It’s that time of year again when we start predicting which wallpaper trends will be big in the New Year. 2021 was a great time for interior design, but we are even more excited about what 2022 has in store!

In 2021, we saw a huge hype for panel wallpaper, geometrics, florals, maximalist designs and  chionserie. This year, murals are going to play a key part in wallpaper trends, as well as greens, earthy colours and retro designs.

We have put together some designs in anticipation of which wallpapers will be trending in 2022, so that you can be completely up to date! Inevitably, the wallpaper trends will be influenced by what the designers make in 2022, as well as consumer preferences.

Trend 1: Wall Murals

In 2022, the same old pattern repeats just won’t cut it anymore. Wall murals with beautiful intricate scenes will be very popular in the year ahead. If you are not sure exactly what a wall mural is (don’t worry, I didn’t know either), it is a large piece of artwork which is pasted onto the wall in the same way that wallpaper is. However, instead of having a typical pattern, it has a whole scene that fits together like a puzzle on your wall.

Benefits of having a wall mural:

So what is the benefit of investing in a wall mural? Well, they are eye-catching, make a statement in the room, work in any location and give you plenty to look at.

So, here are a few stunning wall murals that we sell on our website...

Amazonia Sierra Charcoal Gold Mural Holden 99347

Amazonia Sierra Charcoal Gold Mural Holden 99347

This calming and serene wall mural from Holden Decor comwa in rolls which each contain 4 panels of 0.5m X 2.8m in length to give a total coverage of 2m X 2.8m. However, you can buy as many or as few rolls as you like, to get the mural to fit to your bespoke wall and trim it accordingly. It features varying tones of grey, charcol, white and grey to create an ethereal cloudlike scene.

Amazonia Maasai Mara Multi Mural Holden 99346

This beautifully painted Maasai Mara tropical mural hosts the popular jungle, botanical theme. Maasai Mara is a National Reserve area in Kenya, where there is preserved savannah wilderness, so this wallpaper emobdies this  Set against ornate golden elements, escape into vibrant botanicals and palms amongst a majestic tiger, giraffe and a monkey. Printed onto a fibrous mica ground. Each roll contains 5 panels of 0.5m X 2.8m in length to give a total coverage of 2.5m x 2.8m. Multiple rolls can be used to create a repeating pattern on the wall. 

Majorelle Floral Wall Mural Berry/Teal Holden 99340

Majorelle is a large, bold, trailing floral digital wallpaper. This mural is printed on a high-quality fibrous non woven substrate with a mica finish. Each roll contains 4 panels of 0.5m X 2.8m in length to give a total coverage of 2m x 2.8m.

Trend 2: Sage Greens and Olive Colours

From olive and sage green colours to more mossy green colours, these grounding wallpapers will be sure to bring you down to earth in 2022. They not only bring you closer to nature, but are also incredibly versatile to work with and match most furniture. In particular, wooden furniture works well with these shades of green as it compliments the green perfectly.

Our Adventure is About to Begin Wallpaper: Mini Moderns       Apelviken Leaf Trail Wallpaper Green

Apelviken Leaf Trail Wallpaper Green Galerie 33020

Lola Paris Palm Motif Wallpaper Cream / Green                         Apelviken Apples And Pears Wallpaper

Apelviken Apples And Pears Wallpaper Green Galerie 33014

These wallpapers each bring the outdoors indoors, and I think this is an illusion that we all want to create in the post-pandemic world as we have realised how important it is to spend time outdoors. The beautiful olive and sage green shades are light and airy, mirroring the natural environment that we all appreciate so much!

Trend 3: Earthy Colours

Maroon browns and earthy colours are associated with autumn, but they look great all year round! These colours create a heart-warming energy to your home, and the firey colours warm up the room so it's great if you live in colder climates. These neutral designs are associated with happiness, orange sunsets, burnt sugar and all round positive vibes. So let's bring this positive atmosphere into 2022 with this fabulous new wallpaper trend!

Paloma Home Pouncing Tiger Wallpaper Red                            Paloma Home Oriental Leaves Wallpaper Red 921501

Paloma Home Pouncing Tiger Wallpaper Red 921600Paloma Home Oriental Leaves Wallpaper Red 921501

Grunge Collection Rusty Stripe Rust Galerie                                      Abstract Faces Wallpaper Burnt Orange  

Grunge Collection Rusty Stripe Rust Galerie G45360Abstract Faces Wallpaper Burnt Orange Holden 12991

Trend 4: Bold Retro Prints

Wow your friends and family with some bold, retro wallpaper that is eye-catching, modern and creates a sleek finish. So in 2022, let's step back to the 60s and 70s with the bold prints to bring a dull room back to life! 

True Romance Wallpaper Lido Mini Moderns AZDPT031LI        VW Volkswagen Collage Wallpaper Pastel

True Romance Wallpaper Lido Mini Moderns AZDPT031LIVW Volkswagen Collage Wallpaper Pastel Muriva 102563

Hold Tight Wallpaper Harvest Orange Mini Moderns                     P.L.U.T.O. Wallpaper Coach Emerald and Silver Mini Moderns 

Hold Tight Wallpaper Harvest Orange Mini Moderns AZDPT017HOP.L.U.T.O. Wallpaper Coach Emerald and Silver Mini Moderns AZDPT027CE

We love these nostaligic designs, so it's no wonder they will make a big appearance in 2022!

So there you have it! We've shown you four trends that are likely to be popular in 2022. Keep your eyes peeled for these styles next year, or get ahead and start preparing your house now so that it's bang on trend before 2022 arrives.

Thank you for reading!