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Home is Where the Heart Is

Creating your perfect home is all about making the space your own and creating a warm and inviting place for friends and loved ones.  With such a lot of choice these days it can sound like a daunting task but the trick is to start at the most crucial design point and pick your wallpaper.  From here you can personalise and accessories to suit your taste.  A great example of individual and personalising wallpaper to create the ultimate finish and homely feel can be seen in some of our amazing customer images.  This blog post today will showcase some of our customer images using our fabulous wallpaper and will use these to aid with style tips on accessorising these wallpapers.

Flamingo Wallpaper Pink Rasch

One way to make a house your own is to choose designs which reflect you and not be afraid to select a wallpaper which is bold and bright to create a truly striking effect.  An example of someone who has stylishly achieved this is one of our Instagram customers @diy_addict_146 who uses our Rasch Pink Flamingo Wallpaper to create this fabulous decor.  The customer pairs the busy pattern with a geometric floor rug but breaks up the busy scene with plain furniture and a white skirting board.

Pink Flamingo Wallpaper

White Washed Wood Wallpaper

The second of our customer images was sent in by Ellie Ransom.  Using our Arthouse White Washed Wood Wallpaper she creates a cosy and classic style for her bedroom.  The key to creating a homely feel is to have a stylish but personal feel which she introduces through complimenting colours in her accessories.  The brown throw and the detailed cushion give rise to a feeling of a stylish and cosy wood cabin.  The shabby chic wallpaper design creates a realistic distressed wood look for added rustic style.

                 White Washed Wood Wallpaper


Apex Geometric Trellis Wallpaper

Next up is a photo sent in by Georgie Wright. She uses our Apex Geometric Trellis Wallpaper in this stunning and chic living room. Matching the silver and grey metallic tones of the paper, Georgie pairs the design with a similar colour scheme in her furniture with light grey wooden flooring and dark grey sofas. She finishes the room with two yellow cushions, adding a touch of colour and incorporating this year’s most recent yellow / grey colour trend.

Believe In Unicorns Glitter Wallpaper Arthouse 698300

The next of our customer photos was sent in by Instagram user @Madamx81.  She pairs our Believe in Unicorns Glitter Wallpaper with accessories matching the key colours of the paper to create a colourful and balanced décor.  The collage inspired wallpaper contains glitter and metallic highlights which add an extra sparkle to this magical bedroom and brings a light and fun feel to the home.

                 Believe In Unicorns Glitter Wallpaper Arthouse 698300

Yellow and Grey Apex Geometric Wallpaper

A key way to create a complete and stylish look is to match the colour scheme between your wallpaper and accessories.  An example of this can be seen in the photo sent in by our customer on Instagram @em5ies who uses our Fine Decor Apex Geometric wallpaper to create this stunning bedroom.  The wallpaper itself features a repeating triangular pattern in tones of yellow and grey, all connected by a smooth metallic outline.


        Apex Geometric Wallpaper Yellow and Grey Fine Decor FD41991

Barbara Becker Flamingo Wallpaper

Decorating a child’s room gives you a chance to be extra creative to design a room which is fun, colourful and interesting.  The photos of this kid’s bedroom below was sent in by @me_tiffyandflow_3.  She creates a bright and colourful feature wall using Rasch’s Barbara Becker Flamingo Wallpaper.  The pinks and blues of the wallpaper are echoed in the colours used in the rest of the room.     

Barbara Becker Flamingo Wallpaper Teal Rasch 479706Barbara Becker Flamingo Wallpaper Teal Rasch 479706

Frosted Wood Wallpaper 

@misawilliam creates this stunning bedroom design with the Arthouse Frosted Wood Wallpaper.  She matches the wallpaper with a similar design in the bedding set and blinds to give the room a complete finish.  She then finishes this with yellow cushions and bedroom lamps to create a symmetrical and contemporary style with the yellow / grey combo being a popular colour scheme in interior design right now.

Frosted Wood Wallpaper Arthouse 670200

Stripe Wallpaper Chocolate, Coffee & Cream

Another effective way to make a house you home is to add the finishing touches to a room such as cushions and throws.  In the image sent in by @rhirhi96rh she does exactly this.  She also cleverly plays with lighting to add a soft lighting to the room which creates a homely and comfy feel alongside the warm chocolate, coffee and cream tones of the wallpaper.

