If you change your mind often or like to keep up with the very latest fashions and styles, then this is the DIY hack that you’ve been looking for!  As lovers of beautiful and stunning wallpapers, we use this technique in our offices so that we can experience a variety of styles and designs.  Take a look at some of our recent frame papers below and continue reading to see how to create something like this for yourself.

World of Wallpaper Office Picture Frames Quick and Easy Decorating Ideas

Step 1 – Choose Your Wallpaper

We have hundreds of stunning designs to choose from including stylish designer papers and trending patterns and colours.  You can easily find your perfect design by browsing through our wallpaper sections or by using our search function.  Why not try out a bold or quirky design? Make the frames the talking point of your room! After all, if you change the rest of your room’s décor it takes only moments to switch your frame paper.

Choosing The Right Wallpaper For Your Room

Step 2 – Choose Your Frames

Many hardware and art shops sell a selection of picture frames but if you’re looking for something more unique or unusual then look around charity shops, boot sales or freebie sites. Check out the video below by Hobzy for some great ideas on upcycling old or unsightly frames.  Alternatively, if you have an existing framed photo or image that you no longer want, simply take the image out and in seconds you have a frame that is ready to go.

Step 3 – Cut Your Wallpaper to Size

The size of your chosen wallpaper should be just larger than the visible portion of the paper.  Measure the inside of the back of the frame and use this to work out the size of the paper that you will need.  Top Tip: It is better to have too much wallpaper than not enough - over estimate the size of the section that you need then trim the paper to the correct size once it is placed against the frame.

Upcycling With Wallpaper Cutting Wallpaper To Size

Step 4 – Hang Your Frames

As with hanging wallpaper, make sure you take pattern and colour match into consideration.   If using busy frames or papers then make sure these are highlighted by plainer or more subtle colours in the rest of your décor.  Check your frame type to make sure that you are using a wall fitting that is appropriate for your picture frame. 

Hang Your Wallpaper Frames

Step 5 – Get Creative!

Play around with different designs and frames and try a variety of colours and themes. Be brave and choose something that you wouldn’t usually go for - such as a bold or brightly coloured design!  For more ideas and trends, follow us on Facebook, InstagramPinterest or Twitter