If you don’t conform to standards in your everyday life, why should you do so in your decorating? Decorating with unusual wallpaper designs is a great way to show off your personality, and is an easy way to make the space in which you live unique to you.

This blog will give you some ideas on how to be quirky in your decorating. Tired of the same plain walls? Or the same wallpaper that you’ve had up for years? Well our website can offer you unique wallpapers that you will struggle to find elsewhere. We have a wide range of options to make sure that everyone can find something that meets their preferences.

Where should I put a quirky and unique wallpaper?

The answer is absolutely anywhere in your home! Here at WOW, we think there is no such thing as overdoing bold wallpapers. However, if you don't feel like going all out, then a great place to put unique wallpaper is in an entrace hall or cloakroom. This is because it creates a cool first impression of your home. Another great place to put it could be in a downstairs bathroom because you're not making a big commitment like you might be if you put it in your living room. Alternatively, you could use one of these wallpapers as a feature wall, or even just on certain parts of a wall!

Dogs in Frames Wallpaper

   Dogs in Frames Wallpaper Muriva                                                      Safari Frames Wallpaper Emerald Green / Gold Holden 

Dogs in Frames Wallpaper Muriva J59309Safari Frames Wallpaper Emerald Green / Gold Holden 90070

Left: This funny and quirky wallpaper displays an array of dapper dogs and deer posing in a selection of ornate frames, wearing a variety of accessories. The dogs are dressed in Victorian attire and the photos are in black and white to give the wallpaper Victorian feel. The frames are set on a grey and black striped background. We think this wallpaper works well in an entrance hall or cloakroom to create an instant talking point. However, this wallpaper would also look great in any room of the house as both a feature wall or to be used to decorate the whole room.

Right: This wallpaper is similar to the one above in that it displays a mixture of funny safari animals posing to have their picture taken. The design features black and white images of wild animals including giraffes, lions and monkeys, set in patterned frames on a rich emerald green background. Certain elements are accented with metallic gold highlights to catch and reflect the light.

Abstract Alice in Wonderland Style Wallpapers

              Belladonna Wallpaper Light Witch and Watchman                       Wonderland Tropical Wallpaper Black Holden

Belladonna Wallpaper Light Witch and Watchman WW-BL-WPWonderland Tropical Wallpaper Black Holden 91193

Left: This whimsical and eccentric design has been digitally printed onto luxury non woven paper. This will bring an element of excitement to your home as it looks like it should be featured in a scene from Alice in Wonderland! Belladonna Light is full of intricate and quirky details with fantastical birds, dainty cakes and tea party elements set against lush foliage on an off white background.. Also available in a black colourway.

Right: This Wonderland Tropical Wallpaper will bring a touch of exotic fun to your home. The fantasy themed design features an array of colourful animals and birds in quirky attire, including a chameleon with a top hat and a toucan in a bow tie. This is set amongst tropical foliage and flowers in vibrant jewel tones on a deep black background.

Bold Patterns 

   Global Fusion Flamingos Wallpaper Pink                                     Ted Baker Fantasia Collection Cranes Wallpaper Grey

Global Fusion Flamingos Wallpaper Pink G56406Ted Baker Fantasia Collection Cranes Wallpaper Grey 12621

Left: The large graphic of these beautiful flamingos, monstera and banana leaves in shades of pinks and greens will bring a tropical feel to your home design. This wallpaper could be used to create a striking feature wall or to decorate an entire room.

Right: Ted Baker’s opulent Cranes wallpaper draws inspiration from a much-loved print from their archives for a touch of the tropics in your home decoration. Representing immortality, longevity and good fortune, this design is packed with character and personality to match.

New Unusual Geometrics 

    Space Hex Wallpaper Multi Arthouse                                            Dalmatian Fragments Wallpaper Multi Arthouse

 Space Hex Wallpaper Multi Arthouse 669501Dalmatian Fragments Wallpaper Multi Arthouse 908508

Left: This is great for a kids' room and mixes geometric with space themed wallpaper. This Space Hex Wallpaper would make a fun feature in your home. The design features a silver metallic hexagonal geometric pattern containing an array of planets, stars, constellation lines and stardust with both silver and gold metallic highlights.

Right: This wallpaper also adds a twist to the popular geometric design, combining it with a Dalmatian print.  It will be sure to make a glamorous but quirky statement in your home. The design features a metallic gold geometric pattern of abstract triangle and quadrilateral shapes containing different pastel block colours such as pink, lilac and mint as well as a Dalmatian print pattern.

So there you have it! We've shown you a variety of wallpapers that are just a little bit different. We hope that this has given you some inspiration to try a unique and quirky wallpaper in your own home, whether it's to match your bold personality, or to create a conversation starter for guests!

Thank you for reading!