As we’re over a week into April, it’s time to think about having a spring clean – getting rid of your old clutter and refreshing your home.  So, check out our new arrivals this month!  We regularly get in new designs to expand our great range and keep ahead of the trends.  This month we have a great and varied selection of designs that are now available from our site.  If you like any of the designs below and want to get them for yourself, then simply click on the image and it will take you to our site.  Happy spring-cleaning!

Drama Llamas Wallpaper

A personal favourite of mine is this Drama Llamas Wallpaper by Crown.  With adorable fluffy llamas wearing a selection of colourful outfits and accessories, what more could you want from a wallpaper… Llama inspired puns? No problama! The wallpaper features a range of amusing phrases and quotes.  Hover over the image below for a closer look.  The design also features subtle glitter highlights which add to the fun and bright qualities of the paper.

Crown Drama Llamas Wallpaper Multi

Lotus Geometric Wallpaper

The second of our new arrivals is this stunning Lotus Geometric Wallpaper.   The design, by Muriva, features a repeating lotus flower pattern formed from overlapping curved leaf shapes and shimmering metallic accents.  Available in three chrome style colourways: rose gold (below), silver and gold, the design is on-trend with the popularity of metallic geometric designs.  Additionally, its stylish simplicity is perfect for both decorating an entire room or for creating a beautiful feature wall.

Lotus Geometric Wallpaper Rose Gold Muriva

Sienna Brushed Metal Wallpaper

If you are looking for a wallpaper that will add a sense of class and glamour to your home, then this is it! This fabulous brushed metal wallpaper design by Muriva creates a brushed metal effect with a metallic shine and smooth finish.  The wallpaper is designed to catch and reflect light, which can add an open and bright feel to any room – the perfect way to refresh your home this April.  There is multiple colourways available for this design.

                                 Sienna Brushed Metal Wallpaper Silver Muriva Sienna Brushed Metal Wallpaper Duck Egg Muriva

                                 Sienna Brushed Metal Wallpaper Rose Pink Muriva Sienna Brushed Metal Wallpaper Gold Muriva

Marrakech Geometric Wallpaper

Another of our new arrivals is Muriva’s Marrakech Geometric Wallpaper.  This contemporary design features a Moroccan style pattern of interlocking petals and a fantastic metallic finish.  This is set on a matte, faintly striped background.  The stylish design comes in four different colours and is perfect for creating a chic and modern living room or bedroom.  The bold pattern is ideal if you have minimalistic furniture as its repeating design gives the illusion of a busier room, preventing the room from feeling empty.

Marrakech Geometric Wallpaper Silver and Gold Muriva

Kylie Minogue Diamond Texture Wallpaper

Next up is the brand-new diamond design by Kylie Minogue.  If you’ve been considering some feature wall wallpaper in your home then this is the perfect wallpaper for you.  The tiny detailed diamond pattern provides an almost 3D quilted illusion and it can easily modernise a room.  Pair this design with complimenting colours to really make your accent wall stand out.  Alongside the silver design below, the wallpaper is also available in three additional colourways: fawn, ivory and grey.

Kylie Minogue Diamond Texture Wallpaper Silver Muriva

Mara Stripe Wallpaper  

The Mara Stripe Wallpaper is a stunning stripe effect wallpaper featuring alternating metallic and matte coloured stripes.  This wallpaper pairs the classic simplicity of stripes with contemporary metallic elements to create this modern twist.  Available in rose or silver, this design provides the illusion of a more spacious and open area thanks to both the reflective capabilities of the metallics and the elongating effects of the vertical lines. 

Mara Stripe Wallpaper Rose Muriva

Madison Rose Glitter Floral Wallpaper

Another of our new arrivals this month is this beautiful Madison Rose Glitter Wallpaper.  Based on one of our bestselling papers, The Madison Rose, this design features the same stunning rose photography buts adds in glitter highlights to complete the striking impact of the wallpaper.  This bold paper is perfect for creating stunning feature walls and can be used in any room but is particularly great for lounges and bedrooms.

                                 Madison Rose Glitter Floral Wallpaper Aqua and Grey MurivaMadison Rose Glitter Floral Wallpaper Raspberry and Blush Pink Muriva

                                 Madison Rose Glitter Floral Wallpaper Grey and Silver Muriva Madison Rose Glitter Floral Wallpaper Amethyst and Lilac Muriva

Estefania Metallic Foil Wallpaper

Another Muriva design which is new to our website is this Estefania Metallic Foil Wallpaper.  Formed from a stylish wave pattern with a metallic foil finish, the streaks of metallic throughout the paper give it a stunning visual texture adding a modern and contemporary feel.  The design, available in four great colours, is a simple and easy way to add elegance and style to a room.  The simplicity of the pattern means that the design will fit with a large range of furniture and accessories and is much more versatile when it comes to interior design plans.

Estefania Metallic Foil Wallpaper Duck Egg Muriva

Sienna Ombre Wallpaper

Another great addition to our range is this fabulous Sienna Ombre Wallpaper which comes in two colourways: dusky pink / silver and grey / silver.  The metallic and matte combination, alongside the paper’s graduated ombré effect, adds a brilliant contemporary elegance to any room.  With its reflective capabilities, consider playing with both natural and artificial light sources to create alternative stunning effects.

Sienna Ombre Wallpaper Dusky Pink and Silver Muriva

Solitaire Geometric Wallpaper

Our final recent arrival is this textured Solitaire Geometric Wallpaper by Muriva.  The design, which is available in grey or pearl, is a high quality vinyl wallpaper which is extremely versatile and can be used in any room.  The paper features a raised thread-like geometric pattern with subtle metallic elements set on a finely striped background. For a closer look, hover over the image below.  This design is perfect for decorating an entire room as it features a subtle repeating pattern which is not overbearing if used on multiple walls.

Solitaire Geometric Wallpaper Grey Muriva

Stay Ahead of the Trends….

With fantastic new wallpapers added regularly to our site, we always have the latest wallpaper trends available.  If you would like to keep up with the latest fashions then feel free to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest where we will post new products and designs.  For more ideas and inpiration check out our other blog posts.