This year is all about vibrant and bold patterns, something that Accessorize incorporates brilliantly into their brand new wallpaper range. Below we will explore a few of these stunning designs and look at ways of using them in your home to create truly striking interiors. Hover over each image to see an additional room or swatch shot.

Accessorize Camden Brick Floral Wallpaper

The first of the Accessorize designs that we are going to be looking at today is the Camden Brick Wallpaper.  This stunning design puts a contemporary spin on a classic brick effect design with the bricks being overlaid with vibrant tropical flower motifs.  Like the rest of their new range, the paper itself is a paste the wall design making it quicker and easier than ever to hang your wallpaper.

Camden Brick Floral Wallpaper Multi / Light Grey Accessorize 274805

Celeste Glimmer Floral Wallpaper Accessorize 

Tying in nicely with their instantly recognisable style, this Celeste Glimmer Wallpaper by Accessorize is perfect for adding a fresh and on-trend feel to your home.  The beautiful paper draws on the popularity of nature inspired designs and colours with lotus style flowers in a beautiful balance of white and pale blush set amongst various shades of green leaves.  The pattern is set on a soft cream background with a subtle metallic sheen.  We would recommend pairing the design with furniture and accessories in other natural colours such as natural woods and complimenting colour shades.  Hover over the image below to see a close up of the design.

Celeste Glimmer Wallpaper Cream / Green Accessorize 274515

Accessorize Maui Tropical Bird Wallpaper Multi / Ink Blue

This Maui Tropical Wallpaper features a collection of brilliantly vibrant tropical images set on a contrasting matt ink blue backdrop.  With everything from flamingos and toucans to rainbow coloured feathers and exotic palm leaves, it is impossible for this bold and eye catching design not to become the talking point of a room.  This makes it especially ideal for creating a stunning feature wall. 

Maui Tropical Wallpaper Multi / Ink Blue Accessorize 274706

Mozambique Wallpaper Light Cream / Gold Accessorize

If you are looking for a design which features more of a contemporary simplicity then this Accessorize Mozambique wallpaper is for you.  The paper is available in four colourways including stunning yellow ochre or grey and rose gold patterns.  Featuring a large palm leaf motif with intricate detailing, the design is sure to bring an elegant style to your home.  To see all four colourways, click on the room image below.

Mozambique Wallpaper Light Cream / Gold Accessorize 275123

Final Note 

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