New Wallpaper Colour Trends

Last year was all about using bright and vibrant colours in a little one’s nursery, but this year, it’s all about pastel and more muted designs!  We are also seeing an increase in the popularity of animal themed papers, with cartoon and hand-painted style designs taking the lead.  Below we explore a few of our stunning papers and give you some suggestions on how to create a beautiful nursery room that both you and your baby will love.

Beautiful Children’s Eco Safari Wallpaper

This Eco Safari Wallpaper is a brand-new design that will be available next week at WorldofWallpaper.  This adorable paper mimics a hand-painted style, with a beautifully illustrated range of safari animals including giraffes, zebras, monkeys and lions.  This is overlaid on a pale cream background with a lightly textured finish.  The design’s more muted colours means that it is perfect for creating a calming atmosphere for your baby, whilst also adding a stylish and interesting element to the room.  This particular paper also has the added benefit that it is an ecological product and is both hypo-allergenic and fully recyclable!  For more information click on the image below.

Little Ones Eco Safari Wallpaper Multi GranDeco LO2201

Woodland Creatures Nursery Wallpaper

If you are looking to create a light and airy feel to your child’s nursery, then this Woodland Creatures Wallpaper is for you.  With its gentle pastel colours and soft white background, this design can be used to decorate the entire room without becoming too busy or overbearing.  The design is made up of cartoon hedgehogs, owls and bunnies each with their very own babies in tones of pink, purple, white and grey.  To see a close-up of the paper, simply hover over the image below.

Woodland Creatures Wallpaper 10m AS Creation 93555-1

Baby’s Ballerina Wallpaper

This gorgeous ballet themed wallpaper is made up of little ballerinas dancing alongside delicate white swans and butterflies.  The design is set on a soft, pink background and contains beautiful glitter and metallic elements for added style and sparkle.  With its use of delicate pink, purple and white tones, the paper fits in perfectly with this year’s colour trend and is easy to accessorise by matching the design’s key colours through your furniture, bedding and curtains.  As you can see in the image below, this versatile design can also be used alongside other pastel papers to create a stunning feature wall.

Ballerina Wallpaper Pink Holden 12460

Nursery Wallpaper Forest Friends

With its fun selection of cute woodland animals, how can you resist this Forest Friends wallpaper for your little one’s nursery?  With a simple, yet effective, design, and a beautiful mix of pastel and muted colours, this wallpaper is perfect for creating a tranquil and calming atmosphere in a baby’s room.  For ideas on using this design, see the image below.  Using the paper to create a stylish feature wall, you can pick out elements of the paper and match these in the room itself.  For example, in the image, they continue the animal theme into the room using matching soft toys and teddies.  They also use colour co-ordinating furniture and accessories to compliment the natural woods, whites and pastel colours of the paper.


Forest Friends Wallpaper Neutral Arthouse 667201

Children’s Sausage Dog Wallpaper

Our final design is one of our most popular children’s wallpapers.  The paper features a selection of cartoon sausage dogs on light, fluffy clouds, wearing adorable outfits such as knitted jumpers and scarves.  Set on a white background and using soft grey and pastel colours, this design is perfect for creating an on-trend and stylish nursery.  As you can see in the room shot below, the paper works particularly well with natural wood colours, which also fits into this year’s rising wooden toy trend.  To see a close-up of the design, hover over the image below.  To get this paper for yourself, click on the image and it will take you to our site.  

Walkies Sausage Dog Wallpaper Grey / White Holden 12551

Final Note

Whilst last year was all about creating feature walls, this year it is pretty evenly matched, giving you even more choice when deciding on how to decorate your little one’s room.  Whether you opt for a feature wall or not, one option to consider would be to use two complimenting wallpapers together, such as with the Ballerina Wallpaper image featured above.  For the perfect on-trend nursery, match light and pastel tones together and consider other popular motifs such as adorable animals.  Don’t forget to accessorise the room by pulling out key colours from your children's wallpaper and matching these in your furniture.  Our ultimate style tip is to get on board with the latest children’s trends and introduce a selection of fashionable wooden toys to complete your stylish design.