As the weather gets colder and the days get darker, winter is starting to feel like its creeping closer and closer. However, before that time we have *personally* the best season of all to enjoy; Autumn! Halloween, Bonfire Night, cosy nights in, what’s not to love? After the annual disappointment of having to double guess the English summer weather, autumn gives us the perfect opportunity to dress up warm and excuses us to wear our comfiest outfits outside of the comfort of our homes. Best of all, autumn gives us home lovers the excuse to redesign our living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens to match the themes of the season. Say hello to warmer colour tones, decorative fireplaces and homage’s to nature.

So spark up the fire, put your feet up and have a look at some of our wallpapers which would create the perfect autumnal cosy decor for your home.

Colour Luxe Sylvan Leaf Wallpaper Orange Arthouse

 autumn leaf orange tone green purple

Nothing says autumn more than this Colour Luxe Sylvan Leaf Wallpaper. It incorporates all things autumn; orange and green tones and nature-inspired patterns. This 50’s inspired wallpaper uses muted colour tones to create a stylish statement in your room without managing to overpower it. This wallpaper would compliment wooden furniture and blend in beautifully with grey/orange/purple colour schemes.  

Catherine Lansfield Stag Wallpaper Grey / Silver Muriva

autumn stag grey wallpaper

Even if you live in a large town or city, you'll be able to invite a touch of countryside into your home with one of our new arrivals- the Stag Wallpaper by Catherine Lansfield. Available in two tones of grey, ochre and mushroom, there are plenty of options for this stunning wallpaper to match your style. The illustrated style stag heads would look great as either a feature wall or for decorating the entire room. Nature is an integral part of autumnal themes so this wallpaper is perfect for creating that look. This classy wallpaper is only £10.99 per roll so it will not put you out of pocket to add a touch of elegance to your room.

Catherine Lansfield Silly Sausage Dogs Wallpaper

wallpaper sausage dog design autumn

Another of our new arrivals which is also in the Catherine Lansfield collection is this fun and quirky Sausage Dog design wallpaper. The cute sausage dogs are evidently prepared for the cooler autumn weather in their adorable knitted jumpers, with some of the furry friends even sporting a top hat and bow-tie. This contemporary wallpaper is certainly a conversation starter and will no doubt be a family favourite. Even with touches of comedy in the wallpaper, the design maintains its class and elegance with its neat and subtle illustrations. It’s a yes from me!

Elements Maple Wallpaper Black Holden

autumn leaf gold metallic black wallpaper

How stunning is this wallpaper? This beautiful Holden wallpaper features metallic golden Maple Leaves on a deep black background, mirroring the fallen leaves in your garden or in the park. The printed leaf design makes the wallpaper look both rustic and elegant, with the vibrant gold of the pattern reflecting the autumnal light beautifully. You can easily imagine feeling right at home with this wallpaper, whether you’re sitting round a warm fire or lounging in bed on a crisp autumn morning.

Town and Country Canvas Wallpaper Plum Arthouse

 autumn purple wallpaper

Wallpapers do not have to be highly patterned and decorative. Instead, they can make a stylish and effortless alternative to painting. This plum coloured wallpaper has a textured finish which distinguishes it from the coating of a standard paint. This deep purple colour is an ideal tone to warm your rooms up during the colder months, and can even give the illusion of a bigger space in any small rooms in your home. So put down the paintbrush and get out the wallpaper roller!

Well, I hope you have found some inspiration from this week’s autumn blog. Have a great time if you celebrate Bonfire Night and make sure to stay safe!

See you next time!