Balance Your Colour Scheme

An essential part of planning for a little one is in creating them a perfect nursery ready for their arrival.  When choosing your wallpaper and design, keep in mind that it is important to balance your colour scheme with varying tones of light and pastel colours alongside splashes of bright colours.  This results in the room providing a great space for your baby to rest as well as be stimulated by their environment.  In this post today we are going to explore some of our favourite baby and nursery wallpapers.

Jungle Animals Wallpaper 

This fun jungle animals wallpaper features a selection of adorable illustrated animals such as lions, elephants, cheetahs, giraffes and monkeys.  Set on a soft cream background with a faint leaf pattern this paper is great for creating a calming and relaxing environment whilst also providing an interesting pattern of cute and colourful animals that your little one will continue to love as they grow.

Jungle Friends Wallpaper Multi Holden 12541

Pink Ballerina Wallpaper

This pretty pink ballerina wallpaper is another design which has the perfect colour balance for a nursery.  With a soft pink background adorned with white swans and little pink butterflies, as well as carefully detailed bolder coloured ballerinas, the design has the added benefit of stunning glitter and metallic elements.  As it is washable it is especially great for a nursery paper, making it perfect for all the little dancers out there and any future ballet stars!

Ballerina Wallpaper Pink Holden 12460

Adorable Sausage Dog Wallpaper

Everyone loves a sausage dog with their stumpy legs and little waggy tails!  This fun design below features a range of cute dachshunds in adorable outfits and poses.  The pastel coloured images are set on a grey and white background which creates an airy and bright feel to a room, perfect for a baby’s nursery.  The design is also washable making it a great choice for babies and toddlers.

Walkies Sausage Dog Wallpaper Grey / White Holden 12551

Blue Elephant Peel And Stick Wallpaper

With so much to prepare for with a baby on the way, this easy to apply peel and stick elephants design is the holy grail of nursery wallpapers.  As it is peel and stick it is self-adhesive so you cut out the messy wallpaper glue and paste stage.  It also means that it is easy to remove so can be repositioned without leaving any residue making it easier to quickly and effective decorate your baby’s room before the big day. 

NuWallpaper Elephant Parade Peel And Stick Wallpaper Blue Fine Decor NU1404 5.5m x 0.52m

Dino Town Dinosaur Wallpaper

This colourful dinosaur themed wallpaper depicts an adorable prehistoric scene with cartoon dinosaurs in a range of poses.  From the sunglass wearing Diplodocus to the train riding Stegosaurus, this funny and cute dinosaur wallpaper will be a hit with the adults as well as the little ones.  

Dino Town Dinosaur Wallpaper Multi Holden 12530