What even is ‘paste the wall’?

‘Paste-the-wall’ uses a special backing paper that doesn't expand when it gets wet. By having this backing paper, you no longer need to spend time soaking the wallpaper prior to hanging; the paste can be applied directly to the wall. Now, if you’ve decided to take on the challenge of decorating your own home, paste the wall wallpapers have some fantastic advantages that you really need to consider before you get started picking out your room’s new look:


  1. A Lot Less Mess
    The messy, sticky nightmare which is the pasting table doesn’t have to cause you despair with ‘paste the wall’ papers. With ‘paste the paper’ wallpapers it’s important to ensure the entire paper strip is suitably covered in wallpaper paste, ultimately leading to paste making its way onto the table. Allowing you to hang a beautifully covered in paste first strip of wallpaper, but opening up further problems for the next piece of ‘paste the paper’ to make it to your pasting table – potentially staining and tearing the next piece, making the whole job more expensive by unnecessary waste. With ‘paste the wall’ wallpaper, the paste never needs to be anywhere near your pasting table as it is going straight onto the walls, making it much cleaner to hang your wallpaper.

  2. More for Your Money
    We have already hinted at this above, the less paper you’re having to throw away means you have more left over to up-cycle that chest of drawers that has been looking like it needs a little something and should eliminate the need for you to put in an order for that extra roll you thought you wouldn’t need. In addition to saving the strips from the wrath of a sticky pasting table, any excess wallpaper which ends up being cut off can now be easily reused to patch gaps, etc. Whereas with ‘paste the paper’ the entire strip of paper would have been covered in paste rendering any off-cuts instantly useless.

  3. No Need for Special Cutters
    This could come under getting more for your money as using ‘paste the wall’ means that you no longer need to invest in a specialist wallpaper cutter, designed to cut moist, glue ridden wallpaper, instead, you can use a high quality, sharp pair of scissors instead. However, this little advantage of ‘paste the wall’ paper is more than just cutting costs; fewer tools make the whole job that little bit easier.

  4. Easier to Avoid Obstacles
    If you’ve never had the pleasure of hanging wallpaper before, believe us when we say it’s tricky and messy to hang paper around all the electrical fittings, and there always seem to be more of them than you realised. When you’re trying to do this with paste the paper wallpaper – the paper is working against you and trying to stick itself to the very thing you desperately trying to not to get wallpaper stuck to. When you use paste the wall paper, the adhesive should only have made it onto the wall and therefore doesn’t come between the paper and any fixtures or other obstacles, making it much easier to cut around them.

  5. You Can Take Your Time
    ‘Paste the paper’ wallpapers you have a limited amount of time to apply the paper to the wall before the glue begins to dry, whereas if the glue does dry, another coat of paste the wall paste can be applied. Giving you more time to ensure your paper is lined up correctly and preventing the risk of overly soggy wallpaper.

  6. Paste the Paper!
    If you find that you just can’t get on board with pasting the wall, you can always just go back to the traditional pasting the paper  (bonus – you’ll still be saving time as you don’t have to soak!).


So, those are some of the main benefits of ‘paste the wall’ wallpapers in our opinion. Take a look at our fine selection of paste the wall wallpapers here.