Some people use how they decorate their homes as an extension of their own personality.  Choosing quirky and unusual designs is the perfect way to make your home unique to you.  Whether you create a striking feature wall or decorate the entire room, we’ve compiled a list of our current favourite bright and quirky designs.  For home decor inspiration, simply hover over each wallpaper image to see an example of the paper in a room design.

Tapestry Effect Wallpaper 

This Barbara Aztec realistic tapestry effect wallpaper mimics the appearance of a classic Kilim rug.  Its vibrant colours make it ideal for someone who is looking to transform their room into a creative and vibrant space.  The design can be used alongside a range of other wallpapers and accessories to create a room which is unique and personal to you. 

Barbara Home Kilim Style Aztec Wallpaper - Pink and Multi - Rasch 527445

Quirky Drama Llamas Wallpaper

This fun and quirky design features different coloured llamas wearing a range of comical accessories including sombreros and neck ties.  Each llama is accompanied by a humorous llama or alpaca pun such as “No Probllama” or “Llama take a selfie!” to name a few.  This unique and interesting design is perfect for bringing a light and fun atmosphere to your home and is ideal if you are looking for something a little different.

Crown Drama Llamas Wallpaper Multi M1378

Colourful Queen Flamingo Wallpaper

The flamingo has become a popular wallpaper motif this year, with the tropical bird appearing on many new and trending designs.  This particular wallpaper features impressively detailed pink and purple flecked flamingos alongside their pastel grey silhouettes on a rich teal background.  With subtle glitter highlights, this colourful design is a unique and tasteful addition to quirky and unusual wallpaper and is perfect for expressing your fun and artistic side.

Queen Flamingo Wallpaper Pink / Teal Arthouse 674701

Bright Chinese Garden Wallpaper

This beautiful Chinese garden themed wallpaper is the perfect way to introduce a light and airy feel into your home.  The design features delicately illustrated cherry blossom flowers with swifts and Chinese lanterns set on a stunning yellow background.  The eye-catching colour can be paired with an additional wallpaper of choice to form a unique room design through a very striking and effective feature wall.    

Chinese Garden Wallpaper Yellow Arthouse 695401

Plant Leaf Wallpaper

Why not bring the outside in with this fantastic Cheese Plant Wallpaper by Rasch.  This photo-like botanical design features large, overlapping cheese plant leaves in various leaf green tones.  The wallpaper would make a stunning tropical feature wall and would certainly catch the attention of your guests.

Cheese Plant Leaf Wallpaper - Green - Rasch 441802

Graffiti Brick Effect Wallpaper

An ultra-modern multi-coloured brick based wallpaper with stunning neon graffiti.  This contemporary design is a colourful on trend option for creating a unique and artistic atmosphere.  The stunning colours can be paired with an additional wallpaper to form an attention grabbing feature wall and make your room the talking point of the house!

Brick Graffiti Wallpaper Rasch 291407

Silver Winged Unicorn Wallpaper 

Who doesn't love a unicorn? What about a stunning winged unicorn surrounded by beautifully detailed flowers, butterflies and birds? That's what we thought! A recent arrival here at WorldOfWallpaper, this Fantasia Anastasia Wallpaper is a fantastic addition to our range of bold and bright wallpapers.  It is an ideal paper for creating a modern and on-trend feature wall to add that extra something to a room without being too overpowering.  Hover over the image above for inspiration on using this wallpaper in this way!

Fantasia Anastasia Unicorn Wallpaper Silver Arthouse 692303

Tropical Pineapple Wallpaper

A truly quirky and unique wallpaper can be found in the Barbara Becker Pineapple range.  This design is available in three colourways, all featuring the repeating whole pineapple pattern.  With contrasting and vibrant colours, the paper can add a contemporary and exciting twist to any home, creating a tropical and exotic atmosphere.

Barbara Becker Pineapple Wallpaper - Black and Yellow - Rasch 862140

Pink Flamingo Wallpaper

This fabulous wallpaper features striking pink flamingos in a puzzle-like pattern.  With delicately detailed illustration, these tropical birds also feature a contemporary mica sheen for added glamour and effect.  The design is best used to create an eye-catching feature wall to draw the focus and attention of the room.

Flamingo Wallpaper Pink Rasch 277890

A Pug’s Life Wallpaper

This humorous design resembles a wall of photo frames filled with adorable pugs posing in a selection of accessories. From glasses and top hats to crowns and flat caps these pugs will certainly capture the attention of your guests.  One idea would be to use this design in an entrance hall to brighten up your home and create an instant talking point.  Hover over the wallpaper image above to see an example of how this design can be used in this way.

A Pug's Life Pug Frames Wallpaper Holden 11360

Cactus Wallpaper

Another plant-based design, this cactus wallpaper by Rasch is the perfect wallpaper to create a quirky and creative space.  The funky photographic design is printed on a textured paper for added realism and effect.   In addition to its appearance, the design also has the added benefit of being a paste the wall wallpaper, making it considerably easier to hang.

Cactus Wallpaper - Green and Cream - Rasch 441000

Vintage Flamingo Lagoon Wallpaper

This sleek, vintage design is available in five stunning colourways, each featuring beautifully detailed flamingo illustrations with solid coloured backgrounds and subtle metallic highlights.  This particular colourway takes inspiration from a monochrome effect, being the perfect tool for creating a stylish and chic finish to your home.  For inspiration on how to accessorise such a paper, hover over the image above for a room view of the design.

Vintage Lagoon Flamingo Wallpaper Black Arthouse 252600

From bold motifs and images to colourful and brilliant patterns, bold and bright wallpaper is the perfect way to express personality and character.  These quirky designs can be used to create striking feature walls to capture people’s attention and add that something extra to your home.  Now that you’ve seen some of our stunning designs, why not be brave and pick a wallpaper that really makes a statement too.