New Arrivals

Over the last three weeks we have introduced a fabulous selection of new designs, with everything from modern marble and metallic foil to tiling on a roll.  In today’s post we will be going through some of these new arrivals and looking at some of the key features which make them so perfect for creating an on-trend and stylish home.

Minerals Indium Foil Wallpaper   

The first of our new designs is this Minerals Indium Foil Wallpaper.  Available in four stunning metallic colourways, the wallpaper features a repeating square panel pattern made up of alternating vertical and horizontal stripes.  The shine foil effect adds the finishing touch to this paper making it ideal if you are looking for a wallpaper to add an interesting element to your home.

                           Minerals Indium Foil Wallpaper Lilac Holden 35800   Minerals Indium Foil Wallpaper Silver Holden 35803

                           Minerals Indium Foil Wallpaper Copper Holden 35802   Minerals Indium Foil Wallpaper Topaz Holden 35801

Floral Heart

The second of our designs is an interesting twist on a classic floral wallpaper with large heart motifs made up of delicate floral patterns.  Available in pink with gold hearts and cream with rose gold hearts, the two classically elegant designs are great for decorating an entire room or for creating a beautiful statement wall.  Consider matching this design with accessories containing similar gold and rose gold tints to finish off the look.   

                          Floral Heart Wallpaper Pink / Gold Holden 12721   Floral Heart Wallpaper Cream / Rose Gold Holden 12720

                          Floral Heart Wallpaper Cream / Rose Gold Holden 12720   Floral Heart Wallpaper Pink / Gold Holden 12721

Minerals Azurite Wallpaper

For something a little different why not check out this fantastic Minerals Azurite Wallpaper.  In three contemporary colourways this design features an artistic marble pattern swirled together with brilliant metallic accents.  The teal and gold colourway, which has already proven to be very popular, is one of our favourites with an eye-catching design which makes it ideal for creating an arty and interesting feature wall.

     Minerals Azurite Marble Wallpaper Teal / Gold Holden 90120

Dillan Stripe Wallpaper

Stripes never go out of fashion and these stunning Dillan Stripe wallpapers are no exception!  Featuring alternating metallic and matte stripes in either grey and rose gold, cream and gold or grey and silver, these designs are ideal for creating a relaxing and stylish decor.  The best news is that they can be hung either vertically or horizontally, giving you even more choice when it comes to making a space your own.

       Dillan Stripe Wallpaper Cream / Gold Holden 12761Dillan Stripe Wallpaper Grey / Silver Holden 12760Dillan Stripe Wallpaper Grey / Rose Gold Holden 12762

Glistening Geo Trellis Wallpaper

How about a metallic geometric design?  This Glistening Geo Trellis Wallpaper has a subtle fabric effect backdrop overlaid with a geometric trellis pattern in one of two stunning metallic colours.  The wallpaper works equally as well for decorating an entire room or creating a striking feature wall.  To see the additonal colourway simply hover over the photo below.

         Glistening Geo Trellis Wallpaper

Glistening Ginkgo

A new design which has already proven to be very popular is Holden’s Glistening Ginkgo Wallpaper.  The design uses a delicate, metallic floral pattern set on a matte grey backdrop to bring a stylish elegance to your home.  The detailed petals add to the quality and attention to detail of the piece.  We’d recommend using this design in a living room or bedroom with accessories which compliment the metallic accents.

                   Glistening Ginkgo Wallpaper Grey / Rose Gold Holden 12702Glistening Ginkgo Wallpaper Grey / Silver Holden 12700


Tiling on a Roll Oblong Granite Tile

This month we have brought in a range of designs from the latest wallpaper trend in tiling on a roll which we are going to explore in this article.  Instead of spending huge amounts of time applying individual tiles, a tile effect wallpaper saves you time and effort and is ideal for every room in the house including bathrooms and kitchens.  The first of the designs is this Oblong Granite Tile Wallpaper.  In four colourways, each of the colours features varying tones of the colour with beautiful glitter highlights on some of the tiles.

                              Tiling on a Roll Oblong Granite Tile Wallpaper - Stone Holden 89194   Tiling on a Roll Oblong Granite Tile Wallpaper - Grey Holden 89193

                              Tiling on a Roll Oblong Granite Tile Wallpaper - Teal Holden 89190   Tiling on a Roll Oblong Granite Tile Wallpaper - Black Holden 89191

Tiling on a Roll Trellis Tile

When it comes to decorating kitchens and bathrooms, this glitter infused wallpaper is the answer to a chic and contemporary style.  Available in stone and grey, this design features a repeating trellis tile effect with some of the tiles containing a shimmering glitter finish.  With an easier to hang, stylish straight match pattern, good light fastness and washable quality, what more could you want from a kitchen and bathroom wallpaper?

Tiling on a Roll Trellis Tile Wallpaper - Grey Holden 89311Tiling on a Roll Trellis Tile Wallpaper - Stone Holden 89310

Tiling on a roll Chevron Tile

Feature walls are not only for bedrooms and living rooms, a well-placed accent wall in a kitchen and bathroom can really bring something extra to your home.  Whilst this Chevron tile on a roll range is great for decorating an entire room, the design is especially ideal as a trendy feature wall.  The wallpaper is available in four vibrant colours, teal, yellow, red and charcoal so there is plenty of choice to create your perfect kitchen and bathroom design.

                              Tiling on a Roll Chevron Tile Wallpaper - Yellow Holden 89300   Tiling on a Roll Chevron Tile Wallpaper - Red Holden 89303

                              Tiling on a Roll Chevron Tile Wallpaper - Teal Holden 89301   Tiling on a Roll Chevron Tile Wallpaper - Charcoal Holden 89302

Tiling on a roll Winchester Tile

This Winchester Tile design is available in four metallic style colourways which means you have plenty of choice to pick a design that works best to create your own unique space.  Why not consider mixing and matching multiple colours.  The ultra-stylish design features a square pattern of alternating horizontal and vertical embossed textured stripes with a high shine finish.  

        Tiling on a Roll Winchester Tile Wallpaper - Beige Holden 89291

Tiling on a Roll Wave Tile Wallpaper

This wave tiling on a role resembles a brick wall design with the individual tiles connected by a matte grouting.  The three colours all have glitter elements traced throughout their horizontal wave striped tiles for a three-dimensional contemporary effect.  As with the other tile designs, they don’t just have to be used in kitchens and bathrooms, these wallpapers make great accompaniments to living rooms, dining rooms and even bedrooms.  Why not consider using this wallpaper to create a feature wall alongside a plainer design to really emphasis the effect of the wallpaper.

Tiling on a Roll Wave Tile Wallpaper Natural Holden 89321Tiling on a Roll Wave Tile Wallpaper Charcoal Holden 89322Tiling on a Roll Wave Tile Wallpaper White Holden 89320

Final Note

We at WorldofWallpaper are always scouting out the latest styles and trends in home decor.  If you want to keep up to date then continue to follow our weekly blog and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest or subscribe to our newsletter for our latest arrivals and design hints and tips.