We are entering a whole new decade, which means we are also making way for a whole new host of wallpaper trends. In 2020, we will be seeing more geometric wallpaper, bold floral designs, tropical patterns and marvellous marble wallpapers.

It’s easy to underestimate the power of well-chosen wallpaper, and how it can transform an entire room. Therefore, it is important to choose wisely, so we have put together the latest trends to save you from tirelessly trawling the internet to find them.

1. Bold Geometrics:

Abstract designs are all the rage this year, as they are ultra modern and very appropriate to enter a completely new decade. Outspoken, daring designs are replacing subtle wallpapers that quietly blend into the wall this year. So finally, there is no need to hold back on your choice of wallpaper, but instead you can go all out.

Apex Geometric Wallpaper Blue Fine Decor

Chevron Wallpaper Black and White Rasch

2. Natural wonders:

Enter the tropics this decade with jungle and tropical themed wallpaper. In an age where we are growing more conscious of the environment, this trend is very fitting to where we are heading in terms of eco-friendliness. So embrace the outdoors by bringing nature indoors, creating a light and airy atmosphere in any home.

Versace Giungla Palm Leaves Wallpaper - Green and Cream

Jungle Animals Wallpaper Green Holden

3. Floral Wallpaper:

Romantic and decadent designs are getting a lot of air time in 2020! These pretty patterns are timeless classics that never go out of fashion. Botanical vibes are going to be big next year, so here are some popular options available on our website.  

Melgrano Floral Wallpaper Soft Teal Holden

Madison Rose Glitter Floral Wallpaper Grey and Silver Muriva

4. Marvellous marble

Last but certainly not least, is marble effect wallpaper, and the beauty of this trend is that it has a lot of options. You can either choose funky, colourful and modern colours or neural off-white and grey colour schemes that speak for themselves. This is a personal favourite for 2020, and is perfect for living rooms or bathrooms.

Mineral Azurite Wallpaper Teal/Gold

Minerals Azurite Marble Wallpaper Grey / Silver Holden

So there you have it! The four biggest trends for 2020 all in one place. At World of Wallpaper, we are excited to see these come into play, so we'd love to see your take on these wallpaper trends! Tag us in a photo of your wallpaper on Instagram @worldofwallpaperuk.

Simply click on the images above to view these favourite wallpapers on our website, or click the link https://www.worldofwallpaper.com to see even more of our wallpaper designs!

Wishing you a merry christmas and the happiest new year.