We proudly put people over profit. We have signed up to #StopHateForProfit by halting our paid Ad spend on Facebook and its platforms to send a loud, clear message that Facebook must take action against hate on their platform. #StopHateForProfit starts today and together with so many other businesses, we stand strong against hate, racism, and bigotry. stophateforprofit.org.

#StopHateForProfit was announced on the 17th June in a response to Facebook's response to hate speech and the promotion of misinformation. We currently live in a society where much of what we know and learn of the world is found on social media platforms and it is therefore incredibly important for this information to be constructive and accurate. Unfortunately, where social media can be a great source of information, it can also be a hotbed for hate groups, hate speech and the circulation of false and misleading information. When this occurs, it is then up to the social media platforms, such as Facebook, to regulate these pages and block those which may be damaging to society.

99% of Facebooks $70 Billion is made through advertising. However, Facebook is yet to use their fortunes to combat the hate that circulates their platforms and continuously delays the ban of the voices doing so. As a result, World of Wallpaper and our sister site Price Right Home are stopping our paid Ads on Facebook to protest Facebook's response to hate on their platform.

Everyone can make a difference, however big.