Today’s blog post gains its inspiration from a platform which us at World of Wallpaper are LOVING at the moment; Houzz. For those unfamiliar with the site, Houzz is an interior design, ‘social-media-like’ website used by homeowners looking for home decor inspiration, businesses exhibiting their design projects, and nosey people like me who just enjoy scrolling through pictures of other people’s immaculate homes. Not only can you get lost scrolling through people’s kitchens for hours, you can also get involved in discussions with professionals and other home-owners, exchanging words of advice for your own or others design projects.

My chosen destination of the day was bathrooms and I quickly became drawn to projects where feature wallpaper had been used to brighten up an otherwise small and boring part of the house. Especially for those who are yet to brave statement wallpaper in the more sociable spaces of their house, making use of elaborate colours and patterns in the bathroom or toilet is a great way to release a burst of creative energy. At the end of the day, who can complain about their toilet experience when they share it with jungle animals?

Here are a few of the bathrooms that steal the show of the house itself...

houzz toilet bathroom wallpaper lemur(Link to picture on Houzz)

Holden Lemur Wallpaper in Silver

During the Houzz search for the best statement bathrooms we came across one of our very own Wallpapers. Similar to the other bathrooms in this post, the toilet room is separated with a wood panelling up to the centre of the room, toning down the busyness of the wallpaper. This toilet room features the Holden Lemur Wallpaper in Silver (HLD046) to bring the jungle into your home. The wallpaper is fun and colourful, making the small and otherwise boring corner of the house a more interesting space. Using a statement character wallpaper such as this in your bathroom is a perfect solution for when you fall in love with a design but it does not fit in with the style of the rest of the home. I guarentee it will be a favourite room amongst your guests!

houzz green tropical leaves bathroom toilet wallpaper

(Link to picture on Houzz)

Fine Decor Solstice Palm Leaf Wallpaper

Again using the wood panelling to separate the wall, this bathroom has a more vintage feel due to its older toilet model and use of gold throughout the accessories of the room. The dark green shade of the tropical leafs next to the ‘Hawaiian’ blue panelling makes the toilet have a warmer feel to the room compared to the white light of the previous bathroom. Green goes great with gold, especially if you want to create a warm feeling in an otherwise dingy room, so take this room as inspiration for your own bathrooms. Compared to the wallpaper used in this bathroom, our Solstice Palm Lead wallpaper has a white background which is a brighter alternative to the black in the image. Nevertheless, the green of the leaf still matches perfectly with blues, golds and yellow tones.

houzz wallpaper bathroom pattern

(Link to picture on Houzz)

Arthouse Oslo Floral Trail Wallpaper

This bathroom is the most subtle and subdued of the lot, however adds a splash of creativity to the room to break up the white from the cabinets. Using wallpaper as a boarder is a great idea if you don’t want to commit to the entire wall. Especially if all your furniture and decorations are relatively plain, then patterned wallpaper is a great idea to jazz the room up. Statement wallpapers do not have to make themselves heard through bright and bold colours and patterns. Simple and muted wallpapers such as this makes a statement in its own way as it is a change from the plain white/cream bathroom. This wallpaper adds a personal and homely touch to this bathroom, making it less uniform than the standard bathroom space. 

houzz art deco wallpaper bathroom (Link to picture on Houzz)

Rasch Stripe  Wallpaper Black and White

Here is an example of what happens when people REALLY love wallpaper and even use it on their ceiling! If anything, this is a great example of what to do when you just can’t choose which wallpaper to go for, use all three! The decor theme which seems to be favoured by designers at the moment is Art Deco, and this bathroom shows that off rather well. You can see a variety of shapes, from the classy black and white striped wallpaper, to the oblong shapes of the mirror and sink cabinet. This eclectic bathroom, despite its contrasting patterns and shapes, somehow... works. Don’t be afraid to try things out!

houzz bookcase wallpaper

(Link to picture on Houzz)

Direct Wallpaper Antique Bookcase Wallpaper

Finally, we have this illusion bookcase wallpaper. Books are a favourite companion in the toilet, so why shouldn’t there be a bookshelf in there too? Get a reminder to pick up that book that has been gathering dust on your bedside table every time you use the toilet by using a bookcase wallpaper, which is a firm favourite of ours at World of Wallpaper. Furthermore, when you have a smaller space to work with, like in narrow toilets such as this, illusion wallpapers such as this bookcase make the room look deeper due to the appearance of it being a bookshelf.

Well I hope this has inspired you to consider wallpaper in your bathroom/ toilet! We do recommend that you use 'Washable' wallpapers in your bathroom and toilets in the case that water splashes onto them. Don't forget to follow us on Houzz for latest updates of our wallpaper collections. Also, please share your own pictures of your wallpapered spaces on our social media; FacebookInstagramPinterest and Twitter.