Whether you're 'expecting' this winter or you're looking to redecorate your nursery or playroom, this week's blog aims to inspire you with some stylish seasonal looks. However, we all know that a wallpaper is a bit more permanent than the Christmas period, so we've made sure we've picked some wallpapers which will suit you and your little one all year round, whilst still keeping to theme. Get yourself cosy on the sofa or make yourself a cuppa while you scroll through our Christmassy top picks!

Over the Rainbow Mountains Wallpaper - Teal Holden 91052

scandi mountain winter christmas wallpaperscandi mountain winter christmas wallpaperscandi mountain winter christmas wallpaper

Nothing shouts 'Winter' more than a snowy mountain scene. This classic Scandinavian style is all the hype at the moment and guarentees an on trend look for your room. The fun and busy pattern is muted by the soft neutral colours of the teal and grey so it is not to overwhelm the appearance of the wall. Because of this, the wallpaper can be used as a great feature wall or to cover the whole room. This wallpaper is available in 3 different colourways; this teal, yellow and pink. The softened colour tones are great for gender-neutral nurseries and playrooms which do not wish to conform with the standard gender stereotypes.

Little Ones Eco Clouds and Moon Wallpaper - Yellow GranDeco LO2001

wallpaper clouds grey winter nurserywallpaper clouds grey winter nursery

This wallpaper perfectly captures the mood of the winter season with the grey clouds, starry nights and rain drops. However, despite the fact that this seasonal change outdoors may be disliked by some, you can't deny that is sure makes a comforting and stylish design indoors.The complimentary tones of yellow and grey continue the subtle Scandinavian theme, embracing the beauty of the rain and clouds - without the cold and wet! Bringing themes of nature indoors is a great way to appreciate the seasons in all their beauty and acclimatising your child to different aspects of the sky. This wallpaper is also available in blue and pink.

Zoom Away Vehicles Wallpaper - Blue Arthouse

christmas blue presents cars vehicleschristmas blue presents cars vehicles

Little fans of cars, boats, aeroplanes and helicopters will love this wallpaper. I chose this wallpaper for this blog as it reminds me of traditional toy gifts that children find under the tree on Christmas day! The addition of a star pattern throughout the wallpaper continue the seasonal touch and adds some magic to the character of the wallpaper. This design is also great choice to stimulate your child's imagination, allowing them to learn about the different types of transport and develop their own creative stories with them.

Unicorn Kingdom Wallpaper Grey Arthouse 692600

unicorn glitter sparkle stars christmas wallpaper unicorn glitter sparkle stars christmas wallpaper

This enchanting Unicorn wallpaper is a great choice to bring a bit of mythical festivity into your home. The glittery accents add a festive touch to your room and the colder tones of grey and purple in the clouds reflect the mood of the season. Nevertheless, this wallpaper is suitable all year round and works well in the warmer months too. Christmas time is a very magical time for children and tales of Father Christmas are in full force, therefore it's a great time to enourage mythical stories during the most imaginative time of the year.

Glow in the Dark Stars Wallpaper - White AS Creation 32440-1

glow in the dark stars white wallpaper glow in the dark stars white wallpaper

Comfort your little ones during the long nights and dark mornings with this glow in the dark star wallpaper. The subtle design has a glossy finish which makes it a great choice during the day but during the night the collection of stars give off a fun warm glow. The darker days can be a struggle for the kids to adjust too, especially when it means more time stuck indoors. However, they'll be looking forward to night time now as it means it's time for their walls to come alive!

So there you have it, a quick tour around some of our festive wallpapers. With hundreds of Christmas-related things on your mind already, re-decorating is probably not on the top of your list. Even so, don't forget to treat yourself too! Now is a great time to look at wallpapers and home decor ideas for yourself to start now or in the New Year. We do love the saying 'New Year New Me' over here...