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  1. The Quintessential Hues Of The Festive Season

    Get Christmas Ready, Red & Green Are In Season!

    Red and green, the quintessential hues of Christmas season! Infuse your space with festive charm and timeless elegance beyond traditional ornaments and twinkling lights. Consider elevating your home décor with captivating wallpapers that not only embody the spirit of the season, but will give off a cozy feel all year round.

    Green And Red Colours Season

    Let's embrace the warmth of red, the tranquillity of green, and the harmonious blend of both to create a welcoming ambiance.

    Timeless Elegance of Red Wallpaper


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  2. New Exclusive Range: Luxe and Roma Collection

    World of Wallpaper Latest Designs: Synonymous with elegance.

    The Luxe and Roma collections were designed exclusively for us here at World of Wallpaper in order to bring you the highest quality paired with classy style. These beautifully detailed hardwearing heavyweight vinyls will endure areas of high traffic such as hallways or kitchens and bathrooms, but we made sure they don't cut on elegance, so will work perfectly in living rooms and bedrooms too, instantly elevating any space in your home!

    Luxe & Roma Collection by World of Wallpaper
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  3. New To World Of Wallpaper: Introducing Groovy Designs by Harlequin

    Transform Your Space From Ordinary To Extraordinary With Harlequin

    In the realm of interior design, every element plays a pivotal role in transforming a space from ordinary to extraordinary. One such element that can have a profound impact is wallpaper. Among the myriad of wallpaper brands available, Harlequin stands out as an emblem of sophistication, innovation, and timeless beauty.

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  4. Elevate Your Home With Our Newest Arrivals

    5 Tips To Elevate Your Home With Wallpapers

    Your home is your sanctuary, and it deserves to be adorned with beautiful and captivating decorations that reflect your personal style. We are here to ensure you get the best quality guidance to help you create a truly remarkable interior where you feel amazing, productive, relaxed.

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  5. Timeless Beauty of William Morris: Unique Wallpapers and Fabrics

    Bringing the beauty of the outdoors into your home

    As a proponent of the philosophy that beautiful objects should be accessible to all, William Morris aimed to bring artistry and craftsmanship into everyday life. We absolutely agree with such statement and that's why we are excited to introduce our newest William Morris style designs. The best part? These come on wallpaper as well as on fabric!

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  6. Spring is in the air: Newest arrivals for a fresh look

    Prepare you home for a makeover!

    Spring is full of bright colours, beautiful floral smell, the nature is waking up and the overall vibe makes us want to start anew - move furniture around, change accessories, hang up new curtains... Why not give your walls a new décor too?

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  7. Guide To Wall Murals

    Wallpaper Murals: A Unique and Creative Way to Decorate Your Home | Tutorial

    Wallpaper murals have become increasingly popular in recent years as people look for unique and creative ways to decorate their homes. The large-scale prints offer an excellent way to make a statement in any room, adding interest and personality to the space.

    Installing a wallpaper mural can be a bit intimidating if you have never done it before. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know to successfully install a wallpaper mural - the tools required, how to prepare the wall before installation, and some useful tips, all broken down into easy-to-follow steps to ensure you are left with a wall that is sure to impress.

    Wallpaper Mural Guide
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  8. New Year, New Beginning - Trends for 2023 - Part 2

    More Colours And Patterns Trending This Year

    We are on a mission to inspire and to help you creating beautiful cozy spaces which are joy to call home. So, as promised, we are back with another lot of trending colours and patterns for this year 2023.

    Trending designs and colours in 2023
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  9. New Year, New Beginning - Trends for 2023 - Part 1

    Colours And Patterns Trending In Upcoming Year

    New Year's Eve marked a new beginning for many people and it's usually a time of evaluation, pondering on what to keep and what to make changes to. And perhaps amongst some of the changes you have planned for the upcoming year is also a new look for your home. As winter will be slowly turning into spring, it's perfect time for decorating ideas and plans to have a new start with a crisp fresh feel. We are here to help you with inspiration and a sneak peak of 2023 trends.

    Trending colours and designs in 2023
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  10. Promote Calm And Peace This Christmas

    3 Simple Tips To Help You Create And Maintain Tranquility At Home

    Christmas is almost here. Streets are rather lively, people enjoying the festive season holding a mulled wine in one hand and shopping bags in the other. It can get pretty hectic with all of the preparations, visiting relatives and making sure everything is ready. We've put together three simple tips on how to maintain tranquility and wellbeing in your home during this busy season - simple enough to be effortlessly implemented, yet powerful enough to make you feel the positive difference!

    Christmas 2022
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