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Remember the period in 2014 when everyone was obsessed with Skinnydip phone cases? Well that very same company now sells gorgeous, high quality wallpaper which is available to order right here on World of Wallpaper - how exciting! Keep reading to see which Skinnydip wallpapers that are trending right now and be up-to-date on your interior décor just in time for summer! 

For those of you who have not heard of this successful company, Skinnydip was founded 2011 by the three young men pictured below (James, Lewis and Richard). After the Apple iPhone launched, they realised the lack of stylish phone cases that were available to buy. Accordingly, they spotted a gap in the market and became hugely popular - there has not been a dull phone case since!

The company not only sell online, but also have 20 stand alone stores and feature on 200 stocklists worldwide. They are always expanding and aim to make Skinnydip products available wherever you go.

Since their initial launch, the trio have branched out into new markets - they now sell a wide range of home accessories, lifestyle products and even clothing!

Skinny-dipping to success - The Jewish Chronicle

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Most importantly, Skinnydip recently started selling wallpaper - and it reflects the company's fun, innovative and modern energy. This is why we are so excited to have them available of our website.

Without further ado, we would like to give you a brief overview of our range of Skinnydip wallpaper that are now available on WOW.

Skinnydip Wallpaper Designs 

1. Skinnydip Peachy Wallpaper Muriva 180501

*Editor's favourite

Skinnydip Peachy Wallpaper Muriva 180501

This wallpaper is absolutely stunning - it features cute and dainty peaches set on a pale pink background with a soft matte finish. It would look great in any room, but it would look particularly nice in a bedroom, living room, bathroom, study or hallway. This is a perfect for a spring/summer refresh, and will continue to brighten up any room in the winter months. As featured on the picture, this wallpaper is at it's best when paired with wooden rattan, rose gold and an abundance plants. 

2. Skinnydip Dominica Tropical Leaf Wallpaper Green / Pink Muriva 180520

Skinnydip Dominica Tropical Leaf Wallpaper Green / Pink Muriva 180520

Palm leaves are a wallpaper favourite, and Skinnydip have done it incredibly well. The design features a stunning pattern of palm leaves and cheese plant leaves in various tones of green, set on a soft blush pink matte background. Style it with gold/rose gold, green and pink cushions and plants and you've got yourself a bang on trend room that will impress all of your friends on the 17th May when you are finally allowed to invite them around following the easement of the COVID-19 restrictions. This is also available in 2 other colourways.

3. Skinnydip Daisy Floral Wallpaper Black Muriva 180510

Skinnydip Daisy Floral Wallpaper Black Muriva 180510

This quirky wallpaper makes a statement in any room of your home - it features white and yellow daisies on a black background. This wallpaper is also available in 2 other colourways, pink and blue. 

4. Skinnydip Marble Wallpaper Grey / Silver Muriva 180530

Skinnydip Marble Wallpaper Grey / Silver Muriva 180530

Marble is another popular wallpaper choice, but Skinnydip's take on it looks extra special.  The design features a liquid marble effect in soft tones of grey and white with swirls of mica and silver metallic ink detailing, set on a smooth finish of high quality wallpaper. This intricate detailing creates stunning shiny movements which will bring light to your home. The neutral colours means that you can style the rest of your chosen room with whichever colours you want - it's a very versatile choice. This wallpaper is also available in rose gold/white.

So there are some of our fabulous new Skinnydip wallpaper designs! 

As mentioned above, there are more colourways available in the last three designs that are available to view if you follow this link:

I hope you like these wallpapers as much as I do and that this blog has inspired you try try them out!

Thank you for reading and have a lovely day!

Emma - Marketing Assistant @ World of Wallpaper