If you are looking for fun ideas and inspiration for decorating a child’s bedroom or playroom, then look no further! Whether you decide on a theme that includes your kid’s favourite TV or movie characters, or you go for a more generic design, we have a great range of wallpapers for every room. In this post we are going to explore how to create some of our favourite children’s room themes using our range of stunning wallpaper. With each theme we have also included tips on accessorising the room to add the finishing touches.

Wallpaper for a Space Themed Room:

Why not go for a space theme and create a room that is out of this world! With a great choice of space themed wallpaper, you can easily create a stunning room that your little ones will be over the moon with. Below we are going to look at two of these amazing designs.

The first is Arthouse’s Starship Blue Glitter Wallpaper. The magical space themed design features bright cartoon style spaceships, rockets, planets, stars and astronauts on a striking blue background. The wallpaper also features non-transferable glitter highlights to add extra shine and space effect to your room. The colourful design is perfect for any age and would work best when paired with a plainer floor covering to avoid the room feeling too busy. Instead, a similar pattern could be mimicked in your bedding choice or a few similarly coloured space themed cushions, such as the star ship reversible cushion in the suggested accessories below.

Our second space design is this Cosmos Space Wallpaper. The carefully detailed wallpaper depicts the planets of our solar system amongst beautiful shinning stars and complimenting green accents. Whilst it can be used to decorate the entire room, this design is perfect for creating a stunning feature wall, especially when paired with plain or lightly patterned walls. To complete the look, we would recommend experimenting with light sources in order to mimic a star effect and add to the realistic solar system design. For example, by using this Star Wars Fibre Optic Lamp or these glow in the dark space wall stickers.

Starship Blue Glitter Wallpaper ArthouseCosmos Space Wallpaper Charcoal Arthouse

    Star Ship Reversible CushionStar Wars Fibre Optic LampPlanets & Stars Glow In The Dark Wall Stickers

Fairy-tale Themed Room

Up next, we have the fairy-tale theme.  This can include everything from fairies themselves to unicorns, grand castles, magical forests and more.  What we particularly like about a lot of fairy-tale wallpaper is that it tends to have more glitter or metallic highlights, which are great for adding a new depth to a child’s bedroom or playroom.

The first design is this Believe In Unicorns Glitter Wallpaper.  This fabulous collage style design features an assortment of unicorn silhouettes alongside inspiration quotes in a range of pastel candy colours.  The wallpaper also includes encased glitter and metallic highlights to add that extra magical feel.  We would suggest matching this stunning wallpaper with similarly coloured bedding and additional unicorn accessories to have the theme run throughout the entire room.  For example, this Magic Unicorns duvet set and emoji unicorn embroidered cushion below.

The second design is this Woodland Fairies Glitter Wallpaper which depicts a magical woodland scene with fairies, tree-houses, toad stalls and adorable woodland animals.  This wallpaper also has that extra magical sparkle through its non-transferable glitter highlights.  The colourful design can be used to decorate the entire room or used to create a feature or accent wall.  We would recommend the Fairy Castle duvet set to compliment the fun, colourful effects of this wallpaper. 

Believe In Unicorns Glitter Wallpaper ArthouseWoodland Fairies Glitter Wallpaper White

      Magic Unicorns Single Duvet Cover And Pillowcase SetEmoji Unicorn Embroidered CushionFairy Castle Single Duvet Cover And Pillowcase Set

Dinosaur Themed Room:

From Plesiosaurus and Diplodocus to Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus Rex, dinosaurs offer a fun and creative theme for a child’s room.  We have a great range of dinosaur themed wallpaper for all different ages including the two designs below. 

The first of the papers is our Dino Town Dinosaur Wallpaper by Holden.  The colourful design features a range of adorable cartoon dinosaurs alongside an equally colourful backdrop of volcanoes, mountains, palm trees and even a dino train.  The bright, matte finish wallpaper is perfect for adding a fun and exciting feel to a room and with its sunglass wearing Brachiosaurus, children are sure to love it! To accessorise this room, we’d recommend using this fun dinosaur shaped rug and sling bookcase.

The second of these designs is AS Creation’s Dinosaur Wallpaper.  The high quality, textured paper features a repeating pattern of selected dinosaurs in natural tones. Whilst suitable for any age, this wallpaper is likely to be favoured by an older child due to its less cartoony dinosaurs and the fact that the wallpaper contains the name of each dinosaur next to its image.  This wallpaper is also great for creating a feature wall and works well with the additional walls in both light and darker colours.  We’d recommend pairing this paper with dinosaur patterned bedding.

Dino Town Dinosaur Wallpaper Multi HoldenDinosaur Wallpaper Natural and Green AS Creation

    Catherine Lansfield Dinosaur Rug Dinosaurs Sling BookcaseRawrsome Dinosaur Single Duvet Cover And Pillowcase Set

Superhero Themed Room

From Avengers and Spiderman to Thomas The Tank and Elsa, whatever form your child’s superhero comes in, we have a range of wallpapers to suit. 

The first design is a hugely versatile wall covering.  This Superhero Wallpaper by Arthouse can be used alongside a huge variety of complimenting colours to create a range of designs.  The great thing about this design is that it has a range of primary coloured images such as superheroes, lightning strikes and comic book style phrases.  This allows you to create a room design that is as minimalistic or highly accessorised as you like, although we would recommend a few well-placed superhero themed accessories to finish the look, such as the hero bedding set below.

Our second recommended design is this easy to apply Avengers Wall mural.  The popular superhero troop is depicted in bright and bold colours to create a really striking effect. We would recommend using this mural alongside plain or low patterned walls to really make the accent wall stand out.  Using a few other Avengers themed bedroom accessories, such as this Avengers blanket and Iron Man night light, would really complete the look and would create an awesome place for you kid to hang out.

Superhero Wallpaper Blue ArthouseWalltastic Avengers Assemble Wall Mural

     Superheroes Single Duvet Cover And Pillowcase Set Avengers Iron Man Go Glow Soft Pal Night LightMarvel Avengers Lineup Fleece Blanket

Princess Themed Room

The princess theme is a classic design that has stood the test of time.  From your classic Disney princesses to the amazing and popular Elsa and Anya from Frozen, we have a great range of princess themed wallpapers and murals.

If your child is Frozen mad then check out this Walltastic Disney Frozen Wall Mural.  This colourful mural is made up of 8 panels for easy application and is official Disney merchandise so your child has the Elsa, Anya and Olaf that they recognise from the movie.  We would recommend pairing this magical mural with an Elsa nightlight and Frozen duvet set.

The second design is this Disney Princess Castle Wall Mural.  The brilliantly coloured design features many of your child’s favourite Disney princesses including Ariel, Cinderella, Jasmin and Belle.  This magical outdoors scene is made using fade free, UV-stabilised ink on high quality paper for a fantastic finish and outdoors, open feel.  For the finishing touches there is a huge range of princess accessorises to choose from, including the princess sling bookcase below.

Walltastic Disney Frozen Wall MuralDisney Princess 'Castle' Photo Wall Mural

     Disney Frozen Elsa Shaped Table Night Light Disney Frozen Snowflake Single Duvet Cover And Pillowcase SetDisney Princess Sling Bookcase

Decorating a child’s room can be great fun and you can be as creative as you like!  The huge range of Children's wallpaper that we have available gives you a fantastic choice when it comes to deciding on your design.  Just don't forget the finishing touches to complete the look! If you wish to get your own of any of the featured products above, then simply click on the image to take you to the site.