Following the release of the highly anticipated Downton Abbey cinematic adaption and conclusion of the action packed fifth series of Peaky Blinders, the 1920s have dominated both the big and small screens. Having an insight into the famous Yorkshire estate of Downton Abbey and a glimpse of the decor trends of 1920s Birmingham has inspired a new appreciation for Art Deco interior design and is encouraging viewers at home to replicate vintage styles in their own homes.

Here’s a few of our designs which perfectly suit a 1920s themed decor that will immediately take you back in time to the elegant era shared by the Crawleys and the Shelbys.

Welcome to the Library

One of the most impressive rooms within Victorian country manors is typically the grandure of its library. To recreate a 20th century library without the hassle of storing the books themselves, why don’t you mimic the look with a statement bookcase feature wall? The library is a room favoured in Downton Abbey, a place where Lord Grantham often retires to write his letters or the family relax around the fireplace. Over in Tommy Shelby's Wawrickshire estate, Arrow House, Tommy spends much of his time deliberating important business in his book-lined study. Nothing says English country manor more than a statement library filled with endless novels of the 20th century. Vintage libraries are known for their dim lighting and dark tones, creating a comfy and relaxed atmosphere, ideal for creating your own cosy reading nook in your home or for in a tasteful dining area.

1920s bookcase wallpaper peaky blinders downton abbey library

Wood panelling

Wood panelling is a trend which is increasing rising in popularity due to the public’s desire to reinvent vintage styles. Boiserie was extremely popular in Victorian architecture and was used to cover most walls in manor houses and country homes, such as Downton Abbey (filmed at Highclere Castle, Newbury) and Tommy Shelby’s mansion (filmed at Arley Hall, Northwich). In the past, wood panelling was a long and laborious task undertaken by skilled carpenters. The understanding was that walls, fireplaces and ceilings should hold the same importance as the furniture in the house and therefore should not be kept plain and untreated. Luckily, wallpapers offer a quick and simple solution for a 'fake look' wall, whilst still providing  realisitic and elegant results!

Here’s our wood panelled wallpaper which perfectly replicates this elegant trend at a fraction of the cost:

1920s wood panelled wallpaper walls peaky blinders downton abbey


Damask is a timeless pattern which has been continusly reinvented to fit the modern scope. Originally a hand-woven fabric of the 14th- 16th century, Damask continues its popularity through print. The elaborate floral pattern brings elegance and class into a room, making it a popular choice for living rooms and bedrooms. The arts and craft movement in the early 20th century led to the rise in use of damask materials in upholstered pillows, chairs and sofas and the patterns were commonly used on walls. Damask has traditionally been found is rather muted colours of greens and yellows, however it is populary more bold in modern spaces. You'll find damask patterns in most of the Downton Abbey bedrooms or in the hallways of 1920s Birmingham homes. Have a look at our copper and silver damask wallpapers which even incorporate touches of metallic.

Copy the look here:

damask 1920s wallpaper peaky blinders downton abbey

Art deco

Art deco designs defines the elegance and style of the 'roaring' 20s. Julia Bolotina, a writer for Houzz, describes 2019 interior decor as 'a mixture of elegance and unabashed loudness.'- what better way to summarise the decade? The geometric character of Art Deco are a great way to introduce metalic tones into your room, which is brilliant for reflecting light and producing a fun pattern which entertains both yourself and your guests. The wallpapers I have provided below offer different ways of interpreting 'art deco'...

1920s art deco heron chateau wallpaper angel strawbridge1920s art deco black wallpaper 1920s art deco black wallpaper blue

The first design is part of Angel Strawbridge's Chateau collection, which displays a modern twist of art deco wallpapers. The design is made up by herons, inspired by the birds which she sees in her own garden. The light teal background creates a comforting atmosphere, perfect for bedrooms or living areas.

The middle wallpaper is much darker, however the art deco pattern contrasts with its background due to its silver metallic detailing, making the wallpaper pop and reflect light into the room. This would make a perfect feature wall and can be partnered with both silver/ grey furniture, or you can use bright colours to brighten up the room.

The final design is possibly the most classic art deco design, staying true to traditional, American art deco patterns. This exclusive World of Wallpaper design has a navy background and a metallic gold pattern with subtle glitter highlights. Imagine hosting a 1920s themed party with this wallpaper in your living room!

Vintage draws

This final design is a perfect choice to create a Shelby-esque, 1920s office environment. This wallpaper which features rows of vintage wooden draws transports you immediately to a 1920s office, where you can imagine there being endless sheets of important documents in each of the draws. The 3D effect wallpaper creates the illusion of the draws being fully functional, easily wowing people when used as a feature wall. This wallpaper would be the perfect finishing touch for an office or study and would definitely transport you back in time!

1920s tommy shelby shelves wallpaper peaky blinders downton abbey

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