Visualise Our Wallpapers Virtually Before You Buy

Wizart Home Visualizer - YouTube

We have some exciting new software that is now available for you to use on our website. This amazing new tool allows you to visualise exactly how any wallpaper that we sell on our website will look in your room before you buy it. Don't worry about windows or objects that may be in the way of a blank wall - this technology works around them as it is capable of recognising the difference between a wall and something else. 

How To Use It

To use this technology, there is no need to install an app or download any software. All you need to do is simply press the grey button that says ‘try it in your own room’. You should find this button once you have clicked on your desired wallpaper on that particular wallpaper’s page. You can use this tool on a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Next, take a picture of the wall that you would like your potential wallpaper to go and upload it to the software. You can either do this, or choose one of our template rooms to get a good idea of how the wallpaper will look. We have templates of a range of kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms and nurseries so that if you don’t want to upload your own image, you don’t have to.  

This software is free and incredibly easy to use, so make the most of it!

A Step-by-Step Guide

1. Take a picture with your phone or tablet, or select one of our room shots if on your PC or tablet

 Wizart Phone 1

2. Choose a pattern

Phone Demonstration 2

3. Switch patterns in the blink of an eye

Phone Demonstration 3

4. Save of share you photo on social media

Phone Demonstration 4

How This Technology Works

This new cutting edge technology uses computer vision algorithms which recognise and digitise photographed objects and then overlay new finishing materials onto flat surfaces in photorealistic quality. Simultaneously, it preserves the perspective, shades, and scale of photographed objects and finishing materials.

The neural network learns to “see” and recognise various types of interiors. It becomes capable of identifying and separating the objects from the walls and floors. The process of machine learning is ongoing and therefore the neural network is constantly improving.

The result is that you can see exactly how your chosen wallpaper will look in any room that you upload.

How Accurate is it?

This tool is highly accurate, providing 95% precision for 90% of the most common interiors. However, we cannot guarantee that it will be 100% accurate every time, especially if you have an atypical interior. An atypical interior means that it would contain something unusual such as medieval stained glass windows, round walls or an exhibition booth with no ceilings. This is because if there are images that have never been seen on the neutral network before, it may not separate it from the walls correctly. Nevertheless, 9 out of 10 uploaded photos should produce an accurate result that is photorealistic enough for a customer to see that product as it would look in their home.

Have fun with this fantastic tool which should give you more confidence to buy a wallpaper as you will know exactly how it will look in the place you had in mind for it.

We hope this new technology improves your shopping experience with us even more!

Thank you for reading :)

Emma - Marketing Assistant @ World of Wallpaper