When deciding on which wallpaper to get, people often miss out on a very important step in the process - ordering samples!  Here at World of Wallpaper we offer samples on all of our wallpapers and would strongly recommend getting a sample prior to purchasing.  Continue reading for more advice and information on the importance of sampling and the service we provide to help you get the wallpaper which best suits your needs.


Why Should I Order a Wallpaper Sample?

If you’re wondering whether a sample is completely necessary, then the answer is yes!  Despite every image on our site being as true to form as possible, there are a few completely unavoidable factors that can contribute to variations between the digital image and the physical copy.  The first of these is the variation in screen contrast between different devices.  A wallpaper on one person’s phone may appear slightly different to the same wallpaper on someone else’s device.  The other affecting condition is to do with the lighting in the room itself.  The appearance of wallpaper is affected by the level and angle of both artificial and natural lighting in a room.  The exact same wallpaper in two different rooms may appear very different depending on the availability and positioning of light sources.  For these reasons, we always recommend sampling a wallpaper first to determine how the design will work in your desired space.

Another reason to sample first is so that you can get a better idea of the delicate details of each design.  In addition to being able to test the thickness of the wallpaper, if the design is textured or has glitter or metallic elements, being able to see and feel it close-up will allow you to know what to expect and to see how it works in your room.   

By sampling wallpaper, it also allows you to compare multiple designs and test which are suited to your current space.  This is especially important if you are adding a feature or accent wall as you will need to choose wallpaper that compliments the rest of the room.  This also works for wallpapers with multiple colourways as you can test multiple colours at once to discover which would best create the effect that you are looking for. 

 Glitterati Glitter Wallpaper Arthouse

How Much Does a Wallpaper Sample Cost?

A sample, which is typically 53cm wide by 30cm high, is charged at £1.99 for the first sample with subsequent samples costing only 99p each.  The best news? Delivery for all samples is completely free! (UK deliveries only)

How Do I Order a Wallpaper Sample?

It’s easy!  Simply head on over to our site and go to the page of your desired wallpaper.   In a grey text box, a little below the “Add To Cart” button, simply click on the “Order a Sample” button which will add the desired sample to your shopping cart.  You can order as many or as few samples as you want and they will still qualify for free delivery.  Check out the image below for where to find the “Order A Sample” button on each page.

                How To Order a Sample

Upcycling with Wallpaper Samples

An alternative but increasingly popular use for wallpaper samples is for upcycling.  If you have not heard of upcycling, it is simply the process of transforming and renovating old furniture or items.  By taking an old table or chest of drawers and adding additional materials to cover imperfections or add a new dimension to the piece, the shabby chic result in an example of an upcycled item.  Popular sample wallpaper renovations include everything from kitchen sink splashbacks and small table tops to decorative wall hangings created by framing wallpaper.  For more information and ideas on upcycling with wallpaper check out our upcycling blog post.

   Sophie Conran Postcards Home Wallpaper Blue Haze

So get sampling! Whether you are planning on decorating an entire room or working on an upcycling project, it is important to order samples to check that the wallpaper is right for you and your space.  Head on over to WorldofWallpaper now to check out some of our stunning wallpaper designs… don’t forget to order your samples!