Moving house? Find the cheapest energy supplier

Here at World of Wallpaper, we know that a lot of our customers have recently moved house and are redecorating their new spaces to make them their own. Personalising a new home is one of the most exciting parts of moving house, but unfortunately, not every part of a move is this fun.

There are also essential admin duties that you need to consider, such as finding an energy supplier. Changing your energy supplier when you move could be a brilliant opportunity to get a better deal, so to help, we have compiled this guide to the cheapest energy suppliers.

Which energy suppliers are the cheapest?

Octopus is consistently ranked as one of the cheapest energy suppliers in the UK, often fairing much better than the ‘big 6’ when it comes to customer satisfaction rates and greener options. What's more, they have been a recommended Which? provider every year since 2018.

They offer three smart tariffs using smart meters, our favourite of which is Agile Octopus, which you can learn more about here. Their standard variable tariff is the cheapest available from April to October 2022, plus their electricity comes from 100% renewable sources.

However, for the cheapest fixed tariff, you may be surprised to find out that it is offered by British Gas at the time of writing. The tariff is called The Fixed One v16 and the monthly cost is £219.82.

Things to remember

There is, unfortunately, no straight answer to which energy supplier is the cheapest. The cheapest for you may not be the same for your family or friends, because energy prices are highly dependent on a number of variable factors. For example, where you live, how much energy you use, what type of meter you use, the time of day and the constantly fluctuating wholesale energy costs all affect the amount of money you pay for your energy each month.

With the cost of living crisis being exacerbated by rising energy bills, everyone in the UK is looking for the best energy deals. To find the best energy provider for you, you have to do comprehensive research to figure out which one better tailors to your needs. We highly recommend getting a smart meter installed if you haven’t already, as this can help you to track how much energy you are using and ensures that you are paying the right bills.

We hope that today's article relating to your home in a different way than usually was interesting and helpful.

World of Wallpaper Team