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Enter the height and width of your walls above to work out how many rolls of wallpaper you will need. An extra 10% has been calculated to allow for any wastage and it is based on an average roll of wallpaper measuring 10m long and 53cm wide.

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Cover your room with our wallpaper calculator

Use our wallpaper calculator above to estimate the right number of rolls to purchase for your room, hallway or staircase. Take the guessing game out of ordering online and avoid getting caught halfway through your home makeover without enough wallpaper to complete the job. You can also plan your budget efficiently by ensuring you don’t over order on backing paper and wallpaper rolls and save money to put towards other home improvements. Hanging wallpaper can be frustrating for first timers and professionals alike so we’ve designed our wallpapers to make it as easy as possible to buy and hang in the right way. Our standard World of Wallpaper stock is 10 metres long by 53 centimetres wide and many have regular repeating patterns making it simple to decorate a whole room or feature wall. If the design you have in mind has a large pattern repeat we do advise allowing for extra paper. More information about the pattern repeat and match can be found below.

How to use our wallpaper calculator

The way your wallpaper fits will differ depending on the features of your walls. For simple bedrooms you’re intending to cover fully with wallpaper you can complete the form above with your intended measurements and let us work out the rest. If you’re thinking of adding borders at the top, bottom or middle of your wall or choosing a mural to round off your room you will need to make amendments. With these you can measure to the intended height of the border rather than the full wall width or height. When measuring we suggest having a person on each end of the tape measure to ensure you are measuring a straight line, the tape is flat and starts in the corners as intended. You might find it hard to measure up if you have any wardrobes, appliances or shelves blocking the way so for these walls just measure the opposing wall which in most cases will be the same size or close enough for the wallpaper estimator tool. You can also add a window to the wallpaper calculator so measure the whole frame at its largest height and width then round up to make sure you are able to neatly trim the wallpaper when hanging around the window. Then click Calculate and order your wallpaper by colour or theme from our website. You can also order the equivalent backing paper and wallpaper paste from our accessories section. Our backing paper also comes in 10m rolls so order the same number of backing paper rolls as standard wallpaper rolls.

Pattern Repeats and Matches

Wallpapers with wider pattern repeats and matches may require extra rolls to ensure the pattern of the wallpaper matches perfectly from wallpaper drop to drop as the design goes around your room. If you are unsure what pattern repeats or pattern matches are, please checkout our Wallpaper Glossary for further explanation. The individual wallpaper pattern repeat and pattern match will be mentioned on the product description.

Top wallpapering tips for first time decorators

When doing it yourself, make sure you take note of these recommendations from the professionals! You will be giving the walls a fresh makeover so won’t have any markings or faded patterns to line up your furniture again once the job is done. Make sure you take a photo before you begin to remember the layout of the room. When buying multiple rolls of wallpaper, make sure to get them all from the same batch as levels of colour, gloss and finish can differ between batches of different ages so a same batch guarantee can ensure that your walls will look consistent. If you need to order more, don’t worry! Simply tell us the dye lot number/letter or batch number/letter when ordering and we will send identical wallpaper. For those rooms which see a lot of use pick a wallpaper design and a backing paper with a high quality finish to keep up with the demands and damage faced by walls in rooms such as a bathroom, children’s bedroom or playroom. Finally, for any papering phrases that are new to you, take a look at our Wallpaper Glossary to clear up any confusion.

Ready to get wallpapering? Pick your favourite wallpaper theme here and get stuck in!