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Arthouse Wallpaper, Paint & Home Decor

Complete the look of your chosen room with our new range of Arthouse chalky matt paint, available in an array of timeless colours. There's no need to spend time looking elsewhere to find paint that matches your wallpaper as it's now available on our website.

This range has a thick, creamy consistency which glides onto the wall easily to create an effortless smooth and even finish. It has a coverage of 17m2 per litre and come in 2.5l tins enough for up to 42.5 m2.The paint also takes into account every day life and is stain resistant and wipeable. 

Match Your Arthouse Wallpaper

The chalky matt paint range has been developed specifically to co-ordinate with the brand's best-selling wallpapers, but it is equally effective to use for an entire room.

The paint is virtually odour-free and eco-friendly. Also, as it is water-based chalk paint, it requires fewer coats. In fact, a third less paint than usual is required, meaning you get an excellent value for money without compromising on the quality. Better still, there is no need to use primer, so you can save even more money as a result. Another great benefit of choosing Arthouse paint is that the forumla is super fast drying, so you can complete your project quicker. 

Order a Sample

Test pots of 60ml are also available to order for the perfect colour match as the colours may vary rom the screen to what you see in real life. 

Our colour range

Arthouse paint swatch

Some of our favourites


Chalky Matt Paint 2.5l Fern Arthouse 1203

Create a botanical feel to your room with Fern, it has a sage green look and comes with blue undertones.  Fern is great for creating a sophisticated and stunning finish to a room.


Chalky Matt Paint 2.5l Marshmallow Arthouse 1215

Beautify your wall with a sweet shade of Marshmallow. This shade of pink with ensure an attractive and stunning addition to your decor. 

Vintage Lace

Chalky Matt Paint 2.5l Vintage Lace Arthouse 1219

Add a breath of fresh air to your walls with Vintage Lace. A warm white with a softness to it, which makes it a beautiful neutral shade and is perfect for creating a light and airy space.


Chalky Matt Paint 2.5l Latte Arthouse 1216

Add sophistication to your walls with Latte a creamy, smoky tone. Create depth through shadow and shade with this beautiful, comforting colour to reflect a gentle flow of light.


Chalky Matt Paint 2.5l Pistachio Arthouse 1213

Light and airy, Pistachio offers hints of blue undertones to create a refreshing pastel look to your room. It is ideal for creating a bright feel to your decor.

Dove Tail

This light airy shade is ideal for adding a tone to your walls which will compliment any scheme.

And there are a few of our favourite shades of Arthouse paint! 

To see the full range see: Arthouse Chalk Matt Paint. Also, to see our Arthouse wallpaper range to match the paint with the wallpaper see: https://www.worldofwallpaper.com/brand/arthouse.html.

We hope you're as excited as we are that we now sell paint as well as wallpaper!

Thank you for reading!

Emma - Marketing Assistant @ World of Wallpaper