Give Your Home A Unique Personal Appearance

In this article we want to shine the spotlight on wallpapers from Grandeco to inspire you and make it easy to create an exceptional wall decoration.

Grandeco offer many beautiful designs, ranging from distinctive tropical patterns featuring animals, intricate geometric trellis and exotic damask, all the way to the very popular wood panel, as well as a unique combination of botanical and geometric patterns for the extra chic look. Read on and get inspired!

Distinctive Animal Patterns

Make a stylish and eye-catching statement in any room. These designs are prominent enough to brighten up your home without being too loud. The perfect balance of the bold and subtle. Whether you are decorating all four walls or want to focus on a sole wall, these designs will deliver superb results.

Amazon Wallpaper

The rainforest themed design in rich tones features birds, monkeys, frogs and butterflies amongst vibrant tropical flowers, berries and foliage. This beautiful wallpaper will bring a touch of glamour and style to your room.

Available in two vibrant colourways, choose between Blue and Red.

GranDeco Amazon Wallpaper Black / Blue JF2202

Animal Kingdom

This design features beautifully illustrated entwined images of zebras, giraffes and tigers amongst a desert themed backdrop with tropical plants and flowers. Benefiting from being a high quality washable wallpaper, this can be used even in bathrooms.

Available in Cream, Teal and Ochre Yellow.

Grandeco Animal Kingdom Wallpaper Cream A49303

Aquarium Wallpaper

Create a wonderful and calming underwater feel. This design in a hand-drawn style with bold colourways features an array of beautiful fish gliding through the sea amongst tropical plants and other underwater species. Such a versatile wallpaper, it would look great in your lounge, hallway, bedroom and kids playroom. Also perfect for completing your bathroom look.

Available on Blue or Teal background.

Grandeco Aquarium Wallpaper Blue A61302

Jungle Fever Leopard Wallpaper

The illustrated style leopards amongst tropical palm trees and leaves will bring a stylish exotic touch to your home. This pattern is set on a background with a linear fabric effect and textured finish, with subtle metallic detailing which gives this design a lively elegant vibe.

Available in various colourways - Blue, Charcoal , Teal and White.

GranDeco Jungle Fever Leopard Wallpaper Blue JF2102

Effective Geometric

Geometric designs are very popular. They are simple with a modern feel to them and can be paired with pretty much any other design, should that be a plain paint or another wallpaper. Just use your imagination and the sky is the limit!

Ashton Geometric Wallpaper

Ashton Geometric is a simple yet effective design featuring a pattern of concentric interlocking hexagonal shapes with a smaller metallic gold hexagon in the centre, set on a softly textured matte white background. This design will make a striking feature wall.

GranDeco Ashton Geometric Wallpaper White / Gold A34202

Layla Art Deco Wallpaper

Stylish, elegant, timeless. The Layla Art Deco wallpaper has it all. This beautiful curved art deco style geometric pattern resembles peacock tails in metallic outline for added chic vibe. A truly gorgeous fresh take on a classic retro pattern.

Available in - Navy Blue, Charcoal , Teal and White.

Grandeco Layla Art Deco Wallpaper

Forage Geo Leaf Wallpaper

No more compromising on elegance or the tropical vibe of leafy foliage, you can have it both. This design unites beautifully illustrated tropical plants with geometric trellis in metallic gold, creating a tasteful contemporary motif.

Available in Teal and Grey.

Grandeco Forage Geo Leaf Wallpaper Teal 156001

Nature Inspired

Nature can be breathtaking, so it's no wonder that many people do what they can to bring it indoors. Using wallpaper is an excellent way to achieve the lovely natural feel inside of your home.

Flying Cranes Wallpaper

Another memorable design combining geometric detailing with nature. Although this pattern features large scale peony blossoms with cranes flying around, the overall feel remains subtle. Which room would you decorate with this charming wallpaper?

Available in Grey and Navy Blue.

Grandeco Flying Cranes Wallpaper Natural 178302

Wildflowers Wallpaper

Bring the outdoors in. The dainty hand-painted flowers in a watercolour style is cute to suit children's rooms and mature enough to elevate your hallway or dining room.

Grandeco Wildflowers Wallpaper Sage A61601

Wild Lillies Wallpaper

The design features an array of lilies amongst tropical plants and leaves with metallic highlights to elevate the whole design exuding elegance and a little bit of an exotic vibe.

Available in - Pink, Grey , Green and Blue.

Something For Kids

The 'Little Ones Eco' wallpaper range is specially developed Ecodeco™ foam, PVC and plasticiser free, hypo-allergenic and fully recyclable. Combining quality, thoughtfulness and a lovely print, these wallpapers are perfect for children's bedrooms, playrooms and nurseries.

Little Ones Eco Alphabet Wallpaper

GranDeco Little Ones Eco Alphabet Wallpaper LO2302

Little Ones Eco Clouds and Moon Wallpaper

GranDeco Little Ones Eco Clouds and Moon Wallpaper LO2001

Little Ones Eco Zig Zag Chevron Wallpaper

GranDeco Little Ones Eco Zig Zag Chevron Wallpaper LO2503

We hope you found this article interesting. Visit our website to see the whole Grandeco range for more inspiration. As always, we'd love to see your creations, so please share your home transformations with us and don't forget to tag us @worldofwallpaperuk on Instagram.

Have a wonderful and inspired day,

Michaela - Online Merchandising Assistant @ World of Wallpaper