When you think of vintage, you often think of high quality and value.  In fact, a vintage style wallpaper can add a huge amount of class to a room and create a unique and stunning décor.  From floral patterns and postcard detail, to Volkswagen wallpaper and flamingos, in this post we are going to explore some of our favourite vintage designs.  We will look at wallpapers inspired by vintage styles or based on archived designs, to give you ideas and inspiration for choosing your very own vintage wallpaper. 

Quirky Vintage Wallpaper Designs

First up is AS Creation’s Vintage Mail Box design.  The fantastic wallpaper is available in four colourways and features stacks of numbered wooden mail boxes.  The boxes themselves feature artistic shading which adds a depth to the design and contributes to its realistic and rustic appearance.  We would recommend using this wallpaper to create a stunning feature wall as the unusual design can be used alongside both a classic and contemporary décor.

Vintage Mail Box Wallpaper Blue AS Creation 30745-4 Vintage Mail Box Wallpaper Light Grey AS Creation 30745-1 Vintage Mail Box Wallpaper Red AS Creation 30745-3

Vintage Flamingo Wallpaper

Everyone loves a flamingo! In fact, everywhere you look these days, these brilliantly pink birds have captured people’s creativity! A recent trend has seen flamingo wallpaper boom in popularity, and vintage flamingo designs are no different.  This Vintage Lagoon Flamingo Wallpaper by Arthouse is especially trendy as it boasts stunning subtle metallic highlights on a quality vinyl paper.  It is perfect for creating an eye-catching feature wall in your home and is a great way to showcase the vintage wallpaper style.

                                            Vintage Lagoon Flamingo Wallpaper Coral Red Arthouse 252601 Vintage Lagoon Flamingo Wallpaper Grey and Coral Arthouse 252603

                                            Vintage Lagoon Flamingo Wallpaper Soft Blue Arthouse 252605 Vintage Lagoon Flamingo Wallpaper Green and Pink Arthouse 252602

Vintage Wood Wallpaper

If you want something a bit more unusual then Fine Décor’s Crates Wood Effect Wallpaper might just be what you are looking for.  The fascinating and realistic design creates a subtle 3D effect through the use of its artistic shading.  With its vintage photographic style, there is no doubt that this wallpaper is likely to be a positive talking point amongst your guests.  Hover over the images below for inspiration on how to use these vintage designs.

           Wood Crates Wallpaper Brown Fine Decor FD40943 Wood Crates Wallpaper Grey Fine Decor FD40944

Vintage Volkswagen Wallpaper

Volkswagen cars are the epitome of vintage style and quality.  The photo style collage uses the addition of color accents over black and white photographs to create an attention-grabbing design.  As an officially licensed VW™ wallpaper, it features beautiful pastel coloured images of retro campervans, beetles and scooters.  The nostalgic Volkswagen Wallpaper design can be used in any room to add a fun, vintage twist.

                                              VW Volkswagen Collage Wallpaper Pastel Muriva 102563

Postcard and Letter Inspired Wallpaper

Next up is our very own exclusive vintage postcard wallpaper.  The carefully designed aspects of this paper, including its incredibly detailed, handwritten style postcards, add a real sense of quality and elegance to this design.  The vintage postcard wallpaper features beautifully crafted bird and butterfly stamps alongside delicate floral patterns and glistening mica highlights.  Its elegant design makes it the perfect addition to any home.

                                              Vintage Postcards Wallpaper Windsor Wallcoverings A160

Vintage Bookcase Wallpaper

This design is perfect for creating a personal library style feature wall.  Whether in an office, lounge or elsewhere in your house, this Vintage Bookcase Wallpaper by Holden, is sure to add a sense of class and sophistication.  The design features old style books, photographs and trinkets on a wooden bookcase background.  The photographic design is printed on luxury heavyweight paper which ensures durability and a quality finish.

                                            Bookcases Wallpaper Brown Holden 11950

Vintage Paris Postcard Wallpaper

This stunning vintage Paris wallpaper features a postcard design with silhouette style images of the Eiffel Tower, butterflies, postcards, stamps and floral detail.  The design is available in four beautiful pastel colours: duck egg, neutral, grey and heather.  The soft colours make the design perfect for decorating an entire room, but also ideal for creating a stylish feature wall.  The wallpaper also features glistening mica highlights for an added contemporary twist.

                                             Calligraphy Paris Postcard Wallpaper Duck Egg Holden 97753 Calligraphy Paris Postcard Wallpaper Neutral Holden 97750

                                             Calligraphy Paris Postcard Wallpaper Grey Holden 97752 Calligraphy Paris Postcard Wallpaper Heather Holden 97751

Vintage Nouveau Wallpaper

Inspired by art nouveau, Crown’s vintage flora style wallpaper was based on a design from their archives dating back to 1910.  Reminiscent of a peacock’s beautiful tail, this floral damask design features a large repeating pattern with a subtle metallic sheen.  This bold, retro print adds instant character and creativity to a room, making it a great artistic addtion to any home.

                                             Crown Archives Flora Nouveau Wallpaper Peacock Green M1196

Vintage Postcard Design

Another fantastic postcard design is this vintage blue wallpaper from the Sophie Conran Reflections Collection.  The design features calligraphy style postcards alongside brightly coloured butterflies and floral patterns.  What makes this postcard design so different is its great use of colour.  Set on a brilliant blue background, the bright pinks and yellows complement each other perfectly and bring a refreshing new energy to the room.  This vintage postcard wallpaper is perfect for bedrooms, especially when paired with other vintage style accessories.

                                            Sophie Conran Postcards Home Wallpaper Blue Haze 950902

Oriental Toile Style Wallpaper

Next up is another vintage addition from the crown achieves.  This oriental landscape wallpaper is based on 18th century traditional oriental toile designs.  The print features a vast landscape with running streams, temples and wide branching trees.  A subtle metallic sheen runs throughout the whole design for added effect.  The classic wallpaper would be perfect in a living room to create a classic, yet contemporary, atmosphere in your home.

         Crown Archives Oriental Landscape Wallpaper China Blue M1190 Crown Archives Oriental Landscape Wallpaper Yellow M1192

Vintage Collage Wallpaper

The final wallpaper that we will be looking at today is Holden’s Vintage Curiosity design.  The collage style print features large pastel coloured images of antique relics such as floral plates, bird and beetle photographs, flowers, postcards and even excerpts from a French pamphlet.  The beautiful design is infused with subtle mica accents to add extra elegance to this vintage wallpaper design.

                                            Vintage Curiosity Collage Wallpaper Heather Holden 12370

Final Note on Vintage Wallpaper

In looking at these wallpapers today, you’ve no doubt seen the huge variety of designs that are inspired by, or based on, vintage styles and values.  With increasing popularity and a design that will never go out of fashion, the old but new wallpaper will add quality and elegance to any home.  What is striking about vintage wallpaper is the pattern quality that is often involved, with designs often featuring careful artistic detailing and a beautiful finish.  Hopefully you’ve been inspired by our post today and have gathered some great ideas on choosing the right vintage style wallpaper for you.  If you like any of the wallpapers above, simply click on the image to take you to our site.