Monthly Archives: March 2018

  1. Latest Trend: Marble Effect Wallpaper

    Marble has been used for thousands of years and yet, still today, it is a popular choice for interior design and home décor.  Recently though, there has been a surge in the popularity of marble effect wallpaper, creating a stylish and contemporary twist on this classic.  The diversity of the marble design means that there is a great variety of patterns and colours to choose from.  Continue reading to see some of our marble effect wallpapers and a few hints and tips for using this fantastic wallpaper.

    Marblesque Geometric Marble Wallpaper

    This geometric marble wallpaper is one of our new arrivals and is inspired by the growing popularity of marble and geometric wallpaper.  The stunning design is available in multiple colourways: grey and silver, blush

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  2. Our Top 10: Favourite Customer Images This March

    We often ask our amazing customers to send in photos of how they’ve used our wallpaper in their homes. Below are some of our favourite creative designs! If you wish to recreate their style or use the same paper to create your own unique look, then simply click on each photo to take you to our website. Here is our current top ten customer images!

    1.  This magical unicorn themed bedroom...

    The first of our featured customer images is of this stunning bedroom created by Instagram user @Madamx81.  By pairing our Believe in Unicorns Glitter Wallpaper with accessories matching the key colours of the paper, they have created a colourful and balanced décor.  The collage inspired wallpaper contains glitter and metallic highlights which add an extra sparkle to this magical bedroom.

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  3. Our Top 5: Types of Metallic Wallpaper

    Why Choose Metallic Wallpaper?

    Metallic wallpaper has been around for some time but this year it has seen a surge in popularity.  In fact, there is a huge variety of metallic wallpaper styles, each of which can uniquely add something extra to a room.  Whether you are looking for a subtle design or a bold pattern, this wallpaper can be used to add instant colour and impact. Below we go through our top five types of metallic wallpaper.

    1. Foil Metallic Wallpaper

    With each of our wallpaper designs, the metallic elements capture and reflect light to give a more open feel to a room.  This is most apparent with the foil metallic wallpapers which are particularly good at reflecting light.  With these designs you can effortlessly and stylishly brighten and open up any room, and even make small spaces seem bigger.  The foil designs

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