Wallpaper Trends: Animal and Animal Prints

Animal themed and animal print designs have long been a favourite in the fashion world which tends to correlate with home decor and interior design trends.  The best thing about animal and animal print wallpaper is that it is extremely versatile.  Whether you are looking for a subtle elegant design or a quirky and vibrant paper, there is an animal print for you.  From tropical lemurs and flamingos to adorable dogs, take a look at this post today for ideas and inspiration on creating a stylish animal themed room for yourself.

Lemur Banner

This brilliant and quirky Lemur Wallpaper is available in four stunning colourways.  Each of the designs feature a range of vibrantly coloured tropical birds, animals and plants with large, detailed illustrations of ring-tailed lemurs.  The intricately detailed designs are printed on luxury heavyweight paper to give them extra durability and a quality finish.  The black colourway is actually exclusive to WorldofWallpaper so won’t be found anywhere else online or on the high-street.  The paper is extremely versatile so can be used in most rooms and in many different ways.  Take a look at our customer images below for some of these creative and stylish examples.

Lemur Wallpaper Teal Holden 12402

This photo was sent in by our Instagram customer @ __lauren__.  She uses our exclusive Black Lemur Wallpaper to create decorative panels to hang on her existing walls.  The black backdrop compliments her existing décor and additionally creates a greater contrast with the tropical colours in the design.  This is just one additional way to use wallpaper in your home.  For more ideas check out our blog post on upcycling with wallpaper.  

Customer Image: Lemur Wallpaper Black and Multi World of Wallpaper 50160

In a very different way, the image below uses our silver Lemur Wallpaper to create a stunning feature wall in a baby’s nursery.  The photo was sent in by Joanne and is particular effective due to its simplicity.  The stylish silver design is paired with a simple and plain colour on the additional walls which makes the bright pinks, greens and blues of the design stand out in the room.  With beautiful colours and illustrations, as well as the adorable lemurs themselves, this design is ideal for use in a nursery.

Customer Image: Lemur Wallpaper Silver Holden 12401

Our last customer image for our Lemur wallpaper was sent in by Instagram user @ewan2605.  Ewan uses the midnight blue colourway to create a stunning bedroom decor.  He uses the wallpaper on a wall positioned by a window where the natural light works to highlight the colours in the design for a stylish and contemporary finish.

Customer Image: Lemur Wallpaper Midnight Blue Holden 12403


Stag Banner

Another of our popular animal themed wallpapers is this Highland Stag design.  The high quality heavyweight paper features an illustration of deer on a lightly textured background.  The paper itself is infused with subtle glitter and metallic elements for added style and a contemporary finish.  Suitable for decorating an entire room or just creating a striking feature wall. This design is perfect for creating a cosy and modern feel to a living room or lounge. 

Richmond Highland Stag Wallpaper Charcoal Holden 98012

The design is available in three different colourway also including our exclusive Heather. 

Stag Variations

Flamingo Banner

Flamingo Lake Wallpaper

Flamingos have taken over the interior design world this year with an increasing popularity in tropical and bold patterns.  The wallpaper below is just one of our many stunning flamingo designs.  One of four beautiful colourways, this paper features the delicately detailed pink birds on a tropical palm tree backdrop.  The durable heavyweight paper also contains subtle mica accents for an added touch of glamour and style. 


Barbara Becker Flamingo Wallpaper

The second of our flamingo designs is this Barbara Becker Wallpaper by Rasch.  The paper features a selection of beautifully pink flamingos in a variety of natural poses.  This repeating pattern is backed by a rustic wood panel background and is printed on a cushioned vinyl paper.  The quirky and popular design can be used either to decorate an entire room or to create an eye-catching feature wall.  Click on the image below for more information on the design.

Barbara Becker Flamingo Wallpaper Natural White 479720

Vintage Lagoon Flamingo Wallpaper

Printed on a luxury textured vinyl paper, this design also features a repeating flamingo pattern.  The birds themselves are intricately detailed with features such as their feathers delicately highlighted against the contrasting backdrop.  The design is available in five colourways each featuring stunning metallic highlights.

Vintage Lagoon Flamingo Wallpaper Grey and Coral Arthouse 252603

Dogs Banner

Sausage Dog Wallpaper

Whether you know them as sausage dogs, Dachshunds or wiener dogs, with their stumpy little legs and big personalities, these adorable pooches are a firm favourite with dog lovers.  If you too are a fan of our furry friends, then why not opt for this fun and popular design?  The wallpaper features a selection of little sausage dogs wearing adorable patterned jumpers and scarves with a cloud sky scene as a backdrop.  The design is available in two pastel colourways and is perfect for most rooms. 

Walkies Sausage Dog Wallpaper Grey / White Holden 12551

A Pug's Life Pug Frames Wallpaper

This quirky and colourful design features a range of cute pugs in adorable poses and humorous outfits.  From top hats and crowns to glasses and bow ties, this wallpaper is perfect for every dog lover.  This design is also printed on a luxury heavyweight paper and is easy to apply with a good light fastness.  

A Pug's Life Pug Frames Wallpaper Holden 11360

Fish Banner

The last of our animal categories is fish themed designs.  The wallpaper is available in three colours including our exclusive midnight blue colourway.  The design features a collection of beautifully detailed tropical fish surrounded by water plants in a range of vibrant pinks, yellows and greens.  This particular colourway, with its rich midnight blue backdrop, creates a dramatic contrast which allows the other colours of the design to create a striking impression.

Lagoon Fish Wallpaper Midnight Blue World of Wallpaper 50150

This contrasting white colourway is equally effective at creating a dramatic  look.  As with its counterparts, the design is printed on a high quality heavyweight paper which gives the wallpaper additional durability and a solid finish.  The white colourway allows the oranges and yellows of the design to stand out against the contrasting backdrop.

Lagoon Fish Wallpaper White Holden 12170

The last of the Lagoon Fish Wallpaper colourways is this beautiful teal design.  The wallpaper is ideal for creating an eye-catching feature wall in your home, especially when paired with a complimenting colour on the additional walls.  To see a close up of the designs simply hover over the image below.

Lagoon Fish Wallpaper Teal Holden 12171