Fancy something a bit different this March? With dark blue set to be the popular colour of 2018, we’re here to help you stay ahead of the trends this year! We have a great selection of navy and dark blue wallpaper with a range of both patterned and plain designs. Whether you’re looking to completely redesign your room or wanting to add to an existing decor, continue reading for ideas and inspiration.

One way to introduce navy and dark blues into your existing decor is through creating an eye-catching feature wall. The Geometric Midnight Blue Wallpaper by Rasch is one of our bestsellers and is ideal for this role as it has contemporary metallic detailing which captures and reflects light. 

Fretwork Geometric Wallpaper Midnight Blue Rasch

Perhaps you are looking for a more subtle design to introduce a sense of contemporary elegance. This stylish Sparkling Glitter Linear Leaf Wallpaper design by Rasch is the perfect choice to achieve this. Delicate silver glitter strands are interwoven into a lightly textured blue background.

Sparkling Glitter Linear Leaf Wallpaper Blue / Silver Rasch

Or maybe you fancy opting for wallpaper which has a much more bold and decorative design. This Midnight Blue Flamingo Lake Wallpaper by Holden has a great dark blue / light pink contrast and the flamingos themselves have subtle mica accents to highlight them further against the blue.

 Flamingo Lake Wallpaper Midnight Blue Holden

Whether you choose one design for the entire room or get creative with feature walls and multiple wallpapers, dark blue and navy wallpaper is the answer to reinventing your home this year.