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With an always increasing interest in perfecting and styling our homes, there is a much higher demand for the latest home décor trends.  We have also seen a continuing cross over between the interior design and fashion worlds meaning a lot of designer brands now offer wallpaper ranges.  In this post we are going to look at some of these must have papers from three renowned designers: Versace, Emma J Shipley and Escape To The Chateau’s Angel Strawbridge.


Versace Designer Wallpaper

You no doubt know the infamous Italian fashion company’s name, but did you realise that Versace have a truly stunning luxury wallpaper range?  Their designs include a range of contemporary prints and iconic styles.  Take a look below for some of these beautiful papers.

 Versace Giungla Palm Leaves Wallpaper

This truly spectacular design is one of our most popular Versace papers.  The detailed palm leaves feature a delicate sketch like pattern in a brilliant green which is set on a complimenting soft cream background.  The heavyweight vinyl wallpaper also has a high shine finish which adds a beautiful contemporary elegance to the design.  Hover over the image below to see a room shot of the paper.

Versace Giungla Palm Leaves Wallpaper - Green and Cream - 96240-5 - 10m x 70cm

For additional ideas and inspiration on using Versace’s Giungla Palm Leaves Wallpaper, check out the image sent in by our customer @annaofderby below.  She uses the design alongside a white tile and natural coloured accessories to create a modern and chic bathroom. 

Stunning Versace Bathroom Customer Wallpaper Image

Versace Black Greek Key Wallpaper

The second of our Versace designs is the Black Greek Key wallpaper.  The iconic and stylish pattern is printed on a luxury heavyweight vinyl paper and is available in three colourways: black, gold or silver.  Hover over the image below to see a room shot using just the black colourway.  This wallpaper has the added benefit of being a paste the wall design, which makes it easier than ever to hang without hassle.

Versace Black Greek Key Wallpaper 10m x 70cm 93523-4

Versace Baroque Floral Trail Wallpaper

The final of our featured Versace papers is the Baroque Floral Trail Wallpaper.  The design features a multi layered pattern in stunning gold and black.  The multiple textures add the perfect finish to create a truly stunning and on-trend finish to your home.  The paper is also a paste the wall design making it as easy to apply as the other Versace designs.  This versatile paper can be used for living rooms, bedrooms, studies, hallways and more! 

Versace Baroque Floral Trail Wallpaper - Black and Gold - 96231-6 - 10m x 70cm

Angel Strawbridge Designer Wallpaper

If you’ve seen the hit TV series Escape To The Chateau, then you may already be familiar with Angel Strawbridge’s work.  The Chateau wallpaper range is her latest gift to the interior design world and the highly anticipated collection has not disappointed.  The TV series itself follows designer Angel Strawbridge and her engineer husband Dick as they renovate a 19th century French chateau, bringing together natural and vintage styles to restore the beautiful building and create their dream home.  Angel’s wallpaper range is directly inspired by her experience and features four stunning designs which we will explore in greater detail in this post.


Angel Strawbridge Wallpaper Designs

Angel Strawbridge Teal Heron Designer Wallpaper

The designs that we are going to look at today are part of Angel's 'The Chateau' collection.  The range, which was unveiled earlier this year, sees nature play a strong role in the molding of her work.  This is especially apparant in her Teal Heron Wallpaper which was inspired by a heron that visted her family home every morning.  The beautiful bird motifs entwine with wild reeds to form an art deco style pattern.  This is set on a stunning teal backdrop with soft silver metallic highlights. This design is also available in a beautiful grey colourway.

The Chateau by Angel Strawbridge Deco Heron Wallpaper Teal CHWP1A

Garden Inspired Wallpaper Chateau Potagerie

Next up is The Chateau Potagerie Wallpaper.  This stunning paper combines combines an art deco theme with nature and garden inspired motifs.  Set on a soft cream backdrop, the design features wild flowers, bees and herbs in natural complimenting tones.  If you hover over the image below you will see a room shot in which all four walls are papered with the Potagerie design.  The final touches are added to the room through splashes of complimenting colours in the furniture and accessories.

 Potagerie Angel Strawbridge Nature Wallpaper

Emma J Shipley Designer Wallpaper

Emma J Shipley is a graphic artist and designer who graduated from the Royal College of Art in London.  Her stunning wallpaper range brings something new to the interior design world with quirky and vibrant patterns.  For more of her papers, or any of the other featured designers, head to WorldofWallpaper now.      

Emma J Shipley Animalia Tigris Wallpaper Flame W0105/01

The first of Emma’s striking designs that we will look at is her bold Animalia Tigris Wallpaper.  The paper features detailed hand-painted style tigers in beautifully vibrant shades of yellow and orange.  These are set on a contrasting grey animal print backdrop, giving the paper a bold and eye catching finish.  Hover over the swatch image to see the other colourway available.

Emma J Shipley Animalia Tigris Wallpaper Flame W0105/01

Emma J Shipley Animalia Rousseau Wallpaper Jungle W0104/03

This unique and quirky Animalia Rousseau Jungle Wallpaper sees a great range of classic tropical motifs entwined together in an artistic and creative way.  If you’re looking for a design to create a talking point in your home then this is it! The stunning range of greens, blues and pinks are highlighted by the white backdrop, allowing you to clearly see the amazing and unusual aspects of the pattern.

Emma J Shipley Animalia Rousseau Wallpaper Jungle W0104/03

Final Note

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