New Belgravia wallpaper raises money for NHS Heroes

The past few months have been a strange one, to say the least. This situation has been extremely different for everyone, however there has been one thing constant throughout all of this- everyone is in this together. This community togetherness has been expemplified by Clapping for Carers on a Thursday evening, small acts of kindess for our neighbours and the symbol of rainbows popping up in people's windows.

The symbol of a rainbow has traditionally been a sign of hope and power, with its appearance usually breaking through after a storm. With such a message resonating with us throughout the pandemic, health officials asked the public to draw, paint and design pictures of rainbows under the hashtag #RainbowsforNightingale, London's pop-up hospital. Since then, rainbows popped up in windows around the country for people to point out during outings around their local area and a general symbol of the pandemic.

So, with this in mind, Belgravia Decor have designed two stunning wallpapers to raise money for local NHS charities with every roll sold.

nhs rainbow covid wallpaper navy blue    nhs rainbow covid wallpaper baby pink

Available in Navy Blue or Pink, these beautiful rainbow print wallpapers will make a great addition to your little ones bedroom or playroom. With every roll sold a donation will be made to local NHS charities, making the wallpaper that little bit more sweet.

We'd like to thank everyone for your support and hope everyone is staying well!