Why Choose Metallic Wallpaper?

Metallic wallpaper has been around for some time but this year it has seen a surge in popularity.  In fact, there is a huge variety of metallic wallpaper styles, each of which can uniquely add something extra to a room.  Whether you are looking for a subtle design or a bold pattern, this wallpaper can be used to add instant colour and impact. Below we go through our top five types of metallic wallpaper.

1. Foil Metallic Wallpaper

With each of our wallpaper designs, the metallic elements capture and reflect light to give a more open feel to a room.  This is most apparent with the foil metallic wallpapers which are particularly good at reflecting light.  With these designs you can effortlessly and stylishly brighten and open up any room, and even make small spaces seem bigger.  The foil designs seen above are a recent addition to our collection and between them provide a range of patterns perfect for any home.  A final reason why we love foil metallic wallpaper is that, with some of the designs (the honeycomb paper above included), the wallpaper appears differently depending on your viewing angle and the lighting in your room.  This allows you to get extra creative and experiment with your lighting options to really emphasis you room and decor.

Foil Slate Wallpaper Silver ArthouseFoil Wave Wallpaper Rose Gold Arthouse Foil Honeycomb Wallpaper Silver Arthouse

2. Geometric Metallic Wallpaper

If you are looking for a way to update and modernise your home, then geometric metallic wallpaper is the answer.  Geometric wallpaper itself is a trending design for 2018, so why not opt for a wallpaper which meets two of this year’s trends?  In fact, the wallpapers below are among our most popular this year with the Apex Geometric Wallpaper being our best seller for the month just gone.  The beautiful thing about metallic wallpaper is that, as well as the background colour of each wallpaper, its metallic aspects can come in a range of colours as well.  With multiple colourways for most designs there’s something for everyone.

Metro Illusion Geometric Wallpaper - Navy Blue and Gold Apex Geometric Wallpaper Black and Silver Fine DecorApex Geometric Wallpaper Rose Gold Fine Decor

3. Marble Metallic Wallpaper

The Romans were using it thousands of years ago and yet it’s still a popular design today through marble effect wallpaper! The addition of a metallic element to this traditional design gives it a new breath of life and adds an elegant modern edge.  Why not try out the darker charcoal and copper marble wallpaper.  It has a matt grey background overlaid with a metallic copper marbling and is perfect for creating a contemporary classic lounge or sitting room.   

Fractal Geometric Marble Wallpaper Gold and White - Fine DecorMetallic Marble Wallpaper Charcoal and Copper Fine DecorFractal Geometric Marble Wallpaper Rose Gold - Fine Decor

4. Patterned Metallic Wallpaper

Patterned metallic wallpaper is the answer to a stunning feature wall! Paired with complimenting colours, a feature wall created from bold patterned metallic wallpaper really does stand out and make an impression.  If you’re feeling brave, then go for a dark or highly patterned wallpaper, the metallic elements break up the darker colours making the wall stand out.  To make your feature wall the focus of your room pick out key colours from the wallpaper that you have chosen and repeat them through plainer designs throughout the rest of your décor.

Astoria Deco Wallpaper Dark Blue and Gold RaschA Shade Wilder Koromo Koi Wallpaper Eclipse Fawning Feather Wallpaper Silver / Teal Holden

5. Crushed Velvet Metallic Wallpaper

The final type of metallic wallpaper that we recommend is a design that we have written an entire post on previously – crushed velvet metallic wallpaper.  This stunning wallpaper mimics the crushed velvet material of luxury furnishings while reflecting areas of light to create a chic and elegant finish. The reason we love this wallpaper so much is because it is so versatile! This design can be used in any room and is especially elegant as a feature wall in a bedroom.

Crushed Velvet Foil Wallpaper Mixed ArthouseCrushed Velvet Foil Wallpaper Silver ArthouseCrushed Velvet Foil Wallpaper Rose Gold Arthouse