How to Shop Wallpaper by Room: Bathrooms

It is important to consider which types of wallpaper would be suitable for different rooms in your home. There are lots of different types of wallpaper, and some types are more suitable for certain rooms than others. This blog series will provide information on one area of a house per week, giving you tips and inspiration for the given room.

It’s not something you see often; wallpaper in bathrooms. The mix of water, humidity and condensation are well known enemies of wallpaper and therefore wallpapering alongside sinks and baths would be an obvious waste of time... or so you thought.

As seen on our social media and in home decor magazines, wallpapering your downstairs loo (or however you choose to name it) has become a popular craze in the past couple of years. Wallpapering this small space is often used as an outlet for a homeowner’s creativity and boldness, decorating a space which may otherwise be left dingy, dark and boring. Nevertheless, the downstairs toilet has now become a safe space to release pattern and colour into the household, even if the rest of the house remains with neutral tones and minimalist themes.

blue wallpaper lemur bathroom        lemur wallpaper bathroom      flamingo pink wallpaper toilet                                                                                                                                 


Now, homeowners are stepping it up a level and introducing wallpaper into the bathroom. Like with any room of the house, wallpaper offers a fun alternative to paint and with the correct care and application, it can last just as long or even longer. Bathrooms can be a tricky room to decorate, with costs of tiling and upkeep often halting plans. Also, with the risk of the kids splashing and making a mess, wallpaper is often not the go-to.

Nevertheless, we’re here to prove how wallpaper can be a cost effective solution to your bathroom worries.

As mentioned in the previous blog, which explores the right wallpapers for hallways, there are different symbols given with wallpapers which should be considered before application. When looking for wallpapers to use in the bathroom or other high-moisture areas, the wallpaper should be ‘Washable’ or ‘Extra Washable’. ‘Spongeable’ wallpapers may also be fine depending on where in the bathroom it is used, however we recommend getting a wallpaper that is as washable as possible for bathrooms, as you never know how wet an area can get.

Therefore, you are ideally looking for these symbols:

spongeable wallpaper symbol

Spongeable- Water-soluble marks can usually be removed. This is usually recommended in high-traffic areas, such as hallways as it may not remove splash back or resist humid areas.

washable wallpaper symbol

Washable – With washable wallpapers, water stains may be cleared with a damp cloth and soapy water, perfect for splash back from baths, showers and sinks.

extra washable wallpaper symbol

Extra washable- this is the best choice for bathrooms due to their resilience to water and mild humidity.

So, without further ado, here are some of our top picks for your bathroom!

Crown London Tile Glitter Wallpaper - White

tile replica cream wallpaper

Chevron Tile Wallpaper in Teal

blue tile replica wallpaper

Portfolio XII Sealife Wallpaper

aquarium fish wallpaper bathroom

Kiss Foil Leaf Wallpaper - Bronze/ Black

black foil wallpaper palm leaf tropical

Slate Wall Effect Wallpaper

slate replica wallpaper bathroom stone

We hope we have been able to give you some inspiration and advice regarding the different kinds of wallpaper out there. We look forward to doing our next installment of shopping wallpaper by room!