Marble has been used for thousands of years and yet, still today, it is a popular choice for interior design and home décor.  Recently though, there has been a surge in the popularity of marble effect wallpaper, creating a stylish and contemporary twist on this classic.  The diversity of the marble design means that there is a great variety of patterns and colours to choose from.  Continue reading to see some of our marble effect wallpapers and a few hints and tips for using this fantastic wallpaper.

Marblesque Geometric Marble Wallpaper

This geometric marble wallpaper is one of our new arrivals and is inspired by the growing popularity of marble and geometric wallpaper.  The stunning design is available in multiple colourways: grey and silver, blush pink and rose gold, cream and gold and emerald green and gold.  This bold wallpaper, which features a large repeating pattern and metallic detailing, is perfect for creating a bold and colourful feature wall.  If you are using this wallpaper to create an accent wall then we would recommend picking out colours from the design you choose and pairing it with a similar coloured paper with a plainer pattern.  This will make your wall stand out even more and also prevent the room from looking over cluttered.

Marblesque Geometric Marble Wallpaper Blush Pink and Rose Gold Marblesque Geometric Marble Wallpaper Emerald Green and Gold Marblesque Geometric Marble Wallpaper Cream and Gold

Fractal Geometric Marble Wallpaper

This is one of our bestsellers and also features the marble / geometric / metallic combination! This fractal geometric wallpaper also has a large pattern design which is perfect for opening up small rooms.  The wallpaper, with its smooth finish, can be used to create an accent wall or to decorate the entire room.   The metallic elements of the design reflect the light in the room meaning that you can play around with natural light and added lamps to creatively change the appearance of the wallpaper. With it being one of our bestsellers we have a lot of customer images featuring this wallpaper.  Below you can see the ways that customers have used these designs.

Fractal Geometric Marble Wallpaper Gold and White Fractal Geometric Marble Wallpaper Charcoal Grey and CopperFractal Geometric Marble Wallpaper Rose Gold

Here is an example of how one of our customers have used their Charcoal Fractal Geometric Marble Wallpaper to create a stunning feature wall in their bedroom.  The metallic copper elements of the wallpaper compliment the light pink and rose gold accessories of the bedroom and the grey smooth finish background is matched in the bedding set and cushions.  The plain design of the additional walls and bedspread allow the feature wall to really stand out and not make the room feel over cluttered.

Customer Image Fractal Geometric Marble Charcoal

Another of our amazing customers, Annmarrie, uses the lighter colourway of this design to also create a stunning feature wall in her purple themed bedroom.  The metallic silver aspects in the paper reflect the light in the room to create an elegant shimmer effect.  

Customer Image Fractal Geometric Marble Silver

Marble Tile Wallpaper White Rasch

For a more traditional look, this marble tile wallpaper by Rasch mimics the appearance of classic marble without the effort and high cost of fitting marble tiling.  It is also a paste the wall wallpaper meaning it has additional benefits such as saving time on decorating and creating a lot less mess.  The natural toned design, which mimics high-quality white marble, has a smooth finish adding to its ability to create a classically fashionable and chic decor. 

Marble Tile Wallpaper White Rasch

Metallic Marble Wallpaper

Although this design has a much smaller pattern than the other marble wallpapers, it can create an equally impressive look! The metallic marble wallpaper, which is available in three colourways, is perfect for creating a contemporary design and can be used throughout an entire room or as a feature wall.  This is a particularly great wallpaper for creating a modern and stylish front room or lounge, especially when paired with complimenting furniture and the right lighting.

Metallic Marble Wallpaper Charcoal and Copper Fine Décor Metallic Marble Wallpaper White and GoldMetallic Marble Wallpaper Mix

Carat Glitter Stripe Wallpaper

The marble effect on the Carat Glitter Stripe Wallpaper is a lot more subtle as it features a light metallic marble sheen. The striped paper is available in a range of both bright and pastel colours including black and silver, blue and gold and red and gold.  Each of the colourways feature alternating vertical coloured glitter stripes and matte coloured stripes that are infused with a subtle metallic marble.  The designs are great for most rooms but would look especially great in a hallway, lounge or bedroom.  This wallpaper is great in rooms with low ceilings as vertical stripes are notorious for making ceilings appear as if they are higher than they are.

Carat Glitter Stripe Wallpaper Black and Gold Carat Glitter Stripe Wallpaper Blue and Gold  Carat Glitter Stripe Wallpaper Red and Gold

Carat Damask Glitter Wallpaper

Similarly to the glitter stripe wallpaper above, this damask styled glitter wallpaper features a subtle marble metallic.  The design is made up of an embossed glitter damask pattern set on a matte background that is infused with a subtle metallic marble effect.  If using the darker designs to create an accent wall, we recommend using a plain and light colour on the other walls to really make it stand out and avoid making the room feel overcrowded.  The lighter coloured damask marble wallpapers can also be used to create a great feature wall but are just as stunning when used to decorate an entire room.  With such a high patterned design it can be used with minimal furniture and accessories and still make the room feel full and complete.

Carat Damask Glitter Wallpaper Gold and Black Carat Damask Glitter Wallpaper Silver and White Carat Damask Glitter Wallpaper Gold and Beige

Ultimately the appeal of marble wallpaper is in giving this classic design a contemporary twist and creating a stunning look without breaking the bank.  The great thing about this style of wallpaper is that it is so versatile and that it is available in a huge range of colours and patterns.  This gives you the chance to experiment with using marble designs whether you choose to pair them with plainer patterns or other marble designs, as in the photos below.

Carat Glitter Stripe Wallpaper Cream and Gold Carat Damask Glitter Wallpaper Gold and Red Carat Glitter Stripe Wallpaper Cream and Silver

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