Best Bathroom Wallpaper

People are often unsure about using wallpaper in bathrooms so, instead of having a wallpaper they actually want, they end up opting for a basic paint job.  We’ve created this blog post to ensure that this doesn’t happen to you!  Using wallpaper in a bathroom gives the room an extra finish and allows you to put a personal spin on your home.  This post today will look at some of our own stylish designs and find you the best wallpaper for your bathroom.

Black Glitter Tile Bathroom Wallpaper

Let’s begin with a classic tile design.  This Crown London Glitter Tile Wallpaper gives you a bathroom tile effect without the hassle and complications that wall tiling brings.  The extra washable and durable vinyl wallpaper is ideal for use in a bathroom, with its versatile design working with a range of décors.  The design itself features a repeating tile effect which is infused with silver glitter particles for a stylish and contemporary finish.  Hover over the image for a close-up of the paper.

Crown London Tile Glitter Wallpaper Black M1055

White Glitter Tile Bathroom Wallpaper

This design is an additional colourway of the wallpaper above.  The paper is also available in grey and aqua.  As with its counterparts, the design mimics ceramic tiling with its textured finish and grey grouting creating a realistic tile effect.  Don’t waste hours attempting to tile your wall when, with a straight match pattern, this easy to hang design can transform your room without the hassle and mess that tiling brings.

Crown London Tile Glitter Wallpaper White M1054

Tiling on a Roll for Bathrooms Teal

Above we see two papers which have a more simplistic design.  If you are looking for something with added elements then perhaps this teal tiling on a roll is for you.  With a repeating pattern of oblong shapes in various shades of white and teal blue, this design creates a mesmerising and stylish finish to a bathroom.  Some of the tiles are infused with a brilliant silver glitter for an added contemporary feel.  To see the design’s additional three colourways, click on the image below.

Tiling on a Roll Oblong Granite Tile Wallpaper - Teal Holden 89190

Stone Trellis Tile Wallpaper

For something a little different, why not opt for a more unusual pattern.  This paper features a lightly textured stone background overlaid with an elegant metallic trellis design.  A few of the trellis tiles are infused with subtle glitter particles and the paper itself is embossed for a realistic tile effect.  Like the design above, the wallpaper is washable with a good light fastness, making it ideal for using in a bathroom setting. 

Tiling on a Roll Trellis Tile Wallpaper - Stone Holden 89310

Slate Tile Effect Bathroom Wallpaper

This modern slate tile effect wallpaper features a stunning textured finish and detailed shading for a realistic depth and slate effect.  The design is printed on a cushioned vinyl paper for extra quality and durability and is also ranked extra washable for use in bathrooms.  Available in two tones of grey, this design will fit into most existing decors.  Don’t forget to click on the image below for your chance to get the design for yourself.

Slate Tile Effect Wallpaper Charcoal Grey Fine Decor FD40126

Tiling on a Roll Chevron Tile Wallpaper

For something a little more colourful, check out our Chevron Tiling on a Roll Wallpaper.  This design comes in four stunning colourways, three of which we have included below.  This mesmerising mis-match tile effect wallpaper will add a splash of colour to your bathroom and make it the talking point of your home.  The colourful design is printed on a lightly textured paper and infused with subtle glitter particles for added effect.

Tiling on a Roll Chevron Tile Wallpaper - Yellow Holden 89300Tiling on a Roll Chevron Tile Wallpaper - Red Holden 89303Tiling on a Roll Chevron Tile Wallpaper - Teal Holden 89301

Tiling on a Roll Wave Tile Wallpaper Natural

For a stylish and bright bathroom transformation why not use our wave tile design.  The paper features a repeating tile effect which is overlaid with stunning glitter waved lines.  The subtle glitter elements reflect the light of the room to create a strikingly elegant finish.  The lightly textured paper also boasts a soft metallic silver grouting effect for a realistic feel to the design.  The wallpaper is of course washable making it suitable for use in a bathroom.

Tiling on a Roll Wave Tile Wallpaper Natural Holden 89321

Tiling on a Roll Wave Tile Wallpaper Charcoal

This paper is one of the two additional colourways of the design above.  It features the same glitter wave pattern and lightly textured matte background.  This truly modern design is perfect for creating an on-trend and contemporary bathroom and can be used to either decorate the entire room or add a stylish feature wall.  For a close up of the design, simply hover over the image below.

Tiling on a Roll Wave Tile Wallpaper Charcoal Holden 89322

Final Note

Whether you opt for a classic white tile design or go for a bold and colourful pattern, using a wallpaper in your bathroom can not only save you time, mess and money, but it also allows you to add a more personalised spin onto your home.  The easy to apply bathroom solution will leave others regretting their non-wallpaper choices and give you a stunning and stylish room transformation.