2020's Colour of the Year

Now that we have entered a brand new year it is time to review which trends we are leaving in 2019 and what styles we will be adopting in 2020. Since the festive season has now quietened and life is slowly but surely getting back into a routine it is the perfect time to assess the New Year in the world of home decor. What has been officially chosen as the colour of 2020? What simple decor changes shall we be making around the house?

So let’s start with what has been named the official colour of 2020. Pantone has been announcing the colour of the year for over 20 years and claim to have ‘influenced product development and purchasing decisions in multiple industries, including fashion, home furnishings, and industrial design, as well as product packaging and graphic design’ (Pantone.com). In short, their choice of colour is a pretty big deal. So, according to Pantone’s annual Colour of the Year reveal, ‘Classic Blue’ is the colour that we should be embracing in our homes this year.

2020 colour of the year classic blue

Classic Blue
has been chosen for its ability to ‘Instil calm, confidence and connection’ which highlights our desire for a ‘dependable and stable foundation on which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era’ (Pantone.com). Therefore, it is clear that with the dawn of a new era, and the ability to leave behind the events of the twenty tens, we crave as a nation to reinstate the notion of reflection, stillness and possibility. All sounds a bit pretentious right? Can a colour really do this? Personally I believe that colours really can make a difference on our moods and how we perceive a room or certain environment. Whilst you may not see it as being as deep as how Pantone describe a colour, adopting a deep and timeless blue colour into your home instantly creates feelings of homeliness and warmth.

This does not mean that you now have to plaster every wall in a shade similar to Classic Blue, but suggests that it should be incorporated into your home however big or small.

There’s no easier way to dictate the essence of a room than by using wallpaper. The right wallpaper can instantly capture both the desired mood and theme of a room whereas paint often requires the addition of furniture and accessories to do this. See wallpaper as being the choir master of a room, once a design has been chosen, the rest of the room will follow.

So, without further ado, here are our top picks which incorporate 2020’s colour of the year... Classic Blue. While it's hard to match Pantone's Classic Blue, there's no rule to tell you that you cannot sway into equally calming navy and deep blues, as all of the above have the same effect.

Fretwork Geometric Wallpaper Midnight Blue Rasch 701647

geometric wallpaper navy classic blue
This navy Fretwork wallpaper is a alternative spin on classic geometric wallpapers. Although it's not a total match to 'Classic Blue', the soft-textured midnight blue background offers the colours soothing and calm influences. However, the elegant geometric print featured with a multi-tonal metallic silver finish gives the wallpaper its stylish and more modern edge. 

Jungle Animals Wallpaper Navy Holden 90690

2020 colour of the year classic blue jungle lemur wallpaper
This Jungle Animals wallpaper is a popular choice over on World of Wallpaper. One thing that we have noticed over the past year is the public desire to be more 'out there' with their decor choices. The rise in sales of tropical wallpapers such as this highlight this trend, and we love it! Statement wallpapers are a great twist on dated and plain interior decor. No matter how decorative the pattern, set on a background such as a deep blue like this, a wallpaper can be both a loud statement or a fun and calming addition to a room.

Navy and Gold Metro Illusion Geometric Wallpaper - WOW005

2020 geometric wallpaper navy blue sale discount

This wallpaper is a treat for your eyes as the pattern changes shape depending on the angle you are seeing it. Some may see stars, some may see cubes while others can see floral shapes. No matter what you see, the wallpaper is a gorgeous addition to any room. Despite its busy pattern, any wallpaper set on a deep navy/ blue background evokes a sense of calm and depth into a room.

Portfolio XII Metallic Stars Wallpaper Navy / Silver Rasch 248173

navy blue silver stars wallpaper kids children

Here's one for the kids or those who want to add a touch of fun to their room. Nothing says 'possibility' like the night sky, so as Pantone choseClassic Blueas a colour to prepare us for the new era at hand, this Navy Stars wallpaper is both fun and inspiring. The metallic sheen allows for a more playful finish and brings the light in on an otherwise darker colour.

Waldorf Deco Wallpaper Navy / Gold World of Wallpaper 274447

art deco 1920s colour of the year navy blue

The 'roaring twenties' are back a century later and not much has changed in many interior styles. Art Deco patterns and designs are still a best seller 100 years on and they do not seem to be shifting. This Waldorf Deco Wallpaper incorporates both the colour of 2020 and the style of 1920, how perfect!

Bambino XVIII Narrow Stripe Wallpaper Navy / White Rasch 246049

blue and white stripes wallpaper

This stripe wallpaper offers a contemporary spin on 'Classic Blue', breaking up the colour with white intervals. Despite being a minimalist wallpaper, the striped design is a flattering statement to any room. The stripes break up the calm of the navy and creates something a touch more exciting, nevertheless the vertical, straight strips also emit a sense of still and stability

Elixir Marble Wallpaper Blue / Gold Muriva 166504

marble effect wallpaper blue gold

This wallpaper is certainly a conversation starter, but we're not complaining! Marble has been growing in popularity over the past few years with its style and elegance in high demand for kitchens, bathrooms and other furniture worktops. Now, we're loving it on our walls too. It's easy to get lost in the marble swirl pattern which is scattered with metallic gold highlights on smooth matte finish. And to quote Pantone's statement quite literally, marble is a 'dependable and stable foundation on which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era’...

Tropics Pindorama Floral Wallpaper Navy Arthouse 690101

tropical wallpaper blue navy birds

Last but not least is this Arthouse Tropics Pindorama Floral Wallpaper in Navy. This vibrant wallpaper is both busy and calm at the same time as it allows you to get lost in the serene tropical scene whilst maintaining a colourful statement. This wallpaper remains a favourite with our customers as it's often praised for its 'thick quality' with a 'gorgeous finish'.