Top Wallpapers for Teenage Bedrooms

Having a teenager can be challenging at the best of times but that doesn’t mean decorating for one should be.  Maybe your child has out grown their old room design or maybe you’re the young adult in question and are looking to make your own room more modern and stylish? Whatever your reason for coming here today, we’re here to bring you our top teenage bedroom wallpapers and help you create the perfect on-trend bedroom. 

Urban Graffiti Style Wallpaper

In this first section we have included three graffiti style designs that all bring something very different to the table.  The first, Rasch’s Brick Graffiti Wallpaper, offers a quirky and artistic addition to a room and is perfect for a teenager seeking to find a design that is unique, yet still trendy.  The wallpaper features a vibrant, neon graffiti pattern set on a bricklike wall, making the design more than ideal for creating a striking feature wall.  The second design is AS Creation’s White Graffiti Wallpaper.  The realistic graffiti tags resonate a cool, urban feel and the intentional distressed look gives the wallpaper added attitude – the ideal combination for a teenager.  Lastly, this Black Graffiti Wallpaper by Rasch adds a much bolder and creatively fun design to the mix.  The black brick contrasts the vibrant and colourful graffiti to create a skate-style design which is certain to get the attention of the room.

Brick Graffiti Wallpaper Rasch 291407 White Graffiti Wallpaper AS Creation 93561-1 Graffiti Wallpaper Black Rasch 237801


Spiderman Bedroom Mural

They are never too old for superheroes, especially not one as awesome as Spiderman in this lightening action wall mural!  With bold and dramatic colours allowing this design to really stand out, you can create a room that is classically cool and a definite talking point for guests.  The mural comes in two easy to apply sections making it simpler than ever to get an instantly transformed space.  We would recommend using a plain or lightly patterned design on the additional walls so as to not distract from the effect of the mural itself.

                                                 Spiderman Ambiance Wall Mural 2.32m x 1.58m

Teen Dream Lashes Wallpaper

The Dream Lashes Wallpaper by Holden is available in two colourways, soft teal with silver and pink with rose gold.  The design features a collection of poloroid style images all connected by a striking metallic geometric pattern.  The wallpaper is filled with inspirational quotes and in both designs uses a variety of pastel colours to form an elegant and beautiful design.  Resembling a photo board or collage, the design is sure to be a hit as it takes inspiration from what is current and on-trend.  Unlike some of the more busier designs, this wallpaper can be used to decorate an entire room without becoming overwhelming. 

                Dream Lashes Wallpaper Soft Teal / Silver Holden 12771 Dream Lashes Wallpaper Pink / Rose Gold Holden 12770

Festival Teen Collage Wallpaper

For many teenagers it is during their teenage years that they will experience their first loves and form their firmest friendships.  This inspiring and stylish wallpaper by Fine Décor positively depicts this.  The wallpaper features a repeating collage of festival photos and inspirational messages of friendship and love.  The collage style provides a modern, student feel and can be used both as a feature wall or to decorate the entire room.  To see an example room using this design simply hover over the image below.

                                                Love Hearts Festival Collage Wallpaper Fine Decor FD41916

VW Volkswagen Retro Vintage Wallpaper

The popularity of retro style is still going strong so we’ve including these two fabulous vintage VW Volkswagen designs.  The first is another collage style wallpaper which uses the addition of coloured accents over base black and white photographs to create a stylish and classic design.  The pastel colours work well to add a vintage feel to this paper, making it perfect for a teenage generation with a growing popularity in vintage and classic designs.  The second wallpaper is a more colourful addition with a repeating pattern of pastel blue, pink, green and orange campervans, beetles and scooters.  The nostalgic design adds a fun, vintage twist to create a great space for teenagers to relax and chill out.

            VW Volkswagen Collage Wallpaper Pastel Muriva 102563 VW Campervans and Scooters Wallpaper Muriva J05901

Army Camouflage Teenage Bedroom Wallpaper

How about an army camouflage themed room?  Below we have two designs which can be used to create a fun and stylish teenage bedroom.  The first of the designs is a classic green, beige and brown camouflage deisign by Rasch and the second is a WorldofWallpaper exclusive colourway in a cool grey, white and black pattern.  Both designs are are ideal for using as a feature wall to create an awesome camouflage themed teen room.

            Camouflage Wallpaper 10m Rasch 260914Grey Camouflage Army Wallpaper - World of Wallpaper WOW010

Sugar Skulls Stylish Wallpaper

This Sugar Skulls Wallpaper by Rasch is an artistic play on a teen’s rebellious side with stunning illustrations and metallic highlights.  The design features intricately detailed images of skulls adorned with a mixture of silhouette and photographic style flowers, butterflies and bouquets.  Reminiscent of a colouring book, the brilliant colours and metallic elements join together to create a truly striking and creative design, perfect for a teenager’s bedroom.  For a closer look at the design simply hover your mouse over the image below.

                                            Sugar Skulls Wallpaper Cream and Gold Rasch 278026

Llama Wallpaper

A couple of years ago llamas really hit the spot light with the nation becoming llama crazy seemingly overnight! Nowadays you can get llama everything including (you guessed it) llama themed wallpaper.  In this section we will introduce you to three of our favourite llama designs.  The middle design below is Crown’s Drama Llamas Wallpaper which features a selection of humorous llama puns alongside llamas wearing a selection of colourful accessories such as sombreros.  The design is the perfect balance of on-trend style and fun making it ideal for teenagers.  The other two wallpapers below are both colourways of the same design, Belgravia’s Llama-Rama Wallpaper.  These papers also feature llama puns and funny illustrated llamas but have an added injection of colour through their pink and yellow backdrops.  All three designs can be used to create eye catching feature walls but can also be used to decorate the entire room if you choose.

Llama-Rama Wallpaper Yellow Belgravia L9732Crown Drama Llamas Wallpaper Llama-Rama Wallpaper Pink Belgravia L9731

Comic Book Wallpaper For Teens

No matter what age someone is, there is always room for comic books.  If you or your teenager are a comic book fanatic, then why not create the ultimate comic book themed room?! The first of our designs is Rasch’s Kapow Wallpaper.  It features classic comic style exclamations and cartoon explosions in a range of primary colours.  The design is perfect for adding a fun and retro style to a room and is ideal for creating a cool and relaxed space for your teen.  Additonally, we also have a Doctor Who Comic Wallpaper which features The Doctor’s infamous enemies on a range of bright and colouful comic books.

                  Kapow Wallpaper Rasch 272604Doctor Who Comic Wallpaper

Final Note

Ultimately, if you are picking a design for a teenager’s room then think stylish, fun and trendy.  Why not get creative and pair a couple of designs together?  If you want to see more information about any of the wallpapers or wish to buy them for yourself, simply click on the image of the design above.