfect for quick makeovers. You can effortlessly trim to desired size to fit perfectly and they are very easy to clean too. An effective solution when designing a bathroom on a budget as there are no grout or special tools required - simply peel and stick! Giving your bathroom a new look has never been easier!

Check the full range of our backsplash tiles to see which one goes the best with the paper of your choice. 

Let your home be an extension of you

What reflects your personality the best, pretty and delicate floral pattern or a modern twist? Perhaps you like tropical vibes or more simple and traditional designs? How about matching two different wallpapers to truly represent you and make you feel good in any and every room? After all, the environment around us has great influence on the mood and wellbeing, so make it suit you!

Stella Geometric Floral Blush Pink Wallpaper - used by @Danielle_e_r

Get inspired!  Wallpaper ideas for your bathroom

If you can’t go to the seaside, bring the feel of sea to you!

Whether you love ocean or miss beach, we have the perfect solution for you. The seaside will always feel close with these beautiful wallpapers on your wall. Will you go for a vibrant underwater sea life picturing colourful fish, corals and sea turtles or beach themed collage of shells, pebbles, rustic hearts and coastal landscapes?

Portfolio Sea Life Wallpaper

Maritime Collage Wallpaper

Maritime Sea Collage Wallpaper 699000

Contemporary style and elegance with chic marble and geometric designs

Marble has always looked great in bathrooms, so why not stick to the classic while giving it a little bit of a modern twist? Metallic elements are suited for literally any wall and will give you bathroom a nice chic finishing touch. If you are looking for something a little bit less abstract but equally stylish, geometric shapes might be your choice. Again, if paired with metallic detailing, it will bring another dimension to your room.

Bahia Marble Navy Wallpaper

Honeycomb Bee Teal Wallpaper

Bricks & Tiles

With traditional tiles you can’t go wrong and all the different styles available make it easier than ever when it comes to matching your colour scheme. Add glitter for more style and shine or go bold with metallic brick.

Foil Slate Wallpaper

Subway Gloss Tile Wallpaper

Oblong Granite Tile Black Wallpaper

Oblong Granite Tile Teal Wallpaper

Oblong Granite Tile Teal Wallpaper

Go bold and wild with tropical themes

The perfect way of brightening up small spaces, these will look amazing on your bathroom wall. Let's start with slightly muted colours but equally bold and vibrant designs mixing exotic foliage, flowers, palm trees and adorable monkeys.

Amazon Jungle Blue Wallpaper - used by @livingatnumber79

Amazonia Monkey Green Wallpaper - used by @silmariena 

Full on colour, let the tropics come alive at your home in all of it's gorgeous vibrancy. 

Wonderland Tropical Green Wallpaper - used by @ournewbuildjourneyat31

Tropical Wonderland Emerald Green Wallpaper WOW036

Lemur Midnight Blue Wallpaper - used by @renovatingrobinsons

Lemur Midnight Blue Wallpaper 12403

Get creative with calming leafy patterns to get a proper jungle feel.

Solstic Palm Leaf Green Wallpaper - used by @the_barton_bungalow

Solstice Palm Leaf Green Wallpaper FD24136

Paradisio Tropical Leaves Wallpaper - used by

Paradisio Tropical Leaves White Wallpaper 6303-07

Introducing exotic animal prints which will transform any ordinary wall into something special.

Flamingo Pink Wallpaper - used by @mess_to_maison

Are you a fan of everything exotic but bright colours are not your thing? Create the same exotic feel using more subtle patterns.

Savannah Cheetah Wallpaper - used by @our_bellway_home

Animalia Audubon Gold Wallpaper - used by Carol from Trustpilot

Pandore Palm Leaves Black Wallpaper - used by @bramhallsnaps

Pandore Palm Leaves Black Wallpaper 406801

Sublime Saimiri Monkey Wallpaper - used by @fifty_one_snowberry

Fancy something more natural? Achieve calming effect with these lovely stones. Add some green plants to create your own relaxing oasis or tropical holiday spa vibe.

Slate Stone Beige Wallpaper

Slate Stone Beige Muriva J274-07

Ceramica Tile Grey Wallpaper

Ceramica Tile Effect Dark Grey Wallpaper FD40126

Walls, floors and all... Give your bathroom a complete makeover

Why not pair your new wallpaper with our peel and stick floor tiles to give your bathroom a completely flesh new look? Made from a hard wearing vinyl, the self-adhesive tiles are water resistant, incredibly easy to apply and you can effortlessly trim them to your desired size to fit perfectly. No special tools required, just peel and stick and watch your floor to come alive. How does it get any better than that?

The beautiful designs will help you transform your bathroom and give it really unique feel while being practical too, check the full range of our peel and stick floor tiles

Peel And Stick Floor Tiles Comet

So much for tips and ideas to help you get started with your bathroom makeover. As always, we would love to see your gorgeous transformations so keep sharing and don't forget to tag us @worldofwallpaperuk in your posts on Instagram!

Have a wonderful and inspired day,

Michaela - Online Merchandising Assistant @ World of Wallpaper