Wallpaper is a great tool that you can use in many different ways! You do not need to take the traditional route and cover all four walls with wallpaper. Instead, you can think outside of the box and use it in a variety of different ways. If you are not sure on the different ways in which you can use wallpaper, then keep reading because this blog is for you.

1.       Cover all four walls

We will start with the traditional way of wallpapering which is to use it on all of the walls in the room. However, just because it is traditional, does not mean that you need to stick with the garish patterns of the 1970s or the sickly flowers of the 1980s. To avoid offending the eyes, keep to contemporary patterns, textures and styles. Here are a few examples of modern wallpapers which will be sure to revamp your living room.

Sophie Allport Bees Wallpaper Duck Egg 181533

Sophie Allport Bees Wallpaper Duck Egg 181533

Stripe Wallpaper Silver and White Rasch 286632

This striped wallpaper is another great option to cover all four walls as you can see from the stunning example above. The design features a wide stripe design in a soft silver tone that is infused with a subtle mica sheen, alternating with a matte white stripe. This high quality wallpaper has a lightly textured finish and can be hung either vertically or horizontally.

Cath Kidston Greenwich Flowers Wallpaper Cream / Pink 182512

Cath Kidston Greenwich Flowers Wallpaper Cream / Pink 182512

This classy wallpaper by Cath Kidston would look great to cover an entire room such as a living room. The gorgeous design features a beautiful floral trail design with pink toned flowers on green foliage, surrounded by delicately detailed bees and ladybirds, set on a matte cream background.

2.  Cover half of the wall

A great way to make wallpaper a tad more interesting is to only use it on the top or bottom half of the wall, and to use paint on the other part of the wall. The beauty of using wallpaper on half of the wall is that the different colour combinations are endless and it’s also a really good option if you are budgeting.

Ted Baker Fantasia Collection Hexie Platinum Wallpaper Silver Metallic 12632

As you can see from the image above, this is a great option to use with the bottom half of the wall covered in white panels for a touch of extra class. Inspired by geometrical patterns and prints, the luxurious Hexie comes in two different finishes and in a palette of seven sophisticated shades. Hexie can be enjoyed in a matte embossed finish with a glamorous silk texture for added decadence. 

Menagerie Animal Luxe Wallpaper Yellow Belgravia 2001

This popular wallpaper has been used in a kitchen in the image above that we got from one of our customers. They've used it with grey tiles which match perfectly with the colour scheme. This is another interesting way to use wallpaper on only the top half of your walls.

 3. Put wallpaper in the gaps in the wall

If you have walls which have interesting gaps and dips, then you can put wallpaper inside those gaps, or only on certain parts of the wall. This is a unique and fun way to use wallpaper and prevents bold wallpaper from being too overpowering.

Versace Giungla Palm Leaves Wallpaper