Living rooms are the space we use to spend time with family and friends, to sit down for a cuppa or to go on endless Netflix sprees. So of course, you would want it to be looking beautiful at all times. Therefore, we think wallpaper is a great way to transform this space into the perfect lounge, getting it to look exactly how you want it.

As living rooms are the social hub of the home, it can be hard to please everyone with the way it is decorated, but this blog is here to help get you started and to give you some inspiration.

Read on to follow the journey that will guide you on how to use wallpaper to decorate your living room.

What to consider when choosing wallpaper for your living room?

The main thing you should be thinking about when decorating your living room is what type of atmosphere you want to create.

The beauty of wallpaper is that you can get one for any sort of ambience that takes your fancy. Whether you want your living room looking inviting and cosy, or bold and daring to impress your guests, we’ve got you covered.

Warm, cozy and inviting 

Elixir Geometric Marble Wallpaper Rose Gold Muriva 167502

Catherine Lansfield Kelso Check Wallpaper Light Grey Muriva 165521

Greys are a good option if you want to create a warm and cosy atmosphere. Why not try our elixir geometric marble or Catherine Lanfield checked Wallpaper (shown above), and add a couple of soft furnishings e.g. fluffy blankets and cushions.

Bold, Brave and Brash

Lemur Wallpaper Midnight Blue Holden 12403

Portfolio Peacock Wallpaper Navy / Gold Rasch 215700

Be bold and bring some drama into your living room with these striking wallpapers. They will defineitly be a conversation starter and will wow your guests when they come to visit you! Deep emerald blues are very popular at the moment, so we think our blue lemur or peacock wallpapers would be great for a bold yet stylish lounge area.

Vintage florals

Shabby Chic Rose Wallpaper - Teal - Rasch 442229

The Chateau by Angel Strawbridge Potagerie Wallpaper Cream CHWP3A

Floral and earthy wallpapers tend to create a classic, shabby chic vibe and look sophisticaed and classy. So if that's what you're looking for, these decadent designs are perfect.

Tropical palm wallpaper

Aurora Palm Wallpaper Gunmetal Belgravia 4992

South Beach Palm Leaf Wallpaper Stone Grey Fine Decor FD42678

And last but not least, the home decor favourite, palm leaf wallpaper. This continues to be excellent at bringing an outdoor feel indoors which may by exactly what you need during lockdown!

We hope we've given you some inspiration on how to use wallpaper to create the atmosphere that you're looking for.

Stay safe and take care,