Stripe Wallpaper Chocolate, Coffee & Cream Direct Wallpapers E40928

Apex Geometric Trellis Wallpaper Charcoal Grey and Copper

This brilliantly stylish front room photo was sent in by Catherine.  Using Fine Décor’s Geometric Trellis Wallpaper, she has used complimenting coloured furniture to create a classically elegant décor, whilst providing a warmth to the room for that necessary comfort... something which the dog is certainly loving!  The wallpaper, which also features metallic detailing, is available in a range of colourways.

Apex Geometric Trellis Wallpaper Charcoal Grey and Copper Fine Decor FD41998

Flamingo Wallpaper Pink Rasch

When we think about transforming a house into our home, we often think about living rooms and bedrooms and forget about or put less time into rooms such as hallways and bathrooms.  Also using the Rasch pink flamingo design, @stylish_mumandmrs creates this beautiful flamingo themed bathroom.  Matching the vibrant pink of the towel and toiletry basket, as well as the flamingo ornaments dotted around the bathroom, this design cleverly uses this wallpaper to create a modern, bold and unique design to make the house feel more homely with a personal touch.

Flamingo Wallpaper Pink Rasch 277890

Apex Geometric Trellis Wallpaper Charcoal Grey and Copper

Philip Danvers also uses the Apex Geometric Trellis Wallpaper to create his perfect room.  He matches this with chrome coloured accessories and bright white furniture.  The stylish feature wall adds an extra texture alongside the tartan carpet and works with the symmetrical lights to reflect off the metallic of the design.   

Apex Geometric Trellis Wallpaper Charcoal Grey and Copper Fine Decor FD41998

Apex Geometric Wallpaper Rose Gold

For the perfect house to home transformation check out these before and after images sent in by @interiorsbyedpett.  Using one of our most popular designs, this room perfectly captures the contemporary elegance of the wallpaper with reflective metallic accessories and rose gold paint to compliment the rose gold detailing of the wallpaper. The stylish room feels cosy through the addition of the matching bedding set and decorative cushions. 

Apex Geometric Wallpaper Rose Gold Fine Decor FD41993

White and Silver Rustic Brick Effect Wallpaper

This photo, posted by Instagram user @Barrattsbarwick, features our exclusive white and silver rustic brick effect wallpaper.  The lighter wallpaper opens up the room whilst adding a contemporary elegance.  The natural wood and black coloured furniture adds to this, creating a stylish contrast with the light wallpaper and carpets.  It allows the room to be personalised and reflect the personality of the person.  With Christmas not long now it allows the personal touch.

White and Silver Rustic Brick Effect Wallpaper Windsor Wallcoverings FD41488

Fretwork Geometric Wallpaper Midnight Blue

This stunning design once again incorporates the stylish and popular yellow.  Pairing it wilth the blue for a complete and fashionable look.  This photo was sent in by Emily Wallace and is a great example of creating an inviting home.

Fretwork Geometric Wallpaper Midnight Blue Rasch 701647

Zoom Away Vehicles Wallpaper

Choosing the perfect design for your little one’s room can be challenging but once you have picked the wallpaper, the rest of the room falls into place.  Take a look at the photo below which was sent in by @three_o_seven.  They use our Arthouse Zoom Away Vehicles Wallpaper to create a fun feature wall in their child’s bedroom.  Continuing the vehicle theme through hanging model planes and using a Peppa Pig blue vehicle duvet set, the finished child’s room is the perfect fun and colourful addition to their home.

Final Note

The customer images above, especially those which have used the same wallpaper, demonstrate how you can put your own spin on a design to make a home that is unique and personal to you.  Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone.  If you want to try a particularly bold or bright pattern then do it! Take tips from the customer images above and ensure that you match your furniture and accessories with the wallpaper design that you chose.  Whether you opt for a metallic geometric design or a bright and bold flamingo wallpaper, the important thing to remember is that finding a wallpaper that you love is the most crucial first step to making a house into your home.