Autumn Design

                                                                                               Colour Trends

In the next few days Summer will officially end and Autumn 2018 will begin!  It’s that time of year again when we start to wrap up warm and enjoy beautiful and colourful landscapes as nature erupts into a striking red and gold canvas.  This Autumn change is revered in the interior design world and can often be seen reflected through home decor trends and fashion collections.  In this post today we are going to explore these colour trends within our own range of stunning wallpapers and give you a few tips on completing the look.  Continue reading for our four autumn colour selections. We will start by exploring Autumn reds. 

Red Wallpaper

                                                                 Vymura Synergy Rich Red Floral Glitter Wallpaper

The first design that we are going to look at today is this Rich Red Floral Glitter Wallpaper.  Part of the Vymura Synergy Collection, this beautiful design matches the brilliant red of an early autumn tree.  The petal detail flowers are joined by a delicately waving pattern of floral leaves and stems, all of which are set on a slightly textured cream backdrop.  The design also features soft metallic and glitter highlights throughout which brings forward memories of dew covered leaves on a crisp Autumn morning.  Hover over the image below for a closer view of the design.

                                            Synergy Floral Glitter Wallpaper Rich Red Vymura M0781

                                                                 Barbara Becker Red and Green Tartan Wallpaper

Our second wallpaper has a classic red and green tartan design with tiny zigzagged yellow, white and blue lines woven into the pattern.  This is perhaps a perfect representation of the turn of Autumn as it mimics the changing colours from greens to reds and yellows.  The colour combination is one which can be seen throughout interior design and is what makes it so effective for creating a striking feature wall.  For a stylish and contemporary finish we would recommend pairing this wallpaper with a plainer, warm red design to really bring the colour out of the tartan pattern.  

  Barbara Becker Tartan Wallpaper - Red and Green - Rasch 861730

                                                                                Shimmer Wave Wallpaper Red

This bold red Love Your Wall Shimmer Wave wallpaper features a layered wave pattern in strokes of red and silver metallic and glitter.  The high-quality design is perfect for creating a warming and intriguing pattern and matches the turning of the leaves in this season.  The design is ideal for use in most rooms but perhaps consider putting this wallpaper in your entrance hall to give your home a warm and welcoming feel.

                                     Love Your Walls Shimmer Wave Wallpaper Red                                                               

Orange Wallpaper

                                                             Apex Geometric Wallpaper Burnt Orange and Grey

Orange is a colour people often shy away from but, when used in the right design, it is a fantastic and stylish addition to any home.  This Apex Geometric Wallpaper by Fine Decor mimics the darker and warmer oranges of Autumn leaves and pairs this with contrasting tones of grey for a bold and striking design.  This paper is ideal for using as both a feature wall and decorating an entire room.

                                      Apex Geometric Wallpaper Burnt Orange and Grey Fine Decor FD42002

                                                                              Autumn Orange Stripe Wallpaper

Autumn is all about orange.  As the leaves on the trees turn ready to fall, nature provides us with a stunning range of colours.  This design below fits nicely with the Autumn colour trend through its stylish stripe design featuring alternating orange, coffee and cream coloured stripes.  Another bonus of this design is that it is very versatile.  You can choose whether you hang it vertically or horizontally and whether you use it for a whole room or just for a feature wall.

                                      Stripe Wallpaper Orange, Coffee & Cream Direct Wallpapers E40915

                                                                           Orange Retro Geometric Wallpaper

This retro style design also features a few of Autumn’s trending colours.  With a mesmerising pattern of repeating coloured blocks  on a mottled white background, this Geometric design by P+S is the perfect accompaniment to an on-trend living room or lounge.

                                      Geometric Retro Blocks Wallpaper Orange / Green P+S 18190-40


                                                                            Flora Nouveau Wallpaper Yellow 

Yellow is a colour that is often associated with Autumn and features in a lot of Autumn colour collections.  The first of our yellow designs is this Flora Nouveau wallpaper.  Featuring a large floral damask pattern in a range of yellow, grey and cream tones, this beautifully detailed wallpaper is based on a traditional pattern from Crown’s design archives which date back to 1910.  Featuring a subtle metallic sheen, the beautiful classic is the ideal paper for bringing the trending autumn colour to your home through a timeless design.

                                   Crown Archives Flora Nouveau Wallpaper Yellow M1195

                                                             Yellow and Grey Geometric Triangle Wallpaper

Another design which fits nicely into the Autumn colours range is this Scandi Geometric Triangle Wallpaper.  With varying sized triangles in tones of yellow, grey and white, the linen effect print paper can brighten and open up a room for a fresh Autumnal feel.

                                   ART268 - Scandi Geo Triangle Wallpaper - Yellow and Grey - Arthouse 908206

                                                                   Aztec Yellow Diamond Geometric Wallpaper

Our final yellow design for today is this Aztec Diamond Geometric Wallpaper.  The striking design features a uniform yellow diamond pattern on a white gloss finish backdrop.  As this is a particularly busy design, although it would look great to decorate an entire room, we would recommend breaking the room up by pairing this with a plainer wallpaper.

                                   PSI092 - Aztec Diamond Geo Wallpaper Yellow / White P+S 18194-50


                                                              Autumn Brown Stacked Logs Wallpaper

When we think of Autumn we tend to think of the brighter colours and overlook the various brown tones.  Brown is a timeless and lasting colour which can be found across a huge range of designs and patterns. This Stacked Logs Wallpaper by Rasch is a great example of a wallpaper which fits in with the Autumn colour scheme.  The paper features a stacked log effect which is perfect for creating a rustic and classically cosy feel to your room.

                               Stacked Logs Wallpaper Rasch 931808

                                                              Chocolate Brown Floral Glitter Wallpaper 

This Chocolate Floral Glitter Wallpaper is an additional colourway to the design seen in red above.  Also part of the Vymura Synergy Collection, this stylish design features various shades of brown on a slightly textured glitter cream background.  The petal detail flowers are joined by a delicately waving pattern of floral leaves and stems with soft metallic and glitter highlights throughout.

                               Synergy Floral Glitter Wallpaper Chocolate Vymura M0780

                                                                                      Final Note

The increasingly popularity of Autumn colours does not show any sign of slowing down anytime soon.  Whether you decide on reds, oranges, yellows or browns, we at WorldofWallpaper have you covered.  Perhaps consider mixing and matching complimenting colours and patterns for a bold and unique look – after all, they do say that nature is the ultimate fashion handbook and Autumn certainly mixes its colours!