This week we’re introducing six stunning new colourways across a range of our favourite and best selling wallpapers. The new colourways are exclusive to World of Wallpaper so are only available from our online site. In this post today we’re going to be taking a closer look at these new arrivals and discussing the elements that make them so relevant and so popular. For more information on each wallpaper, or to get the design for yourself, simply click on any of the images below.

World of Wallpaper Lemur Wallpaper Black/Multi

The lemurs are back! These cheeky critters stole the show when we brought in Holden’s initial designs and now the same is predicted for the new black colourway that Holden have created specially for our exclusive range.  The colourful arrangement of tropical flowers and rainbow coloured jungle animals is made even more striking through the contrast created by the new matt black background allowing the intricate details of the design to really stand out.  This quality heavyweight design is only available from our store so if you want this truly beautiful and contemporary wallpaper then we’d recommend getting in quick.

      Lemur Wallpaper Black and Multi World of Wallpaper 50160

World of Wallpaper Flamingo Lake Wallpaper Blush Pink

Similarly to the original colourways for this design, the Flamingo Lake Blush wallpaper features the same beautifully detailed flamingos in a tropical palm tree setting.  What sets this colourway apart however, is the versatility that is provided with having a light, pastel background.  Its neutral colour means that it can be used to decorate an entire room without being too overbearing or too busy.  It also means that you can get more creative with how you accessorise your room as it can be paired with both complimenting dark and light colours.  If you are looking for a contemporary and stylish wallpaper then this design is for you as the blush pink backdrop, alongside the design’s mica sheen effect, gives rise to a design which is an elegant and on-trend addition to a home.

      Flamingo Lake Wallpaper Blush Pink World of Wallpaper 50155

World of Wallpaper Lagoon Fish Wallpaper Midnight Blue

This fun and quirky wallpaper features an array of brilliantly coloured fish and flowers set on a rich midnight blue background.  The attention to detail on the fish themselves is what really makes this design stand out, making it ideal for creating a striking feature wall and a talking point in your home.  Unlike the lighter colourways for this wallpaper, the on-trend darker blue actually enhances the vibrancy of this design.  With all the above taken into account, we predict this paper will be very popular this year.  As with the other designs on this post, to see the paper in an example room, simply hover over its image below. 

       Lagoon Fish Wallpaper Midnight Blue World of Wallpaper 50150

World of Wallpaper Phoebe Birds Wallpaper Blue

This is the first of our exclusive colourways for this wallpaper.  The design itself features beautifully illustrated images of garden birds and butterflies alongside delicately sketched tree branches and pastel pink flowers.  The wallpaper definitely resonates a shabby chic feel with the new blue colourway bringing all of the elements of the design together and creating an ideal backdrop for the delicate details to really stand out.  The design would work particularly well when paired with white or lighter colours to allow it to create a fresh and open feel to your home.

      Phoebe Birds Wallpaper Blue World of Wallpaper 50140

World of Wallpaper Phoebe Birds Wallpaper Blush Pink

The blush pink is the second of this design’s colourways that is exclusive to World of Wallpaper.  Just as above, this paper features an arrangement of stunningly illustrated birds and butterflies nesting amongst a trellis of branches and flowers.  Like its counterparts, the blush colourway also contains mica highlights for a contemporary twist on a classic shabby chic design.  Unlike the other colourways, the blush pink offers warmer summery tones with the pastel colour really drawing out the other pinks in the design.

      Phoebe Birds Wallpaper Blush Pink World of Wallpaper 50141

World of Wallpaper Richmond Highland Stag Wallpaper Heather/Dove

This Richmond Highland Stag Wallpaper is made up of a collection of intricately detailed illustrations and motifs including a range of sketch-style woodland animals such as deer, rabbits, squirrels and hedgehogs.  The shabby chic design is also made up of silhouette style leaves, beautifully sketched flowers, tartan detailing and postcard style cursive writing and stamps.  With this colourway, the heather and dove grey compliment the delicacy of the design to create a truly elegant and stylish wallpaper.

      Richmond Highland Stag Wallpaper Heather and Dove Grey World of Wallpaper 50165

Final Note

We have taken some of our most on-trend and popular designs and introduced stunning new exclusive colourways to give them an even more stylish and relevant twist.  For more information on any of our above exclusive designs, simply head on over to or click on their image in this post.  All of the designs will be ready to order by the end of this week and if you do decide to opt for one of these brand new colourways feel free to share your images with us via one of our social media sites.  We always love to see what you do with our designs!

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