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It’s time to once again celebrate our fantastic customers!  We always love to see how you lot have used our wallpaper to create beautiful and striking decors.  In this post today we will look at some of our customer images and explore how you can create a similar look in your own home.  Want your photos to feature on our social media pages or blog posts? Then simply inbox us on Facebook or Instagram or email them to!  If you’re happy for us to share your images then you could grab yourself 10% off your next order!

Home Decor Ideas and Inspiration - Customer Wallpaper Images

Hallway and Staircase Wallpaper Ideas

When we talk about home décor we often forget to discuss entrances, hallways and staircases.  As these are usually the first areas we step into, it’s important that they make a good impression.  Below are three stunning images sent in by @railway.street, @diy_addict_146 and @ewan2605.  Click on the image to get the design for yourself!

Safari Animals Navy Wallpaper Instagram @railway.streetPink Flamingo Wallpaper Instagram @diy_addict_146Zig Zag Monochrome Wallpaper Hallway and Staircase Instagram @ewan2605

Living Room and Fireplace Wallpaper

The living room is often the most social area of our home, so making it inviting for ourselves and guests is key to creating the perfect décor.  The three lounge images below were sent in by @my_house_build, @ahomefullerlove and @twelvethegreyhouse.  All of the designs are very different and each use their wallpaper to make the most of their space and accentuate various areas of the room.

Fashion Library Bookcase Wallpaper Instagram @my_house_buildMarble Effect Wallpaper Fireplace Ideas Instagram @ahomefullerloveGrey Brick Effect Wallpaper Instagram @twelvethegreyhouse

Can you Wallpaper Your Bathroom?

Yes you can!  Just make sure you look for a design that is extra washable if using around a sink or basin.  In our three customer photos you’ll notice that each of them cleverly match their bathroom accessories with a key colour from their wallpaper which is a good way to create a stylish and finished look.  The images were sent in by @stylish_mumandmrs, @annaofderby and @amie___

Pink Flamingo Bathroom Wallpaper Instagram @stylish_mumandmrsVersace Designer Wallpaper Palm Leaves Instagram @annaofderbyFoil Slate Effect Wallpaper Grey Bathroom Instagram @amie_______

Kid's Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas

If you want to create a truly unique room for your little one then wallpaper is the way to go! With many great children’s designs available there is plenty to choose from.  The current colour trend for kid’s bedrooms focuses on pastel blues, greens, pinks yellows and greys.  The images below were sent in by @renovationatno.3, @instahouse_story and our Facebook customer Terri.

Cute Dinosaur Kids Bedroom Wallpaper Instagram @renovationatno.3Grey and White Zig Zag Kids Bedroom Wallpaper Instagram @Instahouse_storyRose Gold and Pink Geometric Wallpaper Girls Bedroom Terri

Wallpaper Ideas For Bedrooms

We’ve looked at kid’s rooms so now it’s time to concentrate on us adults.  Bedroom décor is one of the most diverse in the house which gives you the freedom to explore a range of styles and designs.  The three very different designs below were sent in by @ourchufftycottage, @em5ies and our Facebook customer Rebecca with her adorable dog.

Light Grey Brick Wall Effect Wallpaper Instagram @ourchufftycottageYellow and Grey Geometric Wallpaper Instagram @em5iesTropical Lemur Wallpaper Rebecca

Nursery Wallpaper

Last but not least, if you're looking for an adorable yet stylish wallpaper to create the perfect nursery, then we have the design for you. Looking for inspiration? Then check out the three customer images below that were sent in by @the_shrewsburyhome, @homeofcsb and @brigie.

Baby Nursery Grey and White Star Wallpaper Instagram @shrewsburyhomePink Metallic Polka Dot Wallpaper Instagram @homeofcsbFloral Fabric Effect Wallpaper @brigie