Keeping Up With Changing Trends

We like to keep you lot up to date with the latest trends and fashions in the wallpapering world which is why, this week, we have decided to explore the growing popularity of the yellow and grey colour scheme.  In this post today, we are going to explore some of our collection including a few of our brand-new arrivals.     

Marino Oslo Geometric Wallpaper Mustard and Grey  

The first wallpaper that we are going to look at today is one of our new designs which incorporates not only the trending yellow / grey colour scheme but also a striking contemporary geometric pattern.  The design is made up of intersecting squares, rectangles and semicircles in mustard yellow, white and grey tones.  Overlaying the design is a subtle metallic silver for an added contemporary effect.  To continue the scheme into the room itself, you can pick out colours from the paper and use these to colour match your accessories and even furniture.    

Marino Oslo Geometric Wallpaper Mustard Fine Decor FD42388

Crown Ophelia Decoupage Wallpaper Yellow and Grey

Also one of our new arrivals, this Crown Ophelia Decoupage Wallpaper is a pretty collage style design made up of a mis-match of beautiful floral and damask patterns, small shabby chic trinket boxes and various French phrases.  This particular colourway sees each of the items sketched in various shades of grey with parts picked out in a stunning yellow.  This is joined by intricately detailed photo style roses in a complementing yellow .  This design would look stunning as a feature wall in a bedroom, especially with accessories matching the yellow / grey combination.

Crown Ophelia Decoupage Wallpaper Yellow M1427

Yellow and Grey Scandi Geo Triangle Wallpaper 

Next up is our Scandi Geo Triangle Wallpaper by Arthouse.  The symmetrical design sees a repeating pattern of yellow, light and dark grey triangles with a smooth textured linen effect print.  The mesmerizing and modern pattern would also make a fantastic feature wall and would work well in most rooms, especially as a stylish focal point to your living room or bedroom.

Scandi Geo Triangle Wallpaper - Yellow and Grey - Arthouse 908206

Geometric Sticks Wallpaper Yellow / Grey 

This interesting design is a quirky twist on a more generic geometric pattern.  The design is made up of various coloured blocks or sticks arranged into an almost wave like pattern.  The colours, as with most of the other designs in this post today, play on using yellow alongside various shades of grey to create an eye-catching and dramatic design.  As this is quite a busy design we would recommend using it as a feature wall alongside a plainer paper, perhaps a complimenting yellow or light grey.

Geometric Sticks Wallpaper Yellow / Grey P+S 18191-30

Apex Geometric Wallpaper Yellow and Grey

Our Apex Geometric Wallpaper has already proven itself to be a popular design with large yellow and light and dark grey triangles arranged into a stylish and contemporary geometric pattern.  Running between the triangles is a brilliant silver metallic strip for added glamour and modern effect.  As a firm favourite with our customers, we have a selection of customer images using this design which will feature in next week's post if you want further ideas and inspiration for your own room design.

Apex Geometric Wallpaper Yellow and Grey Fine Decor FD41991

Yellow Boutique Floral Wallpaper

This beautiful floral design also incorporates the trending colour scheme.  The wallpaper features a brilliant yellow background with large white flowers and soft grey leaves and stems.  Each of the flowers has a delicate grey detailing on its petals which is joined by a subtle metallic sheen.  The design is a sophisticated and stylish way to make sure your home is on point and you are keeping up with the latest trends and fashions.

Boutique Floral Wallpaper Yellow Rasch 226164

Apex Wave Geometric Wallpaper Yellow 

Another of the Apex range, this wave geometric wallpaper uses tones of yellow, grey and white alongside a metallic geometric edging.  The beautiful wave design interweaves the complimenting colours to create a truly stylish and eye-catching pattern.   Try pairing this design with a plainer wallpaper which matches the colours in the design.  A dove grey or light grey wallpaper would create a very sleek and stylish finish.

Apex Wave Geometric Wallpaper Yellow Fine Decor FD42170

Chinese Garden Wallpaper Yellow

If you are looking for a wallpaper that will instantly transform and brighten up your room then this Chinese Garden Wallpaper is for you!  The bright yellow backdrop is adorned with delicate white cherry blossom flowers, pretty grey Chinese lanterns and little grey swallows.  This design brings a fresh and new feel to a home and creates a fabulous centre point to a room.  For a closer look at the pattern, hover over the room shot below.

Chinese Garden Wallpaper Yellow Arthouse 695401

Echo Geometric Wallpaper Ochre

This Echo Geometric design features a 3D cube effect formed from a geometric diamond pattern in various shades of grey, white and yellow.  For a truly mesmerising effect, each cube is finished with one side containing glitter highlights.  The design is ideal for creating a feature wall or decorating the entire room and will definitely be a talking point in your home.

Echo Geometric Wallpaper Ochre Coloroll M1299