From Andy’s bedroom to The Shining’s symmetrical hallways and The Grand Budapest Hotel lobby, cinema has produced some of the most recognisable interior design ever.

But there’s more than meets the eye as each colour is carefully selected to add to the film’s mood or story.

We’ve looked at 6 different film genres to compare their colour palettes and see what colours add to the romance, horror, comedy and more of these famous films.


Family films put a focus on primary colours making us feel nostalgic and at ease. The interiors are fun to look at so it’s no wonder we watch these films time and time again.

Toy Story - 1995

Toy Story Colour Palette

Paddington - 2014

Paddington Colour Palette

The Incredibles 2 - 2018

The Incredibles Colour Palette


Romantic films make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. These films use deep hues to make a space that’s cosy and comforting.

Bridget Jones’s Diary – 2001

Bridget Jones's Diary Colour Palette

Amelie – 2001

Amelie Colour Palette

PS. I Love You – 2007

PS. I Love You Colour Palette


Sci-Fi is futuristic and uses clinical colours like white and grey making it feel like an unknown environment.

2001: A Space Odyssey – 1968

2001 A Space Odyssey Colour Palette

Alien – 1979

Alien Colour Palette

Star Trek – 2009

Star Trek Colour Palette


All these films use dark colours to make us feel uneasy, like something could be lurking in the shadows. There’s also plenty of red which screams danger.

The Shining – 1980

 The Shining Colour Palette

Get Out – 2017

Get Out Colour Palette

Suspiria – 1977

Suspiria Colour Palette


Soft warm tones and neutral colours feature in these three comedies. They make us feel happy putting us in a good mood for a right laugh.

Stepbrothers – 2008

Stepbrothers Colour Palette

Bridesmaids – 2011

Bridesmaids Colour Palette

Anchorman – 2004

Anchorman Colour Palette


There’s lots of different colours in these Adventure films. Having so much to look at makes us feel excited and like something is about to happen…

Grand Budapest Hotel – 2014

Grand Budapest Hotel Colour Palette

Casino Royale – 2006

Casino Royale Colour Palette

Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets – 2002

Harry Potter Colour Palette

Genre Colour Palettes

Colours really affect our mood and the interiors in these film genres help to add to our experience of these blockbuster movies.

